Government Shut Down Open Thread

The government shut down has the liberal media apoplectic, which is fun to watch. I think they are afraid that no one will notice. Honestly this is the most over hyped, non event ever. It amounts to some “non essential” personel getting some paid time off and a few of the sparsely visited parks, especially this time of year closing. I think we will all survive. But what it also exposes is the tyranny of the minority and the Democrats insistence to essentially rewrite federal immigration laws now, considering that they had 9 years to address this issue while they controlled government, but decided to play politics with the lives of immigrants rather than resolve the issue. Never forget, DACA is a crisis that is wholly manufactured by the Democrat party, and an issue the Republicans have the opportunity to resolve now and take off the table permanently. Here’s an interesting and new perspective on the issue.

Democrats are getting pretty excited about their prospects in this Fall’s mid terms, but they may be wise to dial down that excitement particularly considering their woeful optimism in 2016, and the fact that their fund raising efforts are falling well short of their counter parts.

Missing emails from Hillary Clinton’s illegal, off site server; missing emails from Lois Lerner’s server; and now missing text’s from Obama’s FBI department. But this isn’t news, NOPE, it’s just a another day in the corrupt deep state Democrat regime. The Media will do their best to lay down cover for this story, and instead deflect people’s attention over seas where VP Mike Pence is being ……….. PARTISAN for mentioning the truth that Democrats prefer illegal immigrant funding over military funding.

The collusion narrative is starting to fade from the media …… it will die a quiet death as the media gloms on to the more sensationalized narrative of dementia. I love the smell of progressive desperation in the morning.

New England and Tom Brady are headed back to the Super Bowl. Love him or hate him, Brady is probably the best quarterback who has ever played the game. And I say that as a huge 49er and Joe Montana fan.

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  1. Retired Spook January 22, 2018 / 11:05 am

    A good recap of Trump’s first year, and, while #10 didn’t come as a shock, I was pleasantly surprised at how large the gap was between Obama and Trump.

    10. While less than 30% of Obama Cabinet appointments had ever worked in the private sector, 90% of Trump appointees have actually worked for other than government agencies. Committed to doing more with less, his administration cut 11,000 federal employees in the first six months.

  2. Retired Spook January 22, 2018 / 11:10 am

    More intellectual dishonesty by Liberals.

    In its lawsuit against energy companies, the city of Oakland declared “Global warming has caused and continues to cause accelerated sea level rise in San Francisco Bay and the adjacent ocean with severe, and potentially catastrophic, consequences for Oakland.” The filing predicted by 2050, 100-year floods will be occurring every 2.3 years and by 2100, once a week.

    But in a statement to investors, it stated:

    “The City is unable to predict when seismic events, fires or other natural events, such as sea rise or other impacts of climate change, or flooding from a major storm, could occur, when they may occur, and, if any such events occur, whether they will have a material adverse effect on the business operations or financial condition of the City or the local economy.”

    • Cluster January 22, 2018 / 12:27 pm

      So …… Democrats are talking out of both sides of their mouth???

      That’s a shocker

      • Retired Spook January 22, 2018 / 1:07 pm

        Can you imagine where we’d be if the MSM reported accurately on issues like this?

    • Amazona January 22, 2018 / 12:44 pm

      “…has caused and continues to cause accelerated sea level rise in San Francisco Bay and the adjacent ocean with severe, and potentially catastrophic, consequences…” sounds pretty specific. That is, backed by objective verifiable data.

      So, how much has the level of San Francisco Bay risen? Where has it been measured? Is this “sea level rise” an actual rise in the level or related to tides? What “severe consequences” have resulted? Where in the “adjacent ocean” have the sea levels risen? And the other questions apply.

      In other words, if Oakland can’t back up the claims it used as the basis for its lawsuit, it is creating yet another unfunded debt by the city as the defendants dismantle the claims and demand damages and costs for having to deal with a frivolous virtue-signaling lawsuit. They have provided the defense to their unhinged claims.

  3. Amazona January 22, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    From Erick Erickson dated an hour ago:

    The Senate Democrats will vote to re-open the government.

    The idea of keeping the government shut down for illegal immigrants proved too much. Senate Democrats are, as I write this, caving in to Senate Republicans. They will work out a deal on DACA after the government reopens.

    The irony here is that L’Resistance had its march this weekend in D.C. to protest Trump and Republicans. You’d think the Democrats would have been emboldened to stay shut down. Nope. They looked out the window at their supporters and thought it was time to re-open the government. Haha.

    • Retired Spook January 22, 2018 / 2:38 pm

      You’d think the Democrats would have been emboldened to stay shut down.

      They were until it became obvious that the shutdown wasn’t working to their advantage. Pretty funny, actually.

      • Amazona January 22, 2018 / 3:31 pm

        I’m seeing this as what happened when Dem elites (I have a hard time using the word “leadership”) took the temperature of their base. I’m seeing it as a failure of the Complicit Agenda Media to sell the narrative, which has to scare the daylights out of the elites. Without this media participation paying off as it has in the past, they are pretty much helpless, as they don’t have a real ideology to promote—at least not a palatable one, in spite of the polls saying X number of young people think Stalin was cool and socialism is the wave of the future.

        In a similar vein, it appears that the Walk For Life was far more compelling that the silly “Women’s March”.

  4. Amazona January 22, 2018 / 5:20 pm

    As a self-admitted Grammar Nazi, I got a kick out of this note from the editors, as it touches indirectly on one of my pet peeves, the Rogue Apostrophe. (Or, as some would write this, A’s a s’elf-admitted Grammar Nazi, I got a kick out of thi’s note from the editor’s, a’s it touche’s indirectly on one of my pet peeve’s, the Rogue Apo’strophe.

    We always love intrigue about language and grammar.

    And this one involve’s shifting geopolitical relationships and controversial apostrophe’s. Kazakhstan’s president recently introduced a new alphabet that dump’s it’s Russian roots in favor of Latin character’s. But Kazakh has a bunch of sound’s that can’t be conveyed by a Latin alphabet, so the president has proposed using lot’s—and lot’’’’s—of apostrophe’s. While many are openly mocking the excessive apostrophe’s as absurd, few are willing to outright challenge the authoritarian president, whose reign has gone uncontested for 26 years. Meanwhile, the future of Kazakh’s apostrophe’s remains to be seen… (Anyone else feel like this could be the making of a John le Carré + Strunk & White mashup? Maybe we need to add Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Grammarian to this list!)’

    Clearly this should have read “who’s reign” but I am just getting snarky here. Once i realized all the ‘s were tongue in cheek, making fun of that pesky Rogue Apostrophe, I thought it was pretty funny.

    The next category of comment has the title Ok, enough with all that rogue punctuation.

    So I am not the only one who has noticed the erosion of the structure of our language. I see grammar as the traffic laws of the language, and when the laws start to be ignored chaos ensues. CHAOS !!! I tell you!

  5. casper3031 January 22, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    Back in 2009 I was one of those that underestimated the TEA party movement. I didn’t realize the intensity of the movement and the number of people who became more politically active because of it. The Democrats did the same and paid for it in the 2010 midterms.
    I’m seeing the same intensity this year with the Democrats. I was at the Woman’s March on Saturday and was surprised at the number of both women and men showed up. Thousands showed up and participated even the the weather wasn’t that great. They didn’t just show up. They sang, They chanted. They organized. I have friends who attended other marches in other cities and all reported the same thing.
    That along with the election results of late and the number of people who are running in races leads me to believe that 2018 is going to be a wave election.

    • Amazona January 22, 2018 / 8:51 pm

      What, exactly, is this “Women’s March” about? What are they protesting? (Specifics, please, not just generalities like “fairness” or “equality”.)

      What did they sing about? What did they chant? What are they trying to accomplish?

      The TEA Party started off being about taxes—Taxed Enough Already. Because it attracted so many conservatives who were fed up with high taxes going to things they didn’t think belonged in the arena of government authority (see Amendment X for details) it it evolved into a movement demanding a return to Constitutional government. It had a coherent focus, one that could be identified, articulated and which was based on a coherent political ideology.

      As it was providing a voice for people, the government was simultaneously moving farther and farther away from the Constitution, through Executive Orders and vast expansions of agency size and scope and authority. But yes, it took the old original TEA Party to get average people to realize that they did have a voice. And yes, this did lead to a rejection of the Democrat agenda and many Establishment Republicans.

      So I wonder what this new political energy on the Dem side is focusing on. I have a feeling it is pretty much just getting rid of Trump. You were there, and seem pretty impressed by what you saw. Is there anything concrete in what these marchers want to accomplish? DId it have a coherent focus, one that could be identified, articulated and which was based on a coherent political ideology? If so, what was it?

      Women already have absolute equality, or at least as much as any Constitutional government can assure. No government can force people to respect females who strut around dressed as genitals or who demand special treatment in the workplace because of their gender, or who demand not just the ability to kill their babies but social acceptance and even admiration for doing so. So what, exactly, are these Women Marching for? In a march identified as a “Women’s March” that is?


      Oh, and RESIST HATRED. That’s a favorite.

      • casper3031 January 22, 2018 / 10:11 pm

        I would say that women were marching for a number of reasons and yes many of those had to do with Trump’s actions and what he has said. The march was peaceful with much laughter and smiles.
        My biggest take away is that these are people who are not happy with the direction our government has taken and want to take it back. The point is: there is lot of political energy going on with the left and just about everything Trump says or does is making it stronger.

      • M. Noonan January 23, 2018 / 12:19 am

        The march organizers specifically excluded pro-life women – so, it was just a Progressive temper tantrum about Trump. The end.

      • Amazona January 22, 2018 / 11:42 pm

        Not exactly specific, were you?

        “…women were marching for a number of reasons …” Such as….?

        “… many of those had to do with Trump’s actions …” Such as…?

        “…what he has said…” Such as…?

        “…there is lot of political energy going on with the left and just about everything Trump says or does is making it stronger….” Such as…?

        “They sang…” Sang what…?

        “They chanted….” They chanted what?

        “They organized….” To do what…?

        Which “direction our government has taken” has these marchers upset? What would they do if they could “take it back”?

        You say “there is a lot of political energy going on with the left” but really all I see is emotional energy. I agree, it may translate into political energy, but so far it seems to be blind knee-jerk reactions to losing an election and being led around by a narrative fed to them by the Complicit Agenda Media. And it felt really good to hang out with people who feel the same way.

        You are a teacher, who went to a march and found yourself impressed by it, yet you have not been able to articulate a single coherent agenda or goal other than being unhappy with having Trump as president. It struck me as Identity Politics in a parade.

        You attended. Why? What were YOU there to protest or advocate? Do you think that having these happy smiling peaceful people echo your own feelings made you feel it was a productive event?

      • Amazona January 22, 2018 / 11:56 pm

        I looked up the Women’s March in Casper and found an article by an organizer who talked about what the march would stand for.

        While the march may be a place for people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump to voice concerns, it also “would be an opportunity for people who voted for the president-elect because they supported his presentation on the economy to distance themselves from the bigotry that he has articulated,” Ifland said.

        She ticked off several examples of what she meant, including Trump’s impersonation of Serge Kovaleski, a disabled New York Times reporter; his hot-mic comments about grabbing women’s genitals; and his description of Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”

        And this is what I am talking about.

        Trump’s “ comments about grabbing women’s genitals..” was not a “hot-mic comment” but part of a filmed interview. It was not “about grabbing women’s genitals” but was about the completely accurate observation that when a woman makes herself available to a man because of his status (“because I’m a star”) the man can do disrespectful things like grab her genitals and “she won’t care”. If anyone wants to debate whether or not women who do this expect to be treated with respect, they have had more than a year to do so. I find it significant that instead the response has been to simply lie about what he said.

        Trump did not describe all or even most or even many Mexican immigrants as “rapists”. He quite accurately stated that Mexico was happy to get rid of its more undesirable people, including rapists, by having them immigrate, illegally, into the United States. Given the number of rapes committed by illegal immigrants, I don’t see how anyone can argue with this. Better to just lie about what he said. Again, another lie, but it sure seems to taste downright yummy to a certain type of person—-the kind of person Ifland was trying to attract to the march.

        And these lies and misrepresentations constitute what she falsely characterizes as his “bigotry”. And this kind of strident hysterical lying seems to be what drives these people out to sing, chant, organize, laugh and smile together.

        How precious.

      • M. Noonan January 23, 2018 / 12:15 am

        Robert Stacy McCain over at his blog has been getting into the issue of just what women are expecting – lately, he’s zero’d in on the Aziz case. Now, to be sure, Aziz acted like a pig…but, then again, when you go to a guy’s apartment in the middle of the night and he strips down and lets you see it all, just what the heck were you expecting? The moment to shut a guy down is when he says, “hey, let’s go back to my place”. You know that. I know that. Everyone but, apparently, Progressives knows this. And I don’t get this assertion from some of these young ladies that they felt they couldn’t say “no” – where the heck are their mothers? Isn’t anyone taught anything? My two sisters got strictly warned about the wiles of men when they were teens – I thought all mothers clued their daughters in about such things. When did this stop? For anyone under 30 who is reading: if a guy invites you back to his place, especially at night, he isn’t getting ready to discuss 19th century American poetry…even if he says that’s what he wants to do, that isn’t what he wants to do. Trust me on this.

        I’m not saying that I’ve been an angel in my life – but when I got shut down, I got shut down. Ok; off we go. Life goes on. It isn’t hard – might hurt some feelings in the wimpier sort of man, but that would just be another reason you don’t want him around. I’m really just not understanding what is going on out there these days.

      • casper3031 January 23, 2018 / 12:48 am

        You are right I wasn’t specific. I don’t know all the reasons that women were at the march. I didn’t ask each and every one why they were there and I don’t feel it’s my job as a male to explain their positions. That said I did call my sister who participated in the Denver Women’s March and asked her why she was there. She marched in support of the DACA kids (she teaches at a school with a lot of immigrants) and against the overreach by Trump and the Republican Congress.

        As for myself, I have a few problems with our president and am more than happy to explain my positions.

        Trump has cheated on all three of his wives. I was married for 39 years and managed to stay faithful the entire time. Trump cheated on his first wife with his second and his second with his third and cheated on his third wife with a porn star who reminded him of his daughter (ick).

        His Sh*thouse or Sh*thole comment about 56 countries. My ancestors came from counties which were considered Sh*tholes at the time. I’ve known people from some of the countries he insulted and consider them great additions to our country.

        He is unable to take responsibility for his mistakes. I was a Republican when it was the party of personal responsibility. I learn from my mistakes, Trump doesn’t.

        He hasn’t done a single thing to bring this country together. He attacks anyone who opposes him and never tries to find common ground.

        I don’t hate him for being Trump or for pushing conservative positions. I don’t like what he has done and said.

      • casper3031 January 23, 2018 / 12:51 am

        “The march organizers specifically excluded pro-life women – so, it was just a Progressive temper tantrum about Trump. The end.”

        No it didn’t. Anyone and everyone could attend.

      • M. Noonan January 23, 2018 / 12:58 am

        Not pro-life women.

      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 12:51 am

        I’m not so sure Aziz “acted like a pig”. Yes, he did invite the woman to his apartment, and yes, he undoubtedly hoped for more than a Scrabble game and tea and cookies. But the woman’s story didn’t hold together.

        if he was rude at dinner, as she claimed, then it was clearly time to end the evening. I find it hard to believe she went home with him if she was already insulted that he hadn’t asked her what kind of wine she wanted, or didn’t give her time to finish the wine she didn’t want. Seriously, if she already thought he was a jerk, there was no reason to think he would change on the way back to his place. So I am seeing some rewriting of history in her account.

        When they got back to the apartment she performed oral sex on him and allowed him to do the same to her. That’s pretty intimate stuff. So she then decided she didn’t want to do more than that. Did he pressure her to continue? Did he hit her, ridicule her, force her? No, at that point he seemed pretty glad to see her go, and if her behavior was as weird as her own account indicated I can’t say that I really blame him.

        Yeah, it’s not gentlemanly to just expect sex after dinner, but once he asked her to go back to his place, and she said yes, she contributed to a perception that something sexual might happen. And then when he asked her to do some pretty intimate stuff, she said OK And then when she wanted to stop, he stopped. If he had been rude to her after she refused to go back to his place, after he acted like a boor in the restaurant, I might think he acted like a pig.

        My take was that she wanted something from him that she didn’t get, and in retaliation she struck out at him. And he is the one who has acted classy since the date. He has refrained from getting down in the gutter with her.

        You say you don’t understand what is going on. I think I do, and I think it comes down to the ugly side of the Internet, the ability to strike out at a distance and attack someone with such a huge audience, with no real consequence. I think an atmosphere has evolved that amplifies the worst in some people. Twenty years ago this woman would have complained to a friend, who probably would have told her she acted really stupidly and had no one to blame but herself, and she might even have learned something from the experience. But she had the power to take her grievance public and get a lot of attention, and that is a product of social media and the electronic age.

      • M. Noonan January 23, 2018 / 1:00 am

        Oh, there’s definitely that – my guess, and a lot of other people made it, as well, is that she was hoping he’d get into a relationship with her rather than treating her as a one-night stand. That is what I guess I don’t really understand…are young ladies these days thinking that putting out after dinner is the way to win the love and loyalty of a man? I mean, my goodness, I thought that every woman knew that if you want a guy to stick around, you’ve got to make him work for it a bit…

      • casper3031 January 23, 2018 / 1:28 am

        ‘Not pro-life women.”
        Sorry Mark, but that just isn’t true. A friend of mine was date raped a little over a year ago. She chose to have the baby and was at the march with all six of her kids protesting an environment that put her in the position she is in. BTW, her daughter is adorable.

      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 1:42 am


        “..against the overreach by Trump and the Republican Congress…” Such as?

        Yes, Trump has done a lot of things I have found distasteful. No argument there, and I don’t know anyone who would defend such things. But what does that have to do with how he is acting as chief executive of the United States?

        “His Sh*thouse or Sh*thole comment about 56 countries. My ancestors came from counties which were considered Sh*tholes at the time. I’ve known people from some of the countries he insulted and consider them great additions to our country.” I don’t think he referred to 56 countries as “sh*tholes”. That is a typical expansion of something that was said, to make it say what it never said in the first place. And the simple fact is, many of these countries can accurately be referred to in that way.

        Surely you don’t think he was referring to the PEOPLE from those countries! That is simply ridiculous. No, he was talking about the living conditions in some countries. I have never heard that phrase used to describe a person, but have heard it to refer to places. And the fact that the living conditions in some countries seems to be pretty well borne out by the fact that their residents are so eager to get away from them.

        I read an article by a former Peace Corps volunteer who said the African country where she was first assigned was a LITERAL sh*thole—-that the people defecated anywhere they wanted, in the streets, along the roads, and that the air was full of dried sh*t dust. She was warned to not even TOUCH the water. Everything in country was contaminated by fecal matter. Everything. We heard the same thing from Americans stationed in Afghanistan. A passionate argument against making people return to nations like Somalia, and El Salvador, is that they are such terrible places to live.

        It takes a certain kind of mentality to distort a comment that is so clearly about a geographical location to try to make it into a slur against the people who live there.

        (Trump) “is unable to take responsibility for his mistakes” You object to the fact that he does not acknowledge mistakes in a way that you would find acceptable. You seem to think he owes us all a public apology every time he says or does something someone does not like. I personally am happy if he learns from his mistakes and doesn’t keep making the same ones over and over again. He doesn’t owe me a public mea culpa. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the dependence on apologies. And I accept that some things I think are mistakes are things he sees differently. Fortunately, I don’t have to think he is an absolutely wonderful person to like the job he is doing. I don’t do Identity Politics.

        You say “I learn from my mistakes, Trump doesn’t.” But you’re still a Liberal. To me, that means you don’t learn from your mistakes. But you don’t see them as mistakes. See how that works?

        He hasn’t done a single thing to bring this country together. He attacks anyone who opposes him and never tries to find common ground.

        I have to laugh at that. Sorry, but it is really funny. Just what do you think he could DO to “bring the country together”? He encourages love of and pride in the United States and respect for it and the flag that represents it, and us (which would, in a sane world, be an effort to bring us together as Americans, on the common ground of our shared citizenship and patriotism)—-and this is distorted in the ugliest way possible, as promoting “white supremacy”. He talks about the greatness of America when it is governed according to its own rule of law, and this is recast by people who loathe him as something evil. He goes out of his way to acknowledge good and brave Americans, such as those who went to the protest site in Charlottesville to try to head off riots, and he is libeled and slandered and maligned as praising the Nazis who rioted. And on and on and on, endlessly, relentlessly. Just what do you think he COULD do?

        I have never seen anyone as viciously maligned and attacked, day in and day out, as President Trump, and HE is responsible for not finding “common ground”?

        As someone who has been called “deplorable” (no doubt in a search for “common ground”) and a bitter clinger, and a white supremacist and a racist and a bigot and pretty much every kind of vile and ugly thing there is, because I voted for Trump, pardon me if I am kind of happy to see pushback against this kind of vicious and, yes, DIVISIVE bigotry. And I see where it is coming from and FYI, it ain’t from the Right. Or from Trump.

        Fortunately, a lot of people who also had negative feelings about Trump are big enough people to reevaluate their positions now that they can see the value of what he has done in the last year. Of course, they are people who respect the Constitution and realize that we were only truly great when the country was governed according to it. Of course, these are people who were alarmed less by some rather vulgar verbiage but a lot by the weaponization of our government agencies—agencies which were vastly expanded under an administration which openly disdained Constitutional restraints, agencies which were, and are, run by unelected political appointees given vast powers and authority. Of course, these are people who were appalled by the blatant abuses of citizens by the IRS, by the BLM, by the FBI as it used its power to spy on Americans, by the Department of Justice, and who welcome a return of the rule of law. Of course, these are people who never agreed that laws could or should be dictated from the Oval Office but must be properly legislated by Congress, so when they see the President leaving legislation to Congress and Congress finally starting to do its job they don’t see either as “overreach”. Of course, these are people who think “equal under the law” means, you know, “EQUAL UNDER THE LAW” and that the law applies equally to illegal immigrants and Democrat elites and all other criminals regardless of religion, color or ethnicity.

        If you are seriously concerned about divisiveness in this country, you might take a moment to think about the contributions made by people who call Trump, and everyone who voted for him, and everyone who doesn’t hate him, racist white supremacist bigots who are going to be responsible for the end of all life on the planet.

      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 1:46 am

        “…was at the march with all six of her kids protesting an environment that put her in the position she is in.” Which was what? “…a little over a year ago…”

        But congratulations for having the human dignity and decency to carry this baby and give it a home with her other children. Perhaps giving birth to five babies already made her realize that the sixth was also a complete human being entitled to life.

    • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 12:23 am

      Casper, you didn’t want to answer my questions and after reading the report on the march after it took place I can see why. Here are some quotes from some attendees.

      A same-sex couple “… marched for equal rights for people including women, people of color, the LGTBQ community and for diversity of religion… Is there a coherent argument that “… women, people of color, (and) the LGTBQ community…” are not treated equally? If so, what is it?

      Marching for “diversity of religion…”? Huh? More than 1600 Protestant religions, Catholicism, Greek and Russian Orthodoxy, Judiasm, Wicca, Buddhism, Taoism and so on and someone finds a compelling need to march for “diversity of religion”?

      “…equality for women, LQTBQ rights and immigration topped her list for reasons to march on Saturday…” said another. Again, I still haven’t seen a decent argument that women and people of varying sexual orientation and gender choices do not have equal rights. If she is for open borders, she should say so. No one I know or have heard of is against “immigration”.

      “We have to keep fighting to undo the damage that Trump is doing and to preserve our democracy,” Greiner added. This is the kind of vague complaint I expected to hear. Just a general sense of dissatisfaction.

      “Lisa Knapp mentioned several concerns that brought her out to the march, including proposed laws allowing doctors to refuse service based on religious views and white supremacy becoming more acceptable to many, including the president, she said.”

      Lisa seems to be concerned about freedom of religion. I’m not sure what she thinks what should be done about what is evidently the distasteful specter of people being able to worship as they choose, other than perhaps pushing for a Constitutional amendment. She also seems confused, as she seems to think that anyone can refuse any old “service” based on religion, when in fact so far this exercise of faith has been limited to not being forced to participate in abortions or provide birth control, or actively participate in rituals celebrating things that violate their beliefs. ( I wonder how she would feel about being forced to participate in a March For Life or a Trump rally.) She also seems to be quite willing to buy into the false narrative of “white supremacy” that has become so popular as people search for things to blame on Trump. Evidently the media push to link the terms “white” and “nationalism” has been effective, as now some people think American nationalism is the same thing as white supremacy.

      And then there were people who just wanted to express their unhappiness about things that are not political “A local high school student spoke about her anger over experiences including being sent home for a too-thin dress, while a boy could wear a sexist shirt, having the word “tease” painted across her locker, being afraid to walk alone at night and feeling she needs to say she has a boyfriend to deflect unwanted attention.” I am sure you as a teacher have seen girls who flaunt their sexuality and then complain about being perceived as being sexually available. I am glad this confused young woman had a place to air her complaint.

      An article which seemed to want to accurately describe the march in Casper and the issues that drew the marchers only confirmed my suspicion that the motives were based on a toxic mix of irrational hatred and gullible ignorance.

      BTW, the photo taken at the march didn’t show any smiling or laughing. I did wonder what “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” was protesting.

      • casper3031 January 23, 2018 / 1:34 am

        You assume that I joined the march in Casper. I didn’t. I don’t do snow anymore so I can’t speak to what the people in Casper said.

      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 1:56 am

        “I was at the Woman’s March on Saturday …” CASPER3031 January 22, 2018 / 5:42 pm

        You do realize that I never said you JOINED the march, don’t you? You said you were there, and you volunteered your observations about what you saw there. So I assumed you were “AT” the march, as you said you were, and I commented that you “attended” it. I also assumed that when you talked about what you saw there, you did so because you were actually there.

        I’m not going to quibble about the degree of at-ness it would have required to have actually JOINED the march. I really don’t care.

        My point, about the marchers themselves and eventually about you, is that the so-called reasons for so much Trump angst don’t really have much to do with what he is actually doing as president, and everything to do with a toxic stew of personality politics and unquestioning acceptance of false media narratives, heavily seasoned with personal bias.

        Trump’s election has been like a procedure that has lanced an abcess, and the hatred and bigotry that are oozing out were there all along, not created by him.

      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 2:23 am

        BTW, and I only mention this because I am so tired of gossip about Trump being repeated as if it is not only true but justifies smearing him…his divorce from Marla Maples was in the works when he first met Melania. He was technically still married, but separated and divorce proceedings had been initiated.

        And the “porn star” claims are at this point mere allegations. Trying to head off a scandal is not the same thing as admitting that something happened. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. This is another one of those cases where the timing, the source and the details are all pretty suspicious.

        Yet some people are really eager to believe anything, the worse the better, to add to the reasons they can give for disliking Trump.

  6. Amazona January 22, 2018 / 7:43 pm

    Interesting—the founder and CEO of the company is admitting that his product is so crappy it can only be marketed to “f**king idiots”. At least that is what I read into his comments.

    He has been “removed” from active participation in the company, but is still the “acting” CEO, “in name only”. Perhaps what the company should do is issue a statement that once this moron is gone the company will try to improve its product so it will also appeal to intelligent people.

    That would take care of the rest of the Fox viewers, but the poor Lefties would still be out in the cold. (Pun intended)

    Seriously, though—can there be anyone more spiteful and malicious that Lefties?

    • Cluster January 23, 2018 / 7:52 am

      Very disappointing:

      It appears that the Trump administration has chosen to ignore the concerns of rank-and-file federal agents, instead opting to quietly extend the controversial Obama-era policy that relocates illegal immigrants to unsuspecting communities nationwide. It is known as “Catch and Release” and frustrated DHS sources tell Judicial Watch the Trump administration is essentially facilitating the ongoing commission of a federal immigration crime despite its tough border security rhetoric.

  7. Cluster January 23, 2018 / 7:41 am

    Just a general sense of dissatisfaction.

    And that right there sums up the woman’s march. Like you, I could find no compelling reason for their protest other than just a constant need to complain about everything. And such is the state of current Democrat party. They are never happy.

  8. Cluster January 23, 2018 / 8:13 am

    So the Left is outraged:

    “Today’s cave by Senate Democrats—led by weak-kneed, right-of-center Democrats—is why people don’t believe the Democratic Party stands for anything.”

    “These weak Democrats hurt the party brand for everyone and make it harder to elect Democrats everywhere in 2018.”

    I will remind progressives that your boy wonder promised immigration reform in 2008, won the election, had a filibuster proof majority in both Houses of Congress, and proceeded to do NOTHING on immigration, preferring instead to focus solely on controlling the healthcare and by extension the lives of all Americans. The Democrats ultimate goal is control of the society – not immigration. Democrats are reprehensible people and the only reason they want more low skilled, poorly educated people is to keep winning elections so they have the power to control their lives.

  9. Cluster January 23, 2018 / 8:33 am

    Casper, I just have to respond to a couple things:

    His Sh*thouse or Sh*thole comment about 56 countries. My ancestors came from counties which were considered Sh*tholes at the time.

    Why is this offensive? Are we going to pretend that countries like Haiti, Sudan, Nigeria, etc. ARE NOT sh*tholes? Would you feel better if we just gloss over some uncomfortable realities?

    I was a Republican when it was the party of personal responsibility.

    “Republicans” like you, Bill Kristol, John McCain, Jeb Bush, etc. is one reason why they were so ineffective. I am glad you left the party.

    He hasn’t done a single thing to bring this country together.

    Over 90% negative media coverage since his inauguration, so maybe the media plays a role in that too. Right? But moreover, conservatives like myself don’t care to bring this country “together”, or find “common ground”. After 9 years of being dismissed as a racist xenophobe by your boy wonder, I just want constructive results on the economy, border security, immigration, and foreign policy – You either come along or not, either way, I don’t care.

    • Retired Spook January 23, 2018 / 9:46 am

      He hasn’t done a single thing to bring this country together.

      After 8 years of the most divisive president in my lifetime, that’s pretty funny in a sad, pathetic sort of way. Like Cluster, I don’t particularly want to be united with what amounts to a lunatic fringe bunch of SJW’s. I just hope I’m not too old to fight when you (collective you) start shooting at us, which I think is inevitable as the Left’s power continues to erode. Progressives’ fallback position is almost always violence, because their beliefs and policies can only be implemented by force.

      And actually, Trump has united a rather interesting coalition of Americans: social Conservatives, Libertarians and blue-collar Democrats. He just hasn’t brought them together with people who outwardly hate them. I’m not sure there is a man or woman alive who could perform that miracle.

    • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      No, Casper is playing the game, which is to distort what was really said to make it fit a false narrative that can then be used to “justify” a position which, while it fuels a political agenda, is in the hearts of those who participate far more based on a need to hate than on a true ideology.

  10. Amazona January 23, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    We’ve tried asking Liberals to explain their political philosophies and outline their political ideologies, and it always turns out the same way. They can’t. They always use personal, emotion-based, bigotry as a substitute for actual political ideology—that is, for a blueprint for how best to govern the nation. The closest any of them ever gets is a wistful list of how they wish things could be—no hunger, no homelessness, no one has to work to make it happen, no bad stuff—-and the accompanying wish that government would just step in and make it all happen. They are truly oblivious to the fact that none of this is an outline of how to run a government. They start with a wished-for outcome and then say, in effect, “make it so”. But it doesn’t work that way. We have to start at the bottom and construct a system that will work the best, given the immutable facts of human nature, which is what govern economics and the law and social interactions.

    Liberals don’t like to be pinned down. We just saw that. Casper wanted to emote on how he felt after he was “AT” the women’s march, but he sure got slippery when asked to explain in detail what made him feel so good about it, much less what it was supposed to mean or accomplish. Suddenly he didn’t really JOIN the march, and shouldn’t be expected to know or understand a thing about it, but boy that little baby is sure adorable!

    I always have a lot of questions, and no Liberal will ever be willing to answer any of them, or if an answer might be forthcoming will not be willing to discuss it and defend it. Examples:

    Do you think a country has the right to make its own rules about how it will be governed?

    Do you think other countries should be allowed to tell us how to structure our government and what our laws should be? (If so, should the United States be allowed to make other countries follow our laws or laws we make for them?)

    Do you think it is better to have the country run by people who have never held any jobs other than in politics, or do you think experience in business can provide the kind of experience and knowledge that can make a government work better?

    Do you prefer a representative government, where the laws are made by people elected by the population, or a government where unelected political appointees are given authority not granted by the elected legislature?

    Do you believe laws should apply equally to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, skin color, wealth or status, or do you think certain groups such as some races, powerful political elites or the very rich should not be held to the same legal standards?

    Do you believe the inherent structure of a government should be infinitely flexible, adaptable at any time to any new circumstance, or do you think it should be firmly established so that it provides continuity and predictability and stability? (A followup question, credit to Spook on this one: If you believe in a government structure that can be changed as situations change, would you play poker if the rules were equally subject to constant revision during the game? My question is, would you buy a house if the contract could be changed by the seller so the price changes, or the terms, or would you demand a firm contract that is what it is.)

    Do you lock your house when you leave? Do you lock your car when you park it? Or do you leave your valuables on the car seat or on the front porch, in case someone else would find them preferable to their own? Would you be fine with coming home to find another family living in your house and expecting you to feed them and clean up after them? If you feel the right to protect your personal property, do you think it is equally important to protect the nation from people who want to take what they see here?

    Have you studied the formation and foundation of our country and its Constitution and understand why and how the Constitution was written, and to what ends? If you have not, do you still feel that you are qualified to criticize it and advocate changing or even abandoning it? If you have, what do you think should be changed and why do you think that would lead to a better-governed nation?

    Do you believe in a federal government severely restricted as to size, scope and power with most authority left to the states or to the people, or do you prefer a federal government with unlimited power to expand in size, scope and power and with little authority left to the states or to the people? If you quibble at the word “unlimited” then what limits would you put on federal expansion of power? When/why would you approve of federal assumption of state authority?

    These are questions Conservatives ask themselves, and each other. These are questions and problems Conservatives spend a lot of time discussing and analyzing. This process forms the foundation of the Conservative movement, which is based on coherent political philosophy and principles of governance. I have yet to meet a Liberal—ANY Liberal—who has spent time pondering, discussing and debating these questions, much less willing to answer them in a discussion with a Conservative.

    • Retired Spook January 23, 2018 / 2:14 pm

      From Amazona’s linked article:

      The Obama foreign-policy masters see their three accomplishments as the Paris Climate Accord, the opening to Cuba, and the Iran deal. Given that the former wasn’t presented to Congress for approval, was nonbinding, and was later dumped by President Trump, while the other two amounted to making concessions to American foes in exchange for virtually nothing, this is a bit like bragging that you suckered the Franklin Mint into giving up a souvenir Elvis plate for only $34.95. (emphasis – mine)


      • Amazona January 23, 2018 / 2:26 pm

        Yeah, that was a good line.

        But walking away from a non-approved, non-binding virtue signaling wholly symbolic but meaningless agreement between President Obama and some other countries that weren’t bound to it either was, like, you know, like the absolute worst most awful horrible thing EVER !!! and it will probably result in, like, you know, the end of all life on Earth !!!!

      • Cluster January 23, 2018 / 4:52 pm

        God forbid they think poorly of us …..

      • M. Noonan January 24, 2018 / 12:40 am

        I’d like to say the Obama Administration did badly at foreign policy, but in the end all US Administration’s except Reagan’s were lousy at foreign policy. Ever since our emergence as a Great Power, we’ve just never got a handle on the thing. We’ve ping ponged back and forth between starry-eyed internationalism and foolhardy isolationism. Not for nothing did Bismarck opine that there is a special Providence for fools, drunkards and the United States of America!

        To be sure, Obama took the starry-eyed internationalism to new highs (or lows, if you prefer), but even the hard-headed realists of the Nixon Administration thought that negotiating arms control deals with a Soviet Union bound to lie and cheat was a good idea. We’re just dumb on foreign policy.

      • Amazona January 24, 2018 / 3:25 pm

        “God forbid they think poorly of us..”

        Because there is no higher goal than having people whose agendas conflict with your own feeling good about you.

        You know what it means when people whose agendas conflict with your own feel good about you? It means you are weak and subordinate and they are dominating you. That is pretty much the only way people whose goals and agendas ever “feel good about you”.

        As for the globalists who fret so about what other nations think of us, they would never argue that the Eagles should be able to pick the QB for the Patriots,or dictate their plays. But they are sure upset when American nationalists (not the coyly misnamed “WHITE nationalists the media are trying to portray as mere “white supremacists”) want to preserve national sovereignty and not allow other nations (many of whose agendas are not in our best interest) tell us how to live, what laws we should have and how we should fit into THEIR world.

        They are hypocrites. They lock the doors to their houses in spite of the fact that so many would love to just move in, “looking for a better life”. They lock their car doors when they park, in spite of the fact that so many would love to just have a better ride—or a nicer car stereo or that cool iPad in the console. They often send their children to private schools while fighting a voucher system that would let poorer families (who just want a better education for their children) use educational dollars to do the same. They seek out “safe” neighborhoods while supporting cop-killer movements like Black Lives Matter. They loathe, revile and constantly insult conservatives and then blame conservatives for “divisiveness”. They indulge in blatant racism, despising and insulting people for the color of their skin if that color is not brown or black, and then use “racist” as their favorite pejorative. They piously claim to “support our military” while simultaneously fawning over overpaid under-educated America-haters who disrespect the nation by disrespecting its anthem and flag. They cheer vicious verbal and print attacks on conservatives citing the 1st Amendment, but want to stop conservatives from exercising that right to free speech, and they completely abandon the religious freedom aspect of that amendment when it comes to denying some people the right to live by their religious beliefs. They are marked by seething, unrepentant, gleeful rage, hatred and general loathing directed at people who simply have different political views than they do, and then they whine about “hatred” and plaster their cars with bumper stickers with messages like “RESIST HATRED”. They assign a wide range of negative characteristics to a class of people (which is the definition of “bigotry”) and then smugly preen that they are “against bigotry”.

        And they openly advocate weakening this nation and destroying its national identity in hopes that if they do this some other nation might “like” us more.

  11. Retired Spook January 23, 2018 / 4:00 pm

    I’m not sure how this could possibly happen? The last I heard from the global warming alarmists was that Arctic ice had melted to the point that cruise ships would be traversing the Northwest Passage next summer. Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with the climate change nuts.

    • Cluster January 23, 2018 / 5:27 pm

      And not to mention that the Arctic ice mass has reportedly grown by 40% since 2012. I wonder if the less frequent Sun spot activity (maunder minimum) and the distance of the Earth from the Sun has anything to do with it?

      Nah …….

      • Amazona January 24, 2018 / 3:28 pm

        When I move farther away from my fireplace I feel colder, and when I move closer I feel warmer. I always thought there was some sort of conclusion to draw from that.

        If only I had a computer model to explain it to me………….

  12. Cluster January 23, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    This is hilarious ….

    In the now-famous cheeseburger summit last Friday with Trump, Schumer offered a large increase in border wall spending as a condition for a broader deal to help Dreamers……. But after that offer was rebuffed — prompting the three-day government shutdown — the president has now “missed an opportunity to get the wall,” one Democratic aide said.

    Chucky is throwing a temper tantrum that his tactic didn’t work on Trump. Any other GOP president would have folded – but not Trump. Trump knew that Chucky’s offer was bullshit, just like all Democrat promises have been over the last few decades, so now Chucky is acting tough.

    Your day of relevance is over Chuck. We will get the wall, and WE will resolve the DACA issue. You? How about if you just go home and tend to the hummingbird feeders? We don’t need you.

    • Retired Spook January 23, 2018 / 5:38 pm

      How about if you just go home and tend to the hummingbird feeders?


  13. Retired Spook January 23, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    Joe diGenova does an outstanding job of connecting the dots. The cards are starting to topple/

    • Cluster January 24, 2018 / 8:18 am

      The Mimbo and The Bimbo Show is doing their best to dismiss these new findings as a concerted effort between the “autocratic” Trump administration and Fox News to attack the FBI because Mueller is getting to close to the truth about the Russia collusion. And I am not making that up.

      This story is YUGE !!! Release the memo and expose the POS career deep state bureaucrats who laid cover for Hillary, used fabricated oppo research to secure FISA warrants to spy on, and illegally unmask American citizens in an effort to influence the elections or take down a sitting President. THESE ARE THE ASSHOLES THAT MEDDLED WITH THE ELECTION, NOT RUSSIA. Let’s hang them. And while we’re at it, let’s begin a concerted campaign to DESTROY the lives of every member of the biased media. The Media bias has never been so transparent. They don’t even fake objectivity anymore, so let’s make them pay the price.

    • Cluster January 24, 2018 / 8:32 am

      “Republican” strategist Steve Schmidt:

      “[t]here’s absolutely zero evidence that any of these FBI agents whose had their private text messages compromised” or that “they misused their badge, their office, their credentials to abuse the President, his family, or any of the President’s supporters.” “Again, this is smear campaign directed at these two FBI agents absent any evidence. It is latter day McCarthyism and it is entirely about what it seems to be about, which is trying to blow smoke around this investigation to obstruct the American people from finding out what went on here at all costs,”

      Our work of purging this country from dishonest people is just beginning.

      • Amazona January 24, 2018 / 1:09 pm

        No, Steve S*****t, there is abundant “evidence”. What we now want is proof. The existence of evidence leads to a demand for proof. When there is no proof, the evidence is found lacking in credibility unless there is so much of it that it is obvious that a crime was committed. This is why a prosecution can proceed, and win, based on “circumstantial evidence” without objective proofs being offered.

        Can we withdraw his “Republican” name tag? He is clearly a plant. In both senses of the word. Not just planted in the party to fly a false flag, but with the IQ of ivy.

        He is entertaining, however, as he earnestly tries to blow smoke around an effort to uncover malfeasance and possible criminality in the FBI and the weaponization of yet another US agency by claiming the effort is just blowing smoke to hide another investigation. It’s getting kind of hard to breathe in there.

        If he is serious about wanting the American people to find out what went on here at all costs, he should be lined up to demand that the memos be released. As for any “secret” content, our enemies already have it all anyway, so who cares?

  14. Cluster January 24, 2018 / 8:35 am

    LOVE this characterization. And Spook … this guy is a spook too …..

    The keel of the USS Federal Bureau of Investigation is starting to rise out of the water, like the RMS Titanic about 30 minutes after striking the iceberg. One can almost hear the bodies of top law enforcement bureaucrats crashing against each other, like so much china on a dying vessel sinking under the waves, as the embattled organization faces exposure after exposure of truly outrageous and un-American, if not illegal, conduct.

    • Cluster January 24, 2018 / 8:39 am

      From the linked article:

      I have spent three decades working in intelligence and investigations in federal law enforcement, in corporate-sector investigations, and currently for the nonprofit organization leading much of the investigative work into the corruption of our own government. I worked for the high-end opposition research firm, Investigative Group International, that was employed by the Clinton administration in the ’90s at the height of the scandals in which it was embroiled. All of this is to say that I know the world of private intelligence and opposition research as well as anyone, and my comments are informed by practical experience from both a private investigative perspective and a law enforcement perspective.

      What we are seeing today at the highest levels of our government should frighten all Americans.

      TRUE. And it needs to be known that the many members in the Media are complicit. NEVER LET UP IN OUR MISSION TO DESTROY THEM

      • Amazona January 24, 2018 / 1:11 pm

        What we are seeing today at the highest levels of our government should frighten all Americans… yet what frightens Steve S*****t is having Americans learn about what their government has been up to. That tells me where his loyalties lie.

  15. Ryan Murphy January 24, 2018 / 9:06 am

    Casper, I don’t think anyone who voted for ‘basket of deblorables’ Hillary or “bitter clingers” obama has any right to lecture anyone else about ‘failing to bring people together’. I can also mention ‘sit in the back of the bus’, ‘I won’ I could keep going an awfully long time.

    • Amazona January 24, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      Ryan, the efforts (and successes) of Obama in dividing the country, setting one race against another, promoting class warfare, and the general accusations and name-calling directed at all opposition, are all so well documented that Casper cannot be unaware of them. He is a teacher who has often bragged about keeping up with current events so he can “educate” the poor innocents under his control for a few hours a day. He is quite proud of his alleged intellect and acumen.

      So when he spouts the nonsense he spouts, I can’t just attribute it to ignorance. Given his stated persona as one interested in facts and alert to the world around him, I have to assume he knows and understands these things.

      Therefore, I have to assume he is either lying or delusional, unable to accurately process information—not that they are mutually exclusive.

      A few years back, “teacher” Casper proclaimed that anyone who believes in the Constitution as written must therefore support slavery and not allowing women to vote. He later, in true slippery Casper fashion, denied ever saying that, finally explaining after being pinned down that his comment was justified by his intended mental addition of the word “WAS”—that is, if one believes in the Constitution as it WAS written, blah blah blah.

      In his Liberal mind, this fixed everything, but he forgot that the Constitution (which, by the way, he bragged about teaching in his classes) did not have a single word in it about slavery, or about women voting.

      Like all unrepentant Liberals, he puts people in the position of seeing him as profoundly stupid or equally dishonest. But he is a good little parrot for the Left’s false narratives. He drops in here every now and then and tries to get his nose under the tent with a couple of innocuous offerings such as liking something Trump has done, or, in 2016, not liking Hillary, and when he gets away with that he lurches into his clumsy efforts to evangelize his beloved Leftist beliefs. We saw that starry-eyed mooning over the specialness and wonderfulness of the Women’s March, and his rapid slithering away when asked for specifics. It is classic Casper.

  16. Retired Spook January 24, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    All the news that was’t.

    The part about global warming is especially interesting as it shows just how much the Warmists have adjusted past temperatures in order to continue the myth that global temperatures are continuing to rise.

    And then there’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ description of Vanity Fair:

    “I would not use Vanity Fair for much other than a coaster. I don’t think it is a reliable source of information and certainly not on this topic. Look, as chief of staff Kelly has said himself, as the president has stated, they both plan on being here for the long haul and doing it together. They have a great relationship. They’re working well together,” Sanders said.

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