Barack Obama and the History Books

Matt’s got a bit up at TownHall:

What will my son be taught about Barack Obama?

At two years old, he won’t remember the Obama years, but he’s most definitely going to be taught about them outside the home one day. Liberal bias in schools is well known, and one can only imagine just how slanted curricula will be about the 44th president.

When I was in school, I can remember being taught whoppers like: the Second Amendment only applies to militias and/or muskets, the Founders wanted to keep religion separate from the public square, southern Dixiecrats all became Republicans, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt ended the Great Depression….

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The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama

Well, Matt and I finally managed to get it done – the massively revised Worst President book comes out on July 2nd. You can pre-order an electronic version for only $0.99 – so, just get on over there and do it.

I’d like to say that this was some sort of labor of love and that we enjoyed doing it, but that is simply not the case. At the end of it all, when the whole mess that is the Obama Administration was set out in print and we had gone over it multiple times, the emotions are a mixture of anger and sadness. Anger at the way President Obama has relentlessly done the wrong thing over and over again and sadness at how much damage he has done to the greatest nation in history.

worst_kdpI do urge everyone to read it; it is important. All through the Obama Administration, the President’s media lackeys have ruthlessly covered up the truth and a great deal of what has gone wrong hasn’t even made a ripple in the public mind. You may think you have a good deal of information about Obama, but mostly what you’ve got is those failures so large (such as Benghazi and Obamacare) that even MSM efforts failed to keep them out of your mind. Most things Obama has done were only briefly reported on, and thus slipped out of public view before an impression was made. But the reality is that in every single facet of Obama’s official life what has been done has been wrong, or turned into an abject failure, or a combination of the two. And Obama has been doing quite a lot – he did promise to fundamentally transform the United States, and he has done that. Until you read Worst President, you simply don’t know the whole story of what has been done to the United States over President Obama’s term in office.

We are certain that our Progressive friends will have no kind words for the book – we are equally certain that our Progressive friends will refuse to read the book. I promise to do a post here each time I can determine that a criticism of the book is based upon something which is in the book. I suspect there won’t be many such entries. There are no secrets in the book. We make no revelations of things which have not been in the public square. Every claim of fact is backed up. Our sources range from the conventional MSM, to the right, to the left and every manner of credible information available. Indeed, we often use Obama Administration documents to back up our case. And while our Progressive friends won’t have much use for the book, some people have looked it over and found some things to say:

“I’ve been following the writing of Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan for years and their takedown of Barack Obama is their best work yet. If you want to know why the history books will have a dim view of Barack Obama, this is the book to read.”

–John Hawkins, Right Wing News and

“Barack Obama’s legacy of failure isn’t going anywhere. Margolis and Noonan’s careful history and analysis will therefore prove an important touchstone for discussions on his Presidency in the decades to come. A must-read.”

–Nick Adams, best-selling author of Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness

“The legacy of Barack Obama will be increasingly obvious. With every terror attack, every Obamacare failure, and every economic drop, we will witness the pain he has inflicted. Margolis and Noonan can be pardoned for giving us a peek at how bad it will be.”

–Dick Morris, author of Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation and Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary

We will be a long time repairing the damage President Obama has done – and an important part of repairing that damage is to know and remember just what he has done. Matt and I believe that this book is an important contribution to keeping the record straight. President Obama and his minions will spend the next decades trying to cover up, obfuscate and re-write the history of the Obama Administration, but The Worst President: The Legacy of Barack Obama will force everyone to deal with what President Obama has done while in office.

SOTU/Iranian Hostage Crisis Open Thread

Wonder if this will put a damper on Obama claiming success in the Iran deal during the State of the Union?

Iranian military forces seized two U.S. Navy boats Tuesday and are holding them in custody on Iran’s Farsi Island in the middle of the Persian Gulf, senior U.S. officials told NBC News.

Officials said it’s unclear whether the 10 American sailors who were aboard one of the small riverine boats had strayed into Iranian territorial waters before they were captured.

The officials said the Americans were on a training mission around noon ET when their boat experienced mechanical difficulty and drifted into Iranian-claimed waters and were seized by Iranian Coast guard.

Iran is claiming they were in Iran’s waters – naturally, our government is appearing to go along with this claim. Even if true, the proper response from a civilized power is to just warn them off, not seize them. This could, of course, just be one of those things that happen – but it could also be Iran seeing just how far they can go. They are already routinely insulting us and challenging us and seeing that Obama is willing to put up with anything rather than put his “legacy” deal with Iran in jeopardy. This just might be more in that game – and if it is, then expect some very aggressive Iranian action in the area soon…if we back down on this, Iran’s government will pretty much know for certain that Obama will not, under any circumstances, take on Iran.

Perhaps Obama should set up an empty chair for our national honor…

Democrats Call in the George W. Bush to Save Their Party

As polls show Obama and the Democrats in the distinct political minority in dealing with radical Islamic terrorism, they’ve decided only one person can save them:

I guess we really all do miss W, now.

This ad is nauseating – for 8 years Democrats routinely insulted President Bush in the most disgusting terms possible. He was Chimpy McSmirk BusHitler. He was evil. He lied to get us into Iraq so that Cheney could make money. He was a war criminal. But here are the Democrats at their shameless worst – using the reasonable words of a good President to try and shore up support for the disastrously failed policies of President Obama.

We all know why President Bush downplayed the Islamic aspects of our enemies – in order that it would be easier for us to defeat those elements within Islam determined to kill us. And to this day, no wise person wants any sort of war on Islam – which is why the GOP candidates of 2016 are careful to state that our problem is with radical Islamic terrorism – not with Islam, as a thing. But Obama doesn’t see anything in Islam as a problem – he has decided that there is no problem within Islam. That Islam has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in Syria – or what happened in Paris last week. Or what may happen in the United States when the terrorists attack here, again.

It is Obama’s miserable failure in Iraq and Syria which has led the world to a crisis where half the population of Syria has been displaced and a sea of humanity is now seeking safety anywhere they can find it. In what must be some sort of pathetic attempt on Obama’s part to make up for his failure, he has decided that he’ll get 10,000 Syrians into the United States – a drop in the ocean of suffering. This allows Obama to preen himself on his generosity – while doing nothing to actually solve the problem his failures have helped to bring about. But in the aftermath of Paris, everyone is wary – everyone with any sense at all wants to have much more careful screening of refugees. This is just common sense – but as it wasn’t Obama’s idea, he wants no part of it. But the people are against him – and so this cynical use of President Bush.

I think this will go over like a lead balloon. Nothing in the past 7 years has to completely demonstrated the moral bankruptcy of the Democrat party.