May We Please Fight ISIS, Now?

How about it? And I’m mostly looking at you, liberals – from Obama on down. And especially, at the moment, all you liberals who were outraged by American Sniper…somehow getting mad that an American soldier was killing these sorts of people in battle. Can we fight them, now? Or is the burning of a Jordanian pilot just all Bush’s fault and so we should get on to discussions about micro-aggressions and man-spreading?

Getting back to American Sniper for a moment, a lot of liberals didn’t like the fact that Chris Kyle referred to our enemies as “savages”. Well, boys and girls, Chris Kyle was clearly undiplomatic, but he was just as clearly telling the truth. I don’t care what Israel has done. I don’t care what the United States has done. I don’t care what anyone has done since the beginning of time which was wrong, nothing justifies putting a man in a cage and burning him alive. Or throwing a gay man off a building (and then stoning him to death when the fall from the building doesn’t kill him). Or strapping a bomb on a ten year old girl and sending her into a market. Or enslaving girls and women. Nothing justifies that. That isn’t blowback for anything. That is just savagery. That is brutality. That is inhumanity – and the only thing anyone with a spine and a heart wants is that it be stopped…and with not too many questions asked about just how stopping it is accomplished.

Jordan has reportedly executed two jihadists who had been held for unrelated crimes. Technically, this is an injustice. But what in heck else are they to do? ISIS considers everyone non-ISIS to be lower than filth – one thing everyone has learned now is that you can’t be taken prisoner by ISIS. At best you’ll be enslaved. Anyone fighting ISIS now has just one rule – fight until dead.

As of right now, we can probably make short work of ISIS without too great an expenditure of effort. This isn’t about rebuilding Iraq or Syria, or fostering democracy in the area. This is nothing but the elimination of a force dedicated to carrying out evil deeds. A couple regiments of Marines and/or Airborne troops, backed up with air power and Special Forces combined with fully armed Kurdish troops (the Kurds do seem pretty decent – they ain’t perfect, but better by far than ISIS) should be able to crush these savages. Once done, we don’t stick around. Let those there post-ISIS work it out – or fight it out – amongst themselves. We’d just be lending a hand to destroy something that needs to be destroyed…and the sooner the better. And while doing it, let no one get too finicky about things. I’d fully expect the Kurds – and others – to take a pound of flesh out of any ISIS fighters they capture. I wouldn’t agonize greatly over any particular actions our troops do. The enemy is not very nice and will do nasty things which would inevitably place our troops in a position where bad things would happen. War against savages is like that.

Or, we can just ignore it. It’ll get worse, of course. But at least it won’t disturb us. Right?

8 thoughts on “May We Please Fight ISIS, Now?

  1. Retired Spook February 4, 2015 / 10:45 am

    The civilized world (and I used that term loosely) has a couple choices at this point. We can just accept occasional barbarity as a fact of life and contain it as best we can, or we can go after these animals (sorry for the insult to animals) with everything we’ve got, and to hell with collateral damage. I don’t really see a mid point. If we don’t have the collective will to use ground troops, then we sure as hell better be willing to blow much of the Muslim world back into the stone age. It’s what we should have done to Afghanistan in 2001.

    • M. Noonan February 4, 2015 / 1:40 pm

      Trouble is, I don’t think Obama sees this as a real problem. For liberals like Obama, the problem of the world has been America using its overwhelming power to enforce an unjust order. To them, what is happening is bad but it would be much worse if we tried to impose a solution. In their minds, these people will become peaceful once we leave them alone and let them sort it out…and they will also cease to be our enemies. They really presume that 20 years from now Mosul will be something like Berkley. Of course, they may be right – not in the way they think, of course…Berkley might become something like Mosul as the liberals find out that taking on Islamist partners is a rather one-way street.

      • Amazona February 4, 2015 / 3:50 pm

        They really presume that 20 years from now Mosul will be something like Berkley. Of course, they may be right – not in the way they think, of course…Berkley might become something like Mosul as the liberals find out that taking on Islamist partners is a rather one-way street.

        This is a pretty succinct summation of the inevitable outcome of allowing Islamic incursions into Western culture. Along the lines of those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, a determined effort to pretend that THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT (a core mantra of the Left, whether it relates to the success of Leftist economic policies or Koranic instructions to kill all infidels, even those who are nice to you) will result in, as you point out, not a Berkeleyization of Mosul but an Islamicazation of Berkeley. We have ample evidence/proof that Islamists take over by the use of brutal violence. When one side thinks it will win over the other with soft words and flowers and appeasement and the other side plans to win by simply slaughtering all who do not submit, the outcome is pretty easy to predict.

        Unless you are a Leftist. Then you think, as you believe that your economic policies have never worked because they didn’t go far enough, that appeasement of murderous Islamists has not worked yet because we haven’t been nice enough.

      • M. Noonan February 4, 2015 / 11:54 pm

        I happened to be reading a bit today and came across some rather startling opinions from Hitler about Islam – it was his opinion that it would have been better if the Muslims had won at Tours and converted all of Europe. In Hitler’s mind, of course, this means that eventually the superior Germans would have taken over the Muslim Empire…Hitler felt that Islam was a good religion because it promised heaven not to the most meek and mild, but to the bravest warrior. In his mind, that went right along with his ideas of what should be.

        There is a iron-clad logic in Islam – it is why it has survived best of all the heresies. Once past the denial of the divinity of Christ, the next thing about Islam is that it is fatalistic to the extreme – God is all-powerful (pretty much everyone agrees on that), but the Muslims take it to the extreme that this means that nothing happens which wasn’t decreed by God. No matter what the event was, God commanded it – we might not understand it, but all of it will work out to the eventual triumph of God and his revelation (in the Muslim mind, of course, the revelation allegedly provided to Mohammad). Now, to be sure, Christians also believe that everything will work the the fulfillment of the will of God…that even someone being defiant of God will eventually be seen to have been worked into the system in a way which makes God’s triumph inevitable. But the difference is this – that a person can really choose. It isn’t that God made some people to be damned (Muslims – and Calvinists – tend to believe this), but that people specifically and knowingly so choose. In terms of how one approaches life, however, there is a vast difference. If all is pre-ordained – pre-destined – then there’s nothing for it; you’re just going to do what you were supposed to do all along, and if you are convinced that God is on your side – as radical Islamists do – then whatever you’re doing (lighting a guy on fire, eg) is ok.

        Now, our liberals will reject any affinity with Hitler but the fact remains that he was materialist, determinist and convinced that Science had proven the old religions – especially Judaism and Christianity – false. He firmly believed that his actions were set in stone in the nature of things and could not be changed; that, in fact, he was following the commands, as it were, of some sort of implacable divinity. Small wonder he felt a kindness towards Islam…and also no small wonder that our liberals are finding it hard to condemn Islam, even when Islam is clearly anti-woman and anti-gay.

        My view is that, at bottom, what they want is a world which is completely explained and has an iron logic to it. Given this, even the most radical feminists will don the Burka if they even for a moment think that it explains everything and provides meaning to their lives…after all, some radical feminists are saying that the mere male gaze is offensive…so, forbid the gaze by covering from head to foot. These people on the left – 90% – if pressed to it, will convert to Islam.

  2. tiredoflibbs February 4, 2015 / 1:30 pm

    We can always bomb an aspirin factory or an empty suspected terrorist camp, then claim victory as the proggies have done in the past.

  3. Amazona February 4, 2015 / 6:07 pm

    “Once done, we don’t stick around. Let those there post-ISIS work it out – or fight it out – amongst themselves. “

    Yeah, that’s worked so well in Iraq there is no reason to not try it again.

    Question: Once we defeated Japan at the end of WW II, did we just stroll off into the distance and let this feudal and often barbaric culture “fight it out” itself to rebuild? No, we stuck around and we imposed a very different culture on the country. Seems to me that worked out pretty well.

    • M. Noonan February 4, 2015 / 11:37 pm

      True – but I don’t think the American people are willing to do an open-ended commitment at the moment. I’ve got a mental picture of how the Middle East should be politically carved up and how we probably can put together some reasonable nations…but that is a job for 20 years. Right now, I’m just worried about the particular lunatics of ISIS and what they will do – to us, here at home – if left undisturbed. Off all the head-choppy lunatics over there, they are by far the worst and need to be squashed.

      • dbschmidt February 5, 2015 / 9:32 pm

        Americans, among others, already have an open-ended commitment. We did not choose it, or start it but we are a part of it. Look at reality over the thousands of years–this is nothing more than a continuation of the Crusades.

        Some days we do not have the option to pick our enemies but rather they choose us. It is war whether we choose to call it that or not and war is upon us. Now, we will be defined by how we react.

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