Regarding “The Donald”


To my good conservative friends- especially those who support “The Donald.”
In these days of milquetoast (or worse) defenses of conservatism by elected leaders, especially the ‘establishment’ GOP leadership, it is easy to get excited over a seemingly unapologetic firebrand who finally articulates much of what you and I have wanted to scream from the mountaintops.

I get that.

But remember what was happening 8 years ago. Many on the left and ‘center-left’ rallied behind a charismatic, well-spoken candidate who nobody really knew much about.

Not that there wasn’t information available. There was information galore about Barack Obama– from his associations with known domestic terrorists, to his belonging to a communist party in Chicago; from his 20-year association with a preacher who preached hate about the United States, to his being mentored by an avowed communist in his earliest days. The information was available to any who wished to do even a cursory internet search.

Many (myself included) tried to warn people about Barack Obama, how he wasn’t the man whom he portrayed himself to be.

But people would have none of it. They looked upon Obama as an open canvas; they looked upon him and projected upon him their greatest hopes, and ignored the reality of his checkered past. They didn’t see a guy raised by communists and people who hated America. They saw a guy descending from Greek columns. They saw ‘the One”–their own personal messiah the one who would finally deliver them to the “Promised Land” and make the sea levels lower and the earth heal. They scoffed at reports of his past, thinking, “Well, even if he did cut his teeth on communism and Islam, he wouldn’t *govern* like one. He would certainly out of a sense of duty and responsibility carry out America’s most time-honored traditions.” And they elected him anyway. The ‘cult of personality’ took over. There was no reasoning with people who refused to be reasoned with.

And we all know how that has turned out.

Now, back to Trump.

Donald Trump does an awfully good job at selling himself. He can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. He is very good at portraying himself as larger than life.

He is very good at ‘portraying’ himself as an unapologetic conservative.

But understand, people. Donald Trump is NO conservative. He has a very long record of taking very progressive stances on everything from border security to abortion to tax policy. He has engaged in crony capitalism, and has been part of the problem all along.

Are we to believe that he REALLY took a 180 on all these issues, just in time for the Republican primary?

Again– I understand how Donald Trump can be appealing. He is charismatic and unapologetic–something we wish more of our elected leaders would be. But let’s leave our passions behind and look at things realistically:

1. Given his long track record of being a crony capitalist and a big-government, pro-abortion progressive, can we reliably count on Donald Trump to actually govern as a conservative?

2. Even if Donald Trump were to attempt to keep his promises (which I have sincere doubts), can he accomplish all that he proposes in a system of checks and balances? Or will he govern with a ‘phone and a pen’ like our current dictator-in-chief?

Let’s not let our passions get in the way of our good judgment. We have an embarrassment of riches in fine candidates such as Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Ben Carson who, while admittedly not as charismatic, have long track records of conservative stances and successfully advancing the conservative agenda with reasonable chances that they will govern accordingly.

No more cults of personality, please.

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  1. Cluster August 8, 2015 / 4:35 pm

    I think the worst of Trump’s offenses is that he’s an asshole. He’s a thin skinned ego maniac, much like Obama in that regard, and his temperament is not suited for the White House. Marco Rubio is a guy who I hope everyone takes seriously. He is principled with common sense policies, articulate, young, Hispanic and he is the future. I think a Rubio/Fiorina, or Fiorina/Rubio ticket would be outstanding.

  2. Amazona August 8, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    When I saw how thin-skinned Trump is and the petulant knee-jerk reaction he had when anyone opposed him I had to cringe at the idea of this man being across the table in any serious negotiation with any world leader.

    He not only snaps back in a schoolyard temper tantrum manner, he is smug and defensive about it, pretty much saying he is entitled to react that way.

    We already have a peevish, petulant manchild in the White House—do we need another?

  3. Amazona August 8, 2015 / 6:57 pm

    As much as I like Rubio, and aside from what I and many others see as a time bomb waiting to go off (his legal eligibility) that could suck off enough votes from him to tip the whole election, I think he is a little young and a little brash, and somewhat untested. He has the charisma, he can appeal on a personality basis, but he has not been completely consistent policy-wise and has been weak on immigration (though he dodged the question very adroitly in the debate) and I worry that a lot of his support is based on that charisma.

    Firona did knock it out of the park in the debate and she has a lot going for her, but she has a lot of baggage, as well.

    I am not usually one to play it too safe, but in this election, with so much at stake, I just don’t want to bring in anyone who has a lot to overcome. Give the Right eight years to establish a track record of improving the country and then bring in some riskier candidates, if we must.

  4. Amazona August 8, 2015 / 7:01 pm

    I am noticing a lot of giddy enthusiasm for people based on one “debate” which was not a debate at all, but a question and answer session that allowed for a lot of canned commentary. No matter how well it was delivered, there was a lot of opportunity to prepare in advance for certain questions and circumstances, and I just think it is WAY too premature to start talking about who should or should not be on the ticket (with the exception of Trump and a few of the “WHO???” hopefuls) based on what comes down to a very few minutes of scripted delivery.

    Basically, if you couldn’t deliver in that format you should not be in the running, but if you could deliver it does not mean you have the right stuff for the long haul, or the job. It’s like proposing marriage after one round of speed dating.

    • Cluster August 8, 2015 / 7:51 pm

      It’s like proposing marriage after one round of speed dating

      Was I not suppose to do that? 😄. I understand it’s early but it is fun to start to imagine the possibilities. I am impressed with Fiorina, she’s concise, on message and gives it back really good. Did you see the interview with Chris Matthews? Walker needs to step it up and be more passionate about his desire to lead this country.

      • Amazona August 8, 2015 / 8:51 pm

        You know, I am OK with Walker’s laid-back style. To use one cliche, this is a marathon, not a sprint. To use another, it’s like baseball, where you don’t have to win every game to take the championship.

        He is what he is. He is calm, confident, assured, and seems quite happy to let the others go up against each other. I think he is going to sit back till the field is narrowed and then take on who is left.

  5. Shawn Reed August 8, 2015 / 10:11 pm

    2. Even if Donald Trump were to attempt to keep his promises (which I have sincere doubts), can he accomplish all that he proposes in a system of checks and balances? Or will he govern with a ‘phone and a pen’ like our current dictator-in-chief?

    I think that’s a serious concern. He’s used to calling the shots himself and this country is sorely in need of someone who adheres to the Constitutional republic we have, particularly in terms of the checks and balances of all three branches of government as well as enforcing the laws or working within the laws we already have rather than holding themselves above the law as Obama has.

  6. Amazona August 9, 2015 / 9:10 pm

    “Charismatic”? In what universe? He looks like a big baby with a full diaper.

  7. Retired Spook August 10, 2015 / 7:29 am

    I got this in an email the other day. I don’t know if the attribution to the woman whose name was on it is legitimate, but, regardless, it says what a significant number of Americans are saying and thinking.

    Yes, I like Trump. Yes, I am angry.

    I am sick of pundits on the right and left admonishing people like me for liking Donald Trump, calling us idiots and racists or telling us we’re ruining the Republican Party because we appreciate his candor and courage.

    Do I want Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States? No.

    Am I excited by his candidacy and campaign? Hell yeah.

    While I understand on an intellectual and electable level why Scott Walker, Marco Rubio or Rand Paul make the sensible choice – and one of those three men will get my primary vote – I can’t help but be drawn to Trump’s chutzpah. He stands for capitalism. He stands for American exceptionalism.

    So he doesn’t have “a filter.” Aren’t we all tired of political correctness shoved down our throats, telling us what to say and how to say it? We’ve been chided for decades not to offend people, and where has that gotten us? To an America where college professors are told they shouldn’t say “America is the land of opportunity” and other innocuous phrases. An America where asking people a simple question is deemed a “microaggression” akin to vile racism.

    In this atmosphere, here comes Trump. He’s brash. He’s rude. He says whatever the hell he wants. He’s a red-blooded American. It’s such a contrast to the beta-male we’ve been led by for the last seven years, a pacifistic and a socialist who throws baseballs like a sissy and wears grandma jeans.

    But Trump has been accused of attracting the “angry middle.” There is truth to that.
    I’m angry our nation’s borders have been left wide open and vulnerable. I’m angry an illegal alien and multi-felon who should have been deported took an innocent life. I’m angry Iran was given clearance to develop a nuclear bomb. I’m angry we traded five Taliban terrorists for AWOL traitor Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

    I’m angry Obamacare was shoved down our throats. I’m angry nearly half my paycheck is siphoned by the government to pay for welfare queens, bloated government programs, and stupid federal studies such as “why lesbians are so fat.” I’m angry our government continues warrantless spy tactics on all our email and phone calls in violation of the Fourth Amendment. I’m angry Republicans have let Democrats have their way with nearly everything.

    I’m angry the federal government took over K-12 education with the nauseating Common Core and has effectively dumbed down and radicalized public schooling. I’m angry poor communities are not allowed the option of school choice. I’m angry tax-payer funded scholars ardently claim racism and global warming are the biggest threats facing this nation.

    I’m angry Hillary Clinton can violate umpteen laws and never have to answer for it. I’m angry people who break the law and enter our country illegally are given piles of taxpayer money. I’m angry the IRS targeted Christians and conservatives – and destroyed evidence during an active probe – without consequence.

    I’m angry laws are passed that erode our Second Amendment rights using emotional pleas that lack an ounce of common sense. I’m angry Americans who joined the Tea Party were tossed aside as xenophobic bigots instead of being recognized as patriotic citizens just trying to stand up for liberty.

    Yes, I am angry. And every day, I swallow my anger like a bitter pill, and pray for this country. I have hope through my Christian faith that, in the end, things will turn out alright. But I have a son and a daughter, and who knows when “the end” will come?

    Meanwhile, I hear a guy like Trump, and he says some cringe-worthy things. He says some things that go too far. But on the flipside, he also says some things that make sense. And I like that he breaks the mold and says out loud what many think or say in the privacy of their living rooms.

    That’s why Trump is atop the polls, and that’s why I like him. Presidential material? No. And if he loses the primary and goes third party then he’ll earn my contempt. Yet I hope he knows better, and I think he does.

    But gosh darn it, someone has got to start calling it like they see it. The wishy-washy middle has gotten us nowhere.

    • Cluster August 10, 2015 / 7:59 am


  8. Cluster August 10, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    St. Louis has declared a state of emergency:

    During Sunday night’s protest on the anniversary of the shooting death of African-American man Michael Brown, Ferguson protesters chanted that they were “ready for war.”

    I hope that town burns to the ground. Is that wrong?

    • Amazona August 10, 2015 / 11:21 pm

      Brown’s daddy said he thinks of him “almost every day”. You know who else probably thinks of him almost every day? The frail old man Brown repeatedly threw to the ground, repeatedly kicked and stomped, and repeatedly pounded with his fists. I’ll bet this old man can finally rest, knowing that Brown, the “gentle giant”, can’t come back and finish the job.

      I wonder if any of the fine black folk who stood around and watched this brutal attack remember Brown as fondly as his daddy seems to. For a real memorial to Brown, they ought to project the video of this attack on the side of every building in Ferguson.

  9. Cluster August 10, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    Among the top 5 GOP contenders for POTUS are one black neurosurgeon, two Hispanic Senators and the first Woman CEO of a large tech company. Do you think that that might get more media attention if they were all Democrats.

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