Attacking the Establishment is What 2016 is All About

I see that Donald Trump got into another fracas with Megyn Kelly and now Ted Cruz has also taken exception to a Kelly line of questioning:

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was seemingly unhappy with a question on immigration Tuesday night from Fox News host Megyn Kelly, telling her it was something he’d expect to be asked from a “liberal journalist.”

Kelly asked the Texas senator the same question Donald Trump faced on the cable-news network Monday.

“If you have a husband and a wife who are illegal immigrants, and they had two children here who are American citizens — would you deport all of them? Would you deport the American citizen children?” she asked.

Cruz replied that politicians should first tackle immigration by focusing on issues of bipartisan agreement, including stopping illegal immigration and “improve and streamline” legal immigration…

Kelly’s question is just the sort of MSM-Prog question we expect – from the MSM-Prog types. Fox News says it isn’t like that – but here we go. The question is a “why do you hate the children?” sort of question. It is a question which essentially boils down the entire issue to something which is (a) trivial and (b) impossible to answer in a mere “yes or no” manner. Kelly is pretty much holding here that unless Cruz (and, I guess, Trump who was asked the same sort of question by Kelly) states his opinion on whether or not the children should be deported, then he can’t talk about immigration reform. It is a typical liberal trap for conservatives – you either have to show the LIV that you hate the children or you have to anger the GOP base by getting mealy-mouthed on whether or not you’ll deport illegal immigrants. People who are concerned about illegal immigration are not primarily concerned about what we may do regarding those people who have lived here a while and have American-born children – the primary concern is whether or not we, as a nation, will control our borders, at all. Yes, the children of illegal immigrants are an issue and will have to be dealt with as we work out the ways and means of border security and immigration reform…but it isn’t the top issue. The top issue is the number of people flooding across the border today, not the number who flooded across five years ago and now have two American-born children. But, you see, if we start discussing the real issues regarding immigration, then we’ll have to do something about immigration…but if we can emote about the children then we can ignore the real problem…and Democrats and Chamber of Commerce types will get their heart’s desire: open borders.

But, this isn’t really about illegal immigration – it is about the desperate desire of the Ruling Class to get its way in spite of the will of the American people, and the desperate desire of the American people to defeat the Ruling Class. The reason why Donald Trump is surging in the GOP primary and Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary is because people are fed up. Frank Luntz apparently needed the Establishment Fainting Couch today when he focus-grouped some GOPers and found out they despise the GOP Establishment. This came as shocking news to Luntz, but for you and me down here its old hat…because we all despise the GOP Establishment. We handed them massive victory in November of 2014 and they can’t even defund Planned Parenthood! PP is handed to them on a platter and they can do something which the base would be thrilled about…and at no political cost (the MSM would like to use such a thing to gin up “war on women” for 2016, but they wouldn’t dare because if they did, it would only bring up why PP was defunded; something the MSM has thus far prevented the LIV from learning). For those on the left, they can’t believe they had the whole government for 2 years and the White House+Senate for 6 years and all they got for it is ObamaCare: they were expecting the Progressive Paradise to arrive. We laugh at it, but they really believed Obama when he made his victory speech in 2008…they really thought that getting Obama and a Democrat Congress meant that the sea levels would start to fall. Been a bit of a disappointment, hasn’t it? And now they are told that their only choice for 2016 is a worn-out political hack who drew the lucky straw in the marriage sweepstakes? That isn’t going down any better with Democrats than Jeb Bush has with Republicans.

Trump still isn’t the man we need – but he’s going to keep leading in the polls until some GOPer out there figures out that fighting the Establishment (all of it, everywhere – even, and especially, those parts of it which claim to be on our side) is the only way to go. I think Ted Cruz has figured it out – I think that Scott Walker has partially figured it out (though his basic Establishment background is preventing him from doing it right – and he’s actually hurting himself right now by being all over the map rather than finding a point and sticking to it). Cruz doesn’t spend any time attacking Trump – there’s no point; all that does is make him more of a hero…but getting into a fight with Megyn Kelly? Good politics (I know a lot of conservatives think highly of Megyn Kelly – I’m unimpressed. I’ve never heard so much of a word out of her which indicates a deep level of thought about things…of course, I barely ever watch Fox News or, indeed, any televised news other than local stuff to catch the weather report, so maybe I’ve missed something…and if someone has a quote from Ms. Kelly which is impressive, I’m ready to hear it). Megyn Kelly is part of the Establishment – she’s the opponent. It isn’t for a GOPer to get along with her, but to challenge the basis of her lines of questioning…and so, too, with all other MSMers asking us questions, because not one of them is on our side. And the people – especially the GOP base – wants to hear that. We don’t want to know what Cruz – or anyone – will do about the children of illegal immigrants…we want to know what Cruz will do about the people flooding nearly unimpeded across our border on daily basis…and we want the reporters, if they are such, to ask the Democrats what precisely they propose to do about stopping the flow (we know they won’t – but until they do we’ll treat with monumental contempt any MSMer who presumes to ask a “gotcha” question of a GOPer on the issue).

I really haven’t the foggiest notion how this will all come out in the end – I don’t know who will win the respective party nominations, and no idea who might wind up getting elected. It could get very, very messy – even having both conventions becoming brokered as no one in either party wins a first-ballot majority (still highly unlikely – but in the 5% chance range unlikely, rather than existentially impossible, as it normally is). But from what I have read and heard, the people are just sick of this nonsense. They voted for hope and change in 2008 and all they got was business as usual, a stagnant economy and a world spinning out of control. There is no trust any longer – and as there is no trust, people will go for anyone who expresses their distrust of the Establishment. Yes, even an Establishment guy like Donald Trump – because even though he’s of it, he’s fighting it (he wouldn’t be the first Ruling Class politician in human history to eschew his own…Pericles and Caesar did it thousands of years ago in Athens and Rome). You want to keep Donald Trump out? Then don’t attack Trump – do a better job than Trump is at attacking the system.

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  1. Amazona August 26, 2015 / 9:17 am

    I didn’t see the “debate” as a debate but a tarted-up Q&A, so I didn’t make a point of watching every question, and missed the immigration questions. I WAS, however, appalled at Kelly’s abortion question and her incredulous, challenging, followup. The woman should know that abortion is outside the arena of authority of the president and is really just a “gotcha” question to put the responder on one side or another of a highly emotionally charged issue he or she can’t possibly affect if in office. It’s a cheap shot kind of question and I thought that having Fox people ask the questions would avoid that kind of play.

    I lost a lot of respect for Kelly with that line of questioning, especially because of the way she handled it. She made Candy Crowley look objective and nonpartisan.

    Having said that, I think Trump’s ongoing attacks on her are petty, low-class, and show a bully side of Trump that is quite ugly. He is attacking Kelly as a person, and it is quite clear that it is all because she picked on him. Yeah, that’s the kind of sissy-wimp I want in the Oval Office. He doesn’t have a big brother to come beat up the kid who embarrassed him on the playground, but he does have a lot of money and a gleeful Complicit Agenda Media. I think if anything slammed a few big nails into the “Respect For Trump” coffin it has been this temper tantrum over Kelly.

    • M. Noonan August 26, 2015 / 12:14 pm

      Forgot about the abortion question – and, you’re right: most of the time, asking the Presidential candidate about it is pointless as the President has nothing to do with whether or not abortion will remain legal. The only question which can rationally be asked – by a reporter trying to help the American people decide who should be President – is whether or not Planned Parenthood should be defunded. A President can have some say in that…and asking both GOP and Democrat candidates their views on that matter is legitimate. But, asking it and discussing the issue would work to the Democrats disadvantage, and so it remains unasked.

      You’re also quite right that Trump is rude and crude to a high degree…but as he’s been running his mouth, the strength of the GOP in the overall Presidential race has increased. This means that Trump is not merely reaching GOPers…he’s reaching GOP-leaning Independents, at the least, and maybe even some Democrat-leaning Independents. Read a bit yesterday which worked out that the GOP has a polling lead in the Electoral College for the first time since 2004. Part of that, no doubt, is a reflection of fatigue with Obama and the Democrats (and it is very hard for a political party to win the White House three times in a row)…but some of it is clearly because of Trump; he’s ripped the lid off. We’re no longer discussing what the Ruling Class wants us to discuss.

      • Amazona August 26, 2015 / 1:35 pm

        I think questions like ones about abortion go back to a couple of origins. One is simple ignorance of the separation of powers intended by the Constitution and then reinforced, in a belt-and-suspenders move, by the 10th Amendment. There is lip service to the concept of state sovereignty but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of governance there seems to be a default to the idea that everything is federal.

        I see abortion, at the presidential level, as a character issue—I simply cannot trust or respect someone who finds nothing wrong with killing innocent and helpless children just because they are inconvenient. I can respect a religious point of view that does not agree that life begins when the egg is fertilized but when it is implanted in the uterus—–I may not agree, but it is a point I can find compelling for some and don’t see it as a make or break valuation of character.

        But the reason it is a big deal for the Left is that it is a highly emotionally charged easily manipulated issue, that can and is used as a tool to divide people. Masquerading as “reproductive health” it can be used to emotionally manipulate people, and the weasel words of “pro CHOICE” allow squishies to support it merely to appear to be fair and open-minded and non-judgmental. It’s a major tool of the Left and they use it as much as they can.

        But as long as candidates, or potential candidates, refuse to take on this game playing head-on, and call people out on it, it is a game that will continue to be played. We need a candidate who will step up and educate every questioner on the fact that this is not a federal issue, and the president has nothing to say about it. It is a perfect opportunity to say “Contrary to the antics in the White House over the last seven years, the president does NOT have the authority to simply make laws, or decree that some laws are not valid. No matter what my position might be, it is irrelevant to my candidacy because I will be a president who respects the Constitution and will follow it, which means that I will not try to impose my beliefs on the nation because I sit in the Oval Office. Next!” After that, if pressed, the candidate could, and should say “I understand that you want a different answer, because this is one of those gotcha questions you people like to ask to try to trip people up, or create unnecessary divisiveness among people. I get it. So I will say that I consider all life to be sacred, I do not think that any life should be deemed unimportant because of its age or gender or race, and this belief starts with life in the womb and goes all the way through to the end stages of life.”

        We have chance after chance to link abortion to ageism, and we never do. We never point out that some lives are determined to be expendable because of the number of weeks or months they have been alive. We have a chance to link abortion to slavery, in that some human lives are considered property, and not as distinct human beings, and can be SOLD. Tortured, killed, parted out and sold. We have a chance to link abortion to racism, citing the racist origins of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s goal of reducing the number of “inferior races” by limiting the number of births, as well as citing the number of abortions of black babies. We have a chance to link it to sexism, citing the ratio of killed boy babies to killed girl babies, and the use of abortion to select gender.

        But we don’t. We just bumble around, and let the Left, and clueless idiots like I now see Megyn Kelly, continue to hurl “abortion” into political discussions like a big old stink bomb, never going on the attack and making it really uncomfortable for them to bring it up by pointing out the harsh realities of the issue.

      • M. Noonan August 26, 2015 / 5:52 pm

        To be sure, as a Catholic I can’t vote for someone who would advance the cause of abortion – I’m no theologian, but I believe I would be directly participating in a mortal sin if I were to do that. On the other hand, when faced with a choice between a fanatic pro-abortion candidate (like, say, Barack Obama) and a moderately pro-choice candidate who would, for instance, agree to defund Planned Parenthood, I’d be ok voting for that candidate, even though I disagree with his/her basic position on abortion (refusing to campaign to make it illegal being vastly different from campaigning to make it more likely to happen, eg – and if both were fanatic pro-abortion candidates? I’d have to vote Third Party). And it is true that abortion is rather crucial in understanding the mindset of a person – anyone who can claim that elective abortion is merciful or just is probably someone I’m going to have massive disagreements with on other issues.

        In my experience, most people who describe themselves as “pro-choice” really just haven’t thought the matter through – they’ve been swayed by Newspeak euphemism and never try to get underneath the soft words used to legalize and maintain abortion. The recent series of videos rips the mask off – and that is what upsets those pro-choice people who are actually in favor of large numbers of abortions (and though they deny it, their actions declare their real views); if people really start to learn what happens in an abortion, support for it would drop like a rock.

      • Amazona August 26, 2015 / 1:36 pm

        I will say that of all the candidates I have seen speak so far, I think Ted Cruz is the only one with the presence and personal power to be able to override squeaks of objection from Lefty questioners and lay out the things I just mentioned,

      • Cluster August 26, 2015 / 5:57 pm

        Don’t underestimate Carly.And Amazona, your nightmare might come true. Trump is on a roll, and the GOP establishment has only themselves to blame. How long have we been lied to by the GOP establishment? Has Boehner forced Obama to veto common sense legislation? No. Remember when the excuse was that Harry Reid was acting like a road block and that we needed the Senate to make headway? Well??

        The GOP establishment is as bad as the Democrats and they must go. Cruz, Trump, and Fiorina are the only three who will make a difference. I use to be a Rubio guy but he is shrinking from this challenge, not rising to it.

  2. Cluster August 27, 2015 / 7:35 am

    Not sure how many of you saw this, but it won’t surprise you:

    Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer that took more than $500 million from President Obama’s stimulus then went bust, sticking taxpayers for the loss, lied to federal officials to secure the loan, the Energy Department’s inspector general said in a report released Wednesday.

    But the Obama administration goofed too and may have cut corners in fully vetting the project because of “political pressure” from top Democrats and Solyndra itself, the investigators said in their report, which took four years to complete

    So Solyndra lied? Seems to be a pattern for those on the left, doesn’t it?

    • M. Noonan August 27, 2015 / 10:40 am

      The Bush Administration actually denied Solyndra – but, they donated to Obama, and so Obama approved the taxpayer dollars…funny how that works, huh?

      • Cluster August 27, 2015 / 11:23 am

        A 2009 $800 billion stimulus was designated for green energy and infrastructure. How has that worked out for everyone? Remember when Obama said that all those “shovel ready” jobs were not so “shovel ready”?

      • Amazona August 27, 2015 / 12:40 pm

        Caroline Kennedy helped get Barry elected, and got the plum assignment of Ambassador to Japan. That isn’t exactly working out well, either. She is incompetent and the embassy is being mismanaged. Gee, who could have seen THAT coming?

        And don’t forget the handout of that huge, nearly billion-dollar, contract to design the ACA web site—to cronies of Michelle’s, of course. They had proved their incompetence in their bungling of other contracts, they never even bothered with even the most basic steps in testing their system as it was developed (and of course there was no oversight) and when it was an epic fail they just slipped away with that money intact.

        Isn’t there some problem with an Obama crony mismanaging the online records of a few hundred thousand current and former federal employees? Gee, that sure dropped off the Complicit Agenda Media radar in a hurry, didn’t it?

      • M. Noonan August 27, 2015 / 9:55 pm

        In the revised and extended Worst President, Matt and I get further into that – and we promise, it really is coming out, but 2015 turned out to be such an ongoing disaster that we have to revise the revisions to the changes to the alterations…

      • Amazona August 27, 2015 / 10:48 pm

        Hard to keep up with it, isn’t it?

      • M. Noonan August 27, 2015 / 11:56 pm

        It really has been – after a while, it became clear that if we wanted a 2015 release, at all, we had to stick a fork in it at some time.

      • Amazona August 28, 2015 / 6:23 am

        You might have to issue it in volumes: Volume 1, 2008-2010, Volume 2, 2011-2012 (with addenda for 2008-2010 antics discovered after Volume 1 was issued), etc.

        Kind of like Churchill’s History of WW II

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