We’re Going to Semi-War Against ISIS

Which means, of course, that we will Total-Lose:

President Barack Obama will soon give Congress his proposal for a new authorization for the use of military force against Islamic State fighters, and it will place strict limits on the types of U.S. ground forces that can be deployed, according to congressional sources.

Almost six months after the president began using force against the Islamic State advance in Iraq and then in Syria, the White House is ready to ask Congress for formal permission to continue the effort. Until now, the administration has maintained it has enough authority to wage war through the 2001 AUMF on al-Qaeda, the 2002 AUMF regarding Iraq and Article II of the Constitution. But under pressure from Capitol Hill, the White House has now completed the text of a new authorization and could send it to lawmakers as early as Wednesday.

If enacted, the president’s AUMF could effectively constrain the next president from waging a ground war against the Islamic State group until at least 2018. Aides warned that the White House may tweak the final details before releasing the document publicly…

It must be kept in mind that Obama’s policies are based upon the theory that the Middle East is screwed up largely because of American power – that if we hadn’t been messing things up for the last 60 years, things would be fine. ISIS, in Obama’s view, is the natural outgrowth of all the nasty things we’ve done (and Israel has done, as well). The best outcome that Obama can see is that by currying favor with nations like Iran while distancing ourselves from Israel, the people of the Middle East will see that we’re on their side and will start to moderate their views about us. ISIS, though, is a problem – as it gets all head-choppy, pressure comes on Obama to do something. The pressure, to Obama, is stupid – it comes from people who don’t appear to realize that from the Crusades until now, we’ve done the Middle East wrong. But, it has to be dealt with – and what better way to deal with it than to pretend to fight ISIS while the real action is in making a deal with Iran?

So, we’ll get this new authorization to use force and we’ll get a bit of bombing and such…and Obama and minions will keep up the happy talk that ISIS is being degraded, etc. but, meanwhile, nothing which will actually destroy ISIS is going to be done. Which means that no matter how much we hit them – and there will be a lot of battering of ISIS going on – we won’t get rid of them. In fact, what we’re likely to do is make heroes out of them…to them, it will appear that they are manfully and successfully standing up to the most powerful nation on earth. If they survive, at all, then it is a sublime victory. And survive they will, unless an army goes into ISIS territory and roots out the ISIS fanatics step by step. This is not what Obama proposes to do – and it appears he wants to prevent his successor from doing, as well.

Are you ready for the next two years people? It is just going to get worse and worse…

4 thoughts on “We’re Going to Semi-War Against ISIS

  1. shawny2011 February 11, 2015 / 4:58 pm

    As with the so called War on Terror, our leadership has lead us astray into wars we didn’t belong in for reasons which had nothing to do with our own defense, the defense or our allies nor humanitarian interests elsewhere on the globe. But this time, with this leadership which has betrayed our allies, our military and Christians the world over, I fear more than just the general covert corruption we have seen in the past, arms trading, drug smuggling, human trafficking, pedophile rings, etc. Those were and still are evil enough. But this time, we have every indication that this president is a domestic enemy in league with those nations and ideologies bent on the destruction of this nations as well as allies who depend on us for their defense. It seems more openly transparent and accelerated every day. If there is no will for those with the honor and resources to remove this threat then I hope there is still the wisdom of a enough who will refuse to write the blank check to this Traitor in Chief. It is not just this country our own tax dollars will be used to destroy, but the small lamps of liberty everywhere.

    What This Video Of Jordanian F-16s Striking ISIS Tells Us Is Alarming And The Implications Regarding the US Are Troubling


  2. tiredoflibbs February 11, 2015 / 7:28 pm

    Obame will fight a hat-assed war with severely limited ROE (just like Afghanistan). Under his “leadership” we have lost more soldiers and realized what little value he regards the lives of men and women in uniform. Every life lost in Iraq what made worthless with his quick pullout for political accolades.

  3. shawny2011 February 11, 2015 / 10:58 pm

    In his short speech requesting authorization he also states we will continue arming moderate Muslims, where much of the weaponry we’ve already provided them is now in the hands of ISIS. He says the authorization is worded necessarily vague which means he expects to continue doing whatever he wants, make it look as if he has the blessings of Congress and a blank check. The rules of engagement will get many of our young troops killed and Benghazi has shown that no one has their back. In the meantime, Obama will continue releasing Gitmo terrorists back into the fight. This man cannot be trusted with our tax dollars, with American lives, or with not giving the enemy our troop strengths, strategy or exit date. This after he just met with Muslim leadership, not with Congress or the Pentagon.

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