The Never-Ending Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory

The House Intel committee came to it’s conclusion:

The House Intelligence Committee has released findings from its upcoming report on the Trump-Russia affair — and its main conclusion is that it has discovered no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

“We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” the committee said in a one-page summary of its findings released Monday afternoon.

In addition, the committee took issue with the intelligence community assessment of Russian motivations in the 2016 election. The committee agrees with the assessment that the Russians did, in fact, try to interfere — the findings cite “Russian cyberattacks on U.S. political institutions in 2015-2016 and their use of social media to sow discord.” But the committee disagrees with the intelligence community judgment that Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically tried to help President Trump win the election.

Of course, we all knew this, already. These findings, though resulting from an exhaustive investigation, won’t convince our Progressives nor the Never Trumpers that there’s nothing to see here. They are all too invested in it, and they are invested in it because all of them were deeply invested in Hillary winning. Not just in the sense of her, personally, winning but in her winning proving conclusive that everyone who backed Trump was a complete idiot. Make no mistake about it: there is a lot of ego involved here.

You might recall that I predicted the 2006 mid-term elections not just wrong – but so incredibly, stupidly wrong that, in hindsight, I had to be a complete fool not to have seen it coming. I had, in that time, let the wish become the father of the thought. I didn’t want the Democrats to win, and so I went about for months finding reasons to justify my pre-conceived notion. Everyone can fall prey to this. But, for me, it was an excellent learning experience. I mostly learned that things can always go very different from what you expect. From that day to this, you might have noticed that I don’t make hard and fast political predictions. I always hedge my statements – “may”, “might”, “could be”, and so on. I made my mistake, took my lumps and moved on – because I’m not an egoist. The Progressives and the Never Trumpers very much are. And they are hanging on to Trump-Russia because as long as it exists, it explains away their mistake. They weren’t wrong, you see? Russia colluded with Trump! That’s how Trump won!

Now, to be sure, you can’t nail these guys down. As Ace points out, they are like the “soft” 9/11 Truthers…they won’t specifically state what they believe, but they’ll glide around hinting at this or that statement which backs up the main part of the theory (in 9/11 Trutherism, that Bush knew about and/or planned the 9/11 attacks). If you ask Trump-Russia theorists to fill in the blanks: “Putin did (blank) to help Trump win in return for (blank)”, you’ll never get them to fill them in. They can’t – they don’t dare because anything put into those blanks is going to be so clearly absurd as to be laughable. There was nothing Putin could do to alter the election and there was nothing Trump could do that would help Putin. Period. But the true believers keep at it – because it is their security blanket. Their assurance that they didn’t just get it wrong.

Getting it wrong is about the worst feeling you can have, after all. When you’ve done something bone-headed, you just feel the worst. You’d rather have been caught robbing a bank or something. Nothing is worse than looking like a fool – at least, for most of us. A few saints have risen above such things, but most of us are slaves to our dignity…to our pride. Not seeing the obvious in 2016 – that Trump was running a campaign tailor-made to pull in disaffected Democrats and thus would likely get him over 270 – is a bitter pill to swallow. Only one Never Trumper I know has really swallowed it – he freely admitted after the election that he simply refused to see the proof that Trump at least had a solid shot (what he missed, most egregiously, was the massive shift in voter registration to the GOP in Pennsylvania).

The longer anyone keeps with a mistake, the more invested they get in defending the mistake. So we can rely on it that the people who still believe in Trump-Russia will keep on believing it. Twenty years from now they’ll still bring it up from time to time. Just as we still have people mumbling about 9/11, so we’ll hear mumbles about Trump-Russia forever. Fortunately, most of us can ignore it, if we haven’t already. There’s nothing to find because there’s no possibility it can be true. And the really good news is that people who are lashed themselves to the mast of stupidity will keep on being stupid, thus making it more likely we’ll win in years to come.

6 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory

  1. Cluster March 13, 2018 / 8:27 am

    There are no more true believers than the Morning Joe crew and they are of course dismissing the HIC’s findings this morning. It’s a “Republican” report they claim and means nothing, and of course they have to say this because they became so emotionally invested in the collusion story that they have no path to walk it back. Now of course, it’s STORMY DANIELS !! Which is a convenient story for them to glob onto to distance themselves from their collusion mania, but here’s the problem with the Stormy Daniels story – the Democrats have set the “moral” bar so low that there is not one person in this country that genuinely believes their concerns. By breathlessly reporting this story, they can only come off as extreme hypocrites. I haven’t had this much fun watching politics in a long time. Democrats just keep spiraling downwards and Trump just keeps delivering results.

    Found this over at American Thinker this morning:

    Conservatives handle defeat with a modicum of grace and silent depression. Progressives do not. They riot, march, scream and yell. So enraged by Hillary’s loss, they embraced Black Lives Matter and Antifa, no matter how violent and anti-constitutional their demands. To this day, they cannot accept Trump’s victory or his success on the job. So hateful are they that they think protecting criminal illegals over law-abiding citizens will win the House and Senate for them in November. Really? Do they really believe that giving sanctuary to rapists and murderers will win them votes? Might not happen. Most Americans revere their law and order civilized society. Those condemned to our most violent cities, all of them run by Democrats for decades, are sick to death of the barbarity that characterizes their neighborhoods. The progs might want to rethink their plan to abolish ICE. Very bad idea.

    Hilary Clinton and Adam Schiff are each representative of the worst kind of politicians that somehow rise to national prominence. Neither of them cares about the country, the people they have vowed to represent or any moral authority. They are, like too many others, only about power. The Clintons became fabulously wealthy by gaming the system. Adam Schiff has eyes on the money prize as well; he wants to be a Senator and then to run for President! He is milking the collusion hoax for every last drop of notoriety he can.

    But both Hillary and Schiff have exposed their own underbellies of corruption and deceit. Neither of them is a person of character or good will. Each of them is the embodiment of what we should shun when we go to the polls. They care not for the their constituents or the American people. They are only shabby manifestations of persons of character. They do only their own bidding.

    • Retired Spook March 13, 2018 / 10:02 am

      Conservatives handle defeat with a modicum of grace and silent depression. Progressives do not. They riot, march, scream and yell.

      More and more people are beginning to see and acknowledge this, which is why this country is going through a political sea change. At the end of the day, the majority of ordinary Americans are decent, honorable people who don’t like to see poor losers acting out or winners gloating, especially if they won by cheating.

      That would actually make a great response when someone asks you about your politics: “I belong to the side that DOESN’T riot, march, scream and yell when we lose.” And when you ask them, “how about you?” It makes it a bit difficult for them to respond.

  2. Cluster March 13, 2018 / 8:43 am

    Did everyone catch what Hillary said yesterday in Mumbai? WOW. She said, and I paraphrase “that she won in areas that represent 2/3 of the GDP, forward thinking, and the more diverse areas of our country, whereas Trump won in the areas that don’t want women to have jobs, don’t want American Indians, or brown and black people to be successful”.

    THANK GOD she lost.

  3. Cluster March 13, 2018 / 8:52 am

    Here’s how vile progressive’s are. They just can’t control their inner fascist. The following is regarding Bruno mars:

    The brouhaha started over the weekend with a video rant in which a black activist accused Bruno Mars (top) of ripping off the cultural heritage of black musicians. Mars is half Filipino, one quarter Puerto Rican and a quarter Ashkenazi Jewish. Seren Sensei Aishitemasu (bottom right) said in a video on Thursday that ‘Bruno Mars 100 per cent is a cultural appropriator. He is not black at all, and he plays up his racial ambiguity to cross genres.’ But some black stars have leaped to defend Mars. R&B singer Charlie Wilson, (bottom left) one of those Mars is accused of ripping off, said that Mars ‘helped bring back that classic New Jack/R&B sound to the masses when it was left for dead years ago.’

    They hate themselves, therefore they can not be happy for anyone else. They are miserable human beings.

  4. jdge1 March 13, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    I must have been sleeping. Mike Pompeo to replace Tillerson as Secretary of State. I have mentioned before that I was not thrilled with Tillerson, in part due to his efforts to push the gay agenda on the Boy Scouts of America. Though I don’t know a great deal of Pompeo, with what I’ve seen so far, he’s a big step upward to the previous (2) SoS’s. The fact that he’s been the CIA director for about a year and has daily face time with Trump suggests the 2 have a good working relationship. Add to that, Pompeo was a Kansas Tea Party Republican, a top graduate of West Point, a successful lawyer and business man, and you have a well rounded person who is NOT a lifetime politician – all pluses as far as I’m concerned.

    • Retired Spook March 13, 2018 / 10:51 pm

      in part due to his efforts to push the gay agenda on the Boy Scouts of America.

      As a former Eagle Scout, that alone was enough to disqualify him in my mind, but he’s also a big climate change guy, and I’ve heard from multiple sources that he not only opposed Trump’s efforts to either renegotiate the Iran nuke deal or kill it but worked actively behind Trump’s back with NATO officials to undermine Trump’s efforts. Good riddance.

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