The Fight Begins

Earlier today, AG Barr had a meeting with Mitch McConnell and shortly thereafter, McConnell offered a pretty vigorous defense of the President’s actions.

What I think is that Barr laid out what the President has and what it might mean and Ol’ Cocaine Mitch signed off on the fight. There are lots of reasons for this:

  1. It is the right thing to do (important to you and me, less important to politicians).
  2. Trump might win. It’s a long shot, but it is there.
  3. The GOP base wants the fight.
  4. We wont alienate anyone who matters to us.
  5. Getting voter fraud front and center is simply good, in and of itself.

Team Trump has amassed a very large amount of evidence and they are now starting to present it in court and in several States. Eventually, all disputes will wind up at the federal level and, ultimately, likely at the Supreme Court. The key for Trump is to invalidate ballots as illegal. If he does that, he can win. If he can’t, then he’s done. We’ll see if he can do it.

Fox News is now just CNN. I stopped watching ages ago and now everyone is dropping it like a bad habit. And past time, too: even the few good guys over there (Tucker and Hannity) do pull their punches to please their MSM masters. They have to: if they don’t, then contracts don’t get removed. Tucker gets $10 million a year – and he doesn’t want to give it up. This is why he never criticized by name Wallace’s atrocious moderating at the debate. No matter how good the guy or gal is, the requirement for employment in the MSM is to lie – by act or omission. You can’t get a job there or retain it unless you forswear telling the whole truth. Trust none of them. Everyone, move over to Newsmax and OANN.

We’ll see how it plays out – and people might find that, once again, we have tacked something on to the Constitution rather than amending it and that can lead to all sorts of trouble. Since 1787 and to this day, the power to elect the President lies with the several States. We never changed that. What we did – because the purpose of American governance since 1787 has been to get around the Constitution – is tack on people voting for President and the States accepting that as the choice. But the power still lies with the States. There is no Constitutional right for the people to vote for President. And, really, the power belongs to the State legislatures – who may be forced to select Electors if the voting results are so screwed up, no one can tell who won.

Anyways, my dream is for the challenges to result in a Supreme Court decision written by Clarence Thomas (with a concurring opinion by Kavanaugh) resulting in a 269/269 tie and then the House elects Trump over the shrieking objection of Nancy Pelosi.

54 thoughts on “The Fight Begins

  1. Cluster November 10, 2020 / 8:46 am

    Well there is still some honesty in the media …. RCP removed PA from Biden’s column last night dropping him below 270. They still show NV and MI as Biden wins but those two may come off the board as well today. It seems Harry Reid played a role in NV’s fraud and we all know how honest Harry is.

    And then there is this from Gateway Pundit:

    We’ve reported on numerous events identified in the 2020 election already which are being referred to as ‘glitches’ by the Democrats. Tonight we just uncovered another ‘glitch’ in Wisconsin.
    When this one is confirmed it will result in a 19,500 vote gain for Trump making the Wisconsin race a total toss-up.

    Some little fragile white boy named crewman left a stain here last night suggesting that there is “zero evidence” of voter fraud. Zero I tell you!! I have always marveled at how quickly people fall in line with a government narrative. People like crewman and travesty are easily led to slaughter.

    Keep the Faith, Trump fairly won this election on Tuesday night and that will be proven soon. Re: Fox, I turned it off Wednesday night, never to return. I tape Tucker and watch him later but have given up on Hannity who is too much of a sensationalist for me and the rest of the staff are just corporate shills. The combined media cabal of MSNBC, CNN, and Fox are an embarrassment to real journalism. These over paid, over made up, coiffed talking heads are nothing more than propagandists reading scripts. The content has been dumbed down and repeated ad nauseam …. by design

  2. Cluster November 10, 2020 / 9:21 am

    An update to the Arizona vote count posted the evening of Monday, Nov. 9, shows the gap between the two presidential candidates shrink even more.

    Overall, Joe Biden now leads in the state by 14,746 votes, down from 16,952 votes on Sunday afternoon. This puts President Trump within about half of a percentage point from Biden with approximately 61,500 ballots left to be counted.

    And as of this morning, my ballot, my wife’s ballot, and my sons ballot have not been counted.

    • Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 11:01 am

      And as of this morning, my ballot, my wife’s ballot, and my sons ballot have not been counted.

      You’re probably the only two people in Arizona whose votes haven’t been counted.//sarc. BTW, have you contacted some involved in the investigation?

      • Cluster November 10, 2020 / 12:13 pm

        I have not contacted any one

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 1:06 pm

        Well, do it!

  3. Amazona November 10, 2020 / 10:44 am

    The only thing I have watched on Fox for a long time now is the opinion people—Tucker, Hannity (but only because he has the best time slot—I’d like him more if he would learn to simply ask a question and let the guest talk, instead of going through a long monologue repeating what he has said hundreds of times in a lead-up to the question, leaving the guest little to say and little time to say it) Ingraham (who has had some very good revelations and guests) Jesse Watters and, of course, Greg Gutfeld. When I would hear a news reader giving us accurate news while the chyron underneath them spun out Liberal nonsense, I quit watching them.

    I have reached the point of being OK with Biden going to the White House, though I will never consider it anything less than a rigged election. There are ways to rig an election other than manipulating physical ballots, and the biggest and worst in this election has been the Agenda Media censoring what most of the public could hear about their candidate while constantly maligning and lying about Trump. That is the most egregious and blatant election rigging there can be, and it marked this election cycle. Our “free press” is now nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Left.

    I will be OK with Biden going to the White House if it frees Trump up to start a war with the Agenda Media, especially if he does it with his own communication medium. I have been saying since the 2004 “fake but accurate” CBS (See BS) effort to unseat Bush that a network that promised, and delivered, actual NEWS would get a 50% audience share, at the very least—-conservatives who were tired of being fed BS, and Liberals curious about what they might hear, even if only to scoff at it. Such a network would dominate, because the Agenda Media would be spending vast amounts of time and energy trying to shout it down.

    Just as I live rent-free in the heads of tryvasty and his new sweetie, crewman (and believe me, that is a pretty squalid place to live, even for free) the Agenda Media would not be able to let truth be presented without trying to contradict it, so would be focused on the new guy on the block.

    • Mark Noonan November 10, 2020 / 11:07 am

      That’s the thing – we win no matter what happens. Either Trump gets re-elected…or Biden lives under a cloud with a weakened Democrat power base as the GOP roars into 2022.

      • Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 11:25 am

        Yeah, but nothing will empower those 71 million Trump voters more than him prevailing in THIS election.

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 12:12 pm

        I’m thinking of a Biden presidency as hitting the PAUSE button on progress in this country. I doubt that he, or rather his administration, will be able to do much if he is appointed , at least not as long as we hold the Senate. And remember, if we retake the House in 2022, which is more and more likely as news comes out about the ugly manipulations in this election combined with the mess we know the Left will make or try to make in the intervening 2 years, then whoever gets to play president by then will be vulnerable to impeachment for what we can fully expect to be impeachable offenses. I suggest that any Executive Order that is not compliant with the Constitution would be one of those offenses. And if Harris is in the big chair by then, which I expect would be the case, I am sure the list of impeachable offenses would be lengthy—not to mention the challenges to her eligibility re: the Natural Born Citizen requirement.

        But just imagine Trump taking his incredible energy and focus, backed by 70 million totally pissed-off people, into a war with the Agenda Media. As I have said before, 70 million people donating just a dollar a month would translate into $840,000,000 a year to back such an effort. That would be enough to hire Tucker, et al, away from Fox, thereby crippling if not destroying it, and a lineup of high quality family-friendly comedy and drama plus good daytime programming and a show to go up against The View but with sane attractive women making sense instead of just shrieking like harridans would have huge appeal.

        That would mean he couldn’t run again in 2024, but by then he will be 78 and probably having the time of his life reversing the death spiral of the American press, just as he reversed the death spiral of the American government. I do believe he went into public service because he thought it necessary for the good of the country, and halting the juggernaut of media control over our nation would certainly qualify.

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 12:21 pm

        About Harris assuming the presidency: Not really such a victory. After all, she would only achieve this the same way she has achieved everything else on her resume: riding the coattails (if not the mattress) of a powerful man. On her own, she couldn’t even get the approval of her own party in a primary against a slate of losers. She has gotten wherever it is she is only in the slipstream of a career Democrat with great name recognition, pathological anti-Trump animosity and election rigging by the Complicit Agenda Media. It’s kind of like a Participation Trophy, just for being there, and basically anyone named to run with Joe would be in the same position.

        And she reminds me of something an old friend said about Obama when he was running. This mixed-race friend predicted that Obama would win due to the white guilt/virtue signaling vote (though “virtue signaling” wasn’t a phrase in use then) and that he would be such a terrible president that the nation would hesitate to elect another black man. I would see a Harris presidency doing the same thing, but for black women and possibly women in general.

    • Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 11:23 am

      There are ways to rig an election other than manipulating physical ballots, and the biggest and worst in this election has been the Agenda Media censoring what most of the public could hear about their candidate while constantly maligning and lying about Trump.

      As the Red State link you posted a day or two ago showed, a huge number of Biden voters would have changed their minds if they had known his level of corruption, and that’s not even to mention his inappropriate behavior with women and young girls. And many, if not most of those videos are from CSPAN, not some kook fringe conspiracy site. The number of votes that were changed, lost, added, manufactured, etc., pale in comparison to the number of votes changed by propaganda.

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 12:48 pm

        But then a lot wouldn’t care. Just look at the response from hard-core Lefties on this blog. What did one of them say about my comment on Biden’s hand remaining on the breast of Michael Bennett’s daughter during his swearing-in? That I clearly don’t know where “boobs” are.

        Well, I don’t have “boobs”, I have breasts. Two of them. And I know exactly where they are all the time. And I have had to endure, for many years, having men put an arm around me and then having a hand slide upward toward into breast territory so yes, I do know where breasts are located in the female anatomy.

        I’ve also had to put up with the sliding-hand-on-the-shoulder tactic, as we saw in a couple of Biden videos. I don’t know if Elaine Chao was being sworn in or Mitch McConnell, but the horrified look on that little girl’s face as Biden’s hand stopped being flat on her shoulder and cupped as he slid it down over her breast says it all.

        It was also clear that this pattern of Biden groping little girls was known to people in DC, as we saw when Jeff Sessions saw Biden swooping in on his granddaughter and rushed up to literally swat Biden’s hand away from her and then say something to Biden before stepping in between Biden and the little girl to protect her and usher her away. (Maybe someone should ask Sessions about that, and ask what he said to Biden.)

        But I thought it significant that the effort to dismiss Biden’s public groping of young girls couldn’t come up with anything better than claiming a lack of anatomical knowledge on my part. And I thought it quite clear that the writer simply didn’t CARE about this dirty old man groping little girls after manipulating them into positions where it would be hard for them to object or resist.

        The same people clambering up onto a morality soapbox to denounce Trump for having a midlife consensual sexual encounter with a consenting adult who engaged in public sexual encounters for a living and claiming this meant he was too morally corrupt to be president (even though this encounter was a decade earlier and his behavior after that did not repeat this kind of admittedly sordid activity) will, as we have seen, within a very short time come out to defend and vote for a man with a documented history of fondling children and a running mate who gained what power she had by sleeping with a powerful political figure.

        (BTW, the Biden story about how he met his wife was totally bogus. She and her husband knew Biden, she babysat for his children, and she started an affair with him while she was still married.)

  4. Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 10:56 am

    Let’s say you have someone in your household who has tested positive for COVID. The county health department says you must self-quarantine for 14 days, the only exception being that you can order groceries on-line and pick them up out in the parking lot — and you must wear a mask when doing so. As we all know from a multitude of “experts,” masks are supposed to be THE be all, end all. Joe Biden said, if everyone would wear a mask it would save a couple hundred thousand lives. CDC Director Robert Redfield testified before Congress that he would trust a mask before he would trust a vaccine to keep him safe. Forget the fact that another spokesperson from the CDC said masks are designed to protect others from someone who is infected, not protect the wearer of the mask (wouldn’t you love to see the “science” on that?). So my question is, if I’m infected (and I don’t know that I am, no symptoms, haven’t been tested, and I wear a mask IN the grocery story (in violation of the self-quarantine), I’m not going to infect anyone else, am I? Asking for a friend.

    • Cluster November 10, 2020 / 12:12 pm

      Spook, this is the deadliest virus to ever infect human kind. It’s so deadly, you have be tested to know if you have it or not. So don’t joke around with this /sarc (is /sarc even necessary?)

      The only consolation to a fraudulent win by Biden is the pay back for conservatives. If every Trump supporter is a racist, well then every Biden supporter is a pedophile. In fact I will always refer to Biden as President Pedo and Kamel toe as his slut of a VP. I will enjoy making every Democrat I encounter uncomfortable … friends, strangers, or family … anyone who supported Biden will be uncomfortable in public and certainly in my presence. There will never be a peaceful transition and there will never be any unity. Democrats can certainly dish it out ….. now we will see how they take it.

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 12:24 pm

        It’s so deadly, you have be tested to know if you have it or not.

        Great summary

      • Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 12:38 pm

        As Amazona already knows, my 7-month-old great granddaughter who lives with us, tested positive yesterday morning. She contracted it from a worker at her daycare who tested positive last week. Our great granddaughter is already feeling better after a cough and fever over the weekend. Her mom (our granddaughter) and dad and older sister also live with us, None of us are exhibiting symptoms, and the RN at the county health department that I spoke to said not to even bother getting tested unless we started exhibiting symptoms.

        We’ve had a spike in cases in our county in the last 30-60 days, going from a couple hundred to over 700, but we’ve only had 4 deaths attributable to COVID, the last one of which was last spring.

  5. Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 12:10 pm

    From the NRA/ILA website, a great compilation a just how bad the polling was on this election.

    With so many massive errors in favor of the Democrats, a reasonable person might get the impression the legacy press and their pollsters were attempting to influence the election rather than report on it.

    D’ya think?

  6. Amazona November 10, 2020 / 1:05 pm

    Can citizens sue election officials for failing to protect their votes?

  7. Amazona November 10, 2020 / 4:21 pm

    I just got another of the bullying texts some moron in the GOP seems to think will be effective: “Ignore this text if you are OK with having Chuck Schumer control the Senate”.

    Yeah, like that is going to make a good impression on me. I also got one about Kelly Loeffler. Well, I donated to Kelly, substantially, and that ought to spare me the pestering texts. I have not sent in a donation after getting a text, I will not sent in a donation after getting a text and I think this is a terrible strategy on the part of the GOP. Annoying people just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    Maybe it works. Maybe some people respond well to being hounded. Maybe it’s just me. But from now on if I do make political contributions I won’t use my real phone number, and hopefully that will spare me the incessant pestering. Right now the GOP is using negative reinforcement—make a contribution, get on our list and you will never stop hearing from us demanding more.

    • Cluster November 10, 2020 / 5:29 pm

      I get the same things …. annoying and I delete them too

  8. Cluster November 10, 2020 / 5:50 pm

    This isn’t the first time the media got ahead of themselves in a POTUS election. I have a feeling this year could be another “Dewey Wins” moment.

  9. Cluster November 10, 2020 / 9:21 pm

    I think there is a huge void in the media market for an honest objective network, as Amazona has been saying, now that Fox has completely imploded. But even when you include all other outlets .. NPR, LAT, NYT, CNBC etc, all of them are myopically focused on our country and more specifically our politics, which is such a small component to this world and our life. I would like to see a real news channel that spans the globe and reports on events, culture, and the arts with curiosity and objectivity. There’s a lot going on in this world and a network like that could help put things in perspective for a lot of people who seem to think healthcare is the most important thing in the world.

    • Retired Spook November 10, 2020 / 10:15 pm

      I think all most people want is to be told the truth.

      • Amazona November 10, 2020 / 11:18 pm

        That’s not going to happen with our Agenda Media. The Washington Post printed a story which stated, categorically, without the slightest doubt, that a postal worker who had signed an affidavit that he had witnessed voter fraud had RECANTED his story.

        A couple of paragraphs later we find that this claim is as legitimate as so many other claims from the Left—that is, it is from “anonymous sources” which are, naturally, “close to” the situation.

        A lot farther down is the casual “oh, by the way” kind of reference to the fact that this postal worker has a youtube video in which he denies recanting anything.

      • Retired Spook November 11, 2020 / 9:33 am

        this postal worker has a youtube video in which he denies recanting anything.

        So our junior troll, crewman, lied to us. Color me shocked.

        The media are doing their level best to cast doubt on the efforts to uncover the truth of what happened in this election. It’s actually rather funny that they’re pushing the idea that Trump has surrounded himself with second rate lawyers like Rudy Giuliani. That tells me that there isn’t a whole lot of leaking about evidence, witnesses and strategy from the Trump legal team.

      • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 11:09 am

        I think it is more likely he didn’t bother to read the article, just saw the headline and maybe scanned a line or two, and thought he had something juicy to post here so he could do some more sneering.. Which is, after all, what he and tryvasty and simoneeeeeek and that ilk are really all about. It’s never about having a coherent position and being ready to support it, but just about bickering, sneering, snarling and picking fights so they can call names. They are just so smug in their snottiness.

        I think it’s part of that observation I started making years ago—Leftism is the short cut to the Higher Moral Ground. That is, its message is that if you are just FOR something that can be cast as moral, or noble, that means you yourself are moral or noble, even if all you ever do is posture and pay lip service to whatever “it” is. I think this obsessive fight-picking is similar, a short cut to feeling smart by cutting down people who don’t agree with you. It’s so much easier than actually BEING smart,

        The thing is, both approaches fail. The Higher Moral Ground is not held by venal, immoral and hate-driven people, no matter what Slogan Of The Day they are howling, and the pathway to being smarter than other people is not one of illustrating stupidity.

        One element of that stupidity is the lack of awareness that frantic hysterical screeching opposition to examining the vote counting is essentially admitting they have something to hide. If they were a tenth as smart as they think they are they would say sure, we need to make everyone comfortable with the outcome so go for it.

      • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 11:29 am

        In what was probably not the final vote total, or as close as we can get in Georgia,
        99,911 more people voted for Biden than for the Dem Senate candidate, Ossoff, but 585 more people voted for Perdue than for Trump.

        Breaking out down-ballot anomalies in states where there was no Senate race is more time consuming and I do have a life. But I’d like to know what the usual ratio of fully-filled-out ballots to those just voting for the president has been in the past.

      • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 12:48 pm

        The howling Left seems to have two main points in its objection to reviewing the vote counts.

        One is that the assertions are “unsubstantiated” (which also seems to be the new Word Of The Day, getting plenty of use regarding the Hunter Biden laptop and its many revelations and now the concerns about vote fraud) while at the same time frantically trying to keep eyes off the information needed to “substantiate” them. They can only be “unsubstantiated” after all the evidence is examined and analyzed, no matter how often the coalition of the political Left and the Agenda Media repeat the word as their mantra.

        And one is that any vote fraud won’t really matter anyway because it won’t change anything. But it does. It might not change the final outcome, but it will change the foundation of our electoral process by proving that it is not secure and can be subverted for political gain.

        The problem is, I don’t know how a lot of the fraud can be proved. If boxes of fraudulently filled-out but illegal ballots are brought in in the middle of the night and run through machines they then become part of the whole, fungible and impossible to sort out from those cast earlier. Or so it seems to me. I don’t know what the cure is for that, other than to just do it all over again. And the Constitution doesn’t allow for a do-over. If ballots can’t be matched with privacy envelopes I still don’t know how valid votes can be separated from invalid votes—all we would know would be that a certain number of votes were not valid.

        The only thing I can think of is, if the vote tally in Pennsylvania for example is proved to be fatally flawed, to refuse to accept certification from that state and remove it from the Electoral College. Ditto for any other state where fraud is proved to be extreme but not able to be cured by recounts. If severely flawed vote tallies prevent a state from having its EC votes cast, that does send a message that this will not be tolerated and that there are consequences. I’m not sure how that process would work, as it would be unprecedented.

        What I do know is that this cannot be allowed to go unpunished, with the fraudsters winning the White House due to their efforts and token consequences paid by underlings while the elites go free. The stake are too high, not just for the next two or four years but for the electoral process itself going forward.

      • Retired Spook November 11, 2020 / 11:18 am

        The Higher Moral Ground is not held by venal, immoral and hate-driven people, no matter what Slogan Of The Day they are howling, and the pathway to being smarter than other people is not one of illustrating stupidity.

        Spot on! the only thing wrong with that statement is that it won’t fit on bumper sticker.

      • Retired Spook November 11, 2020 / 12:50 pm

        But I’d like to know what the usual ratio of fully-filled-out ballots to those just voting for the president has been in the past.

        This is another aspect of the fraud dynamic that needs to be closely investigated.

        Just the News conducted a county by county review to determine the rejection rate of mail-in ballots by the state of Pennsylvania in 2020. The study found that only 0.036 percent of mail-in ballots were rejected this year compared to 1 percent in 2016.

        “Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania so far this year have been accepted at almost 30 times the rate predicted by historical rejection numbers,” wrote Just the News’ Daniel Payne.

      • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 1:09 pm

        That’s what happens when there is no criterion for rejecting them. When any ballot received is accepted, with or without a verified signature or even without any signature at all, with no postmark required, naturally very very few will be rejected. BTW, I’d like to see those that were rejected, as there don’t seem to be any criteria for rejection.

        Is Pennsylvania one of the states that did mass mailings of unsolicited ballots? If so, then one would logically expect the ratio of rejected ballots to be higher, if there was any established criterion for rejection, such as failure to prove residence, or to prove citizenship.

        It is reasonable to assume that someone who requests a mail-in ballot will be a little more attentive to detail, and take more care to make sure his/her ballot is filled out and returned properly, with witness signature, in the right envelope and so on. Yet even when mail-in ballots were requested nearly a full percent failed to meet the requirements for acceptance. But we are supposed to believe that people who didn’t ask for ballots, who just got them sent to them, were remarkably more conscientious about properly filling them out, getting them witnessed and returning them in the correct envelopes.

        As Cluster said, smell test fail

    • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 1:00 am

      I do like the idea of a conservative—that is, objective—-news source with a significant element of world news. We do live in a bubble. I’ll bet that few Biden voters know of the work Trump has done brokering peace talks and settlements in the Middle East.

      BTW, that video I linked of the Mandarin woman talking about her experiences as a poll watcher was from Japanese television. The world is not only watching this election, it is aware of the descent into electoral chaos the Left has dragged us. They pay attention to us, but we just ignore them.

      • Cluster November 11, 2020 / 10:06 am

        I watch euronews from time to time and it’s based in France but they cover news from around the world and it’s fascinating. America gets none of these reports because our overly made up tv talking heads are obsessed with their celebrity and everything politically superficial

  10. Amazona November 10, 2020 / 11:10 pm

    Does anyone know the statistics on how many votes are usually cast only for the presidential candidate with none for the other candidates on the ballot?

    I am hearing that there are something like 200,000 votes for Biden on ballots with no other candidates marked, and in Georgia there ae 100,.000 more votes for Biden than for the Democrat Senate race. I imagine this is the kind of anomaly people will be looking at, particularly with claims of late ballots being delivered in the middle of the night, and/or canvassers marking ballots. Could this be because it just takes too much time to mark all the candidates when you’re faking ballots?

    • Cluster November 11, 2020 / 8:11 am

      Nothing about this passes the smell test. Just like this summers riots, this election is chaos by design …. that’s how Democrats and their constituents steal. I want this election over though and either way I don’t care at this point. If there is widespread fraud, which I believe 100%, then expose it and let’s resolve it. If not, then install President Pedo and kammy toe and let America suffer. If the people in CA, OR, MN, and NY love how their states are governed and want more of it … then let them have it. You can’t fix stupid

      Are we still playing pandemic?

  11. Cluster November 11, 2020 / 8:46 am

    Did y’all see this??

    “The former deputy director of the FBI says he should not have pursued the warrant for surveillance on a key member of the 2016 Trump team,” announced anchor Bret Baier. “That admission by Andrew McCabe today came during a Senate hearing on the Russia collusion investigation.”

    In other words, the origin of the Russia collusion hoax was baseless and should have never happened. Good to know that now right?

    Our domestic political opponents are deeply dishonest and malicious and fight much harder than we do. I understand that conservatives are more Faith based, more family oriented, and appreciate life and everything it offers maybe more so than others. We all know that politics is just a small component to life, but to Democrats, politics is all many of them have. Democrats are typically not Faith based, not family oriented, and have manufactured political issues that they subscribe to 100% and are visibly angry about. Systemic racism and climate change are contrived issues yet Democrats have proven that they are willing to riot, destroy, and even kill to further that agenda, and they did all three in 2020. Democrats honestly believe that America is a racist imperialist country that needs to be “reimagined”.

    So what do we do? Well since Barack Hussein Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, we haven’t done a whole lot. We did elect a Senate majority in 2010 that has held and we did get Trump. However what happened in return is that Democrats ramped up their mafia tactics … and here we are today burying people that got in the way of Democrats.

    We can talk all we want but just like the mafia, Democrats only understand violence so until we are ready to go there, our country will continue to devolve. That’s my two cents.

  12. Cluster November 11, 2020 / 8:56 am

    Democrats are preparing right now to steal the Georgia election in January and they will most likely be successful because the RNC is weak and doesn’t fight. And when Democrats control the Senate, all the machinations will be put in place for one party rule in America. That’s happening right before our eyes.

    Why in 2020 do we use paper ballots? The answer is obvious.

    • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 1:51 pm

      I’m hoping the Georgia Senate race will be a referendum on Joe Biden, with (finally) full disclosure not just of the important information the Agenda Media withheld from the public but the fact that this WAS withheld to help the Biden campaign.

      I hope Georgia voters are told about the laptop being “SUBSTANTIATED” as really belonging to Hunter Biden, and that the emails on it have been verified by the FBI as being legitimate. I hope they are finally told that these emails confirm Joe Biden’s deep involvement in the corruption already known to involve his son, and his use of his power and position to enrich him and his family. I hope they are finally given the facts about his deep involvement with China, including the interest-free “loan” of $5,000,000 from China.

      Georgia voters need to know the truth that the Agenda Media has been keeping from them, so they can understand that giving the Democrat Party full control of our government will mean giving this corrupt career politician not just an astounding amount of power with which to continue enriching his family at the cost of American security it will mean protecting him and his family from any legal actions stemming from their criminal activities. It will also protect the lawbreakers who, under the Obama/Biden administration, weaponized American agencies including the intelligence and law enforcement agencies to spy on American citizens to influence an election.

      They need to know this is not about Ossoff but about signing a blank check to a thoroughly corrupt and dangerous political movement.

  13. Amazona November 11, 2020 / 1:39 pm

    The other day some fawning Agenda Media puff piece swooned about how Joe Biden is bringing his deep faith into the White House or some such drivel.

    Yes, “deep faith”—-yet a centerpiece of his political identity is not just support for abortion but promotion of abortion, and this is specifically forbidden by the religion he flaunts as some kind of badge of morality. Both he and Pelosi are hypocrites of such massive dimensions it is hard to see how anyone can take them seriously, as the two of them together bear the responsibility of literally millions of deaths of innocent babies.

    He is such a moral posturer, yet he ruined a man’s life by continually claiming the man was drunk when he hit the car driven by Biden’s first wife, killing her and their daughter. This was a lie but the man was scorned, attacked and emotionally damaged by this ongoing and blatantly false accusation, which Joe knew was false. He had an affair with a friend’s wife after he became a widower, eventually marrying her and then concocting some goofball story about their “first date”. The two couples had socialized before the accident that killed Joe’s wife, Jill then babysat for Biden’s kids and she and her husband continued to think of Joe as a family friend, while in reality the two of them were engaged in a sordid affair. But the worst of his hypocrisy is his claim to be a Catholic, while openly supporting and enabling the sanctioned violation of one of the Church’s most important and strict rules—that of killing unborn children.

    That doesn’t even touch on his pedophilia, or his corruption as he used his political power and influence to enrich himself and his family, even in ways that threaten our national security. Now he is still counting on that “plausible deniability” his brother Jim bragged was going to protect him from consequences of his dishonesty, as he huddled in his basement under the claim of being prudent regarding the Covid-19 virus, while his surrogates ran a filthy campaign and plotted (and executed) massive election fraud. The Dems have been careful to isolate him and Kammy from their actions, which is why we hardly ever saw either of them out and about in the run-up to the election.

    • Amazona November 11, 2020 / 4:32 pm

      Based on what you have been saying, I get the feeling that YOU want to “respond to this” by picking up a baseball bat and strapping on a .45 and going out to beat up or shoot someone else who did not beat this woman or set fire to her car.

      That is, to enact Leftist collectivism and deal with groups and demographics instead of individuals.

  14. jdge1 November 11, 2020 / 9:19 pm

    Senator Cruz shows how to play the game.

  15. Retired Spook November 12, 2020 / 11:33 am

    Did you hear ? Fox has called the 2024 election for Biden.

    • Amazona November 12, 2020 / 11:58 am

      That would be funny if it were not so close to being true

  16. Amazona November 12, 2020 / 12:53 pm

    So far, one of the immutable laws of physics is that, while time may be relative, it travels in only one direction: forward. That’s why it’s suspicious that Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots apparently engaged in time travel, with voters allegedly mailing over 23,000 ballots before they even received them from the state. Over 100,000 Pennsylvania absentee ballots raise questions. But you can be assured that our leftist media hacks will continue to insist that there is no evidence anywhere in America of voter fraud.

    The Epoch Times has the story:

    More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database.

    Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.


    The analysis of the publicly available data was conducted by a data researcher who submitted it first to the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times. The researcher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he consulted about the matter with several USPS field engineers, who said the return dates shown in the database are “impossible.”

    The dataset made public by Pennsylvania’s secretary of state was last updated on Nov. 10, and “describes a current state of mail ballot requests for the 2020 General Election.” The data includes the mailed-out and return dates.

  17. Amazona November 12, 2020 / 1:01 pm

    There is a series of fascinating articles on American Thinker, well worth reading.

    From one: Nick Chase writes: Perhaps you saw the video of a network Election Night broadcast made by a person (not identified), also posted on The Gateway Pundit, which showed a sudden switch of votes from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania the night of Nov. 3. I took two screen shots from that video.

    (Article shows screen shots)

    You can see that, almost instantly, 19,958 votes were stolen from Trump, and 19,958 votes were added to Biden’s total. The timestamp on the video (not shown in my pictures) is 10:23 P.M. (CST).

    Well, this video also intrigued “Pede,” and he (or she) went to work. Pennsylvania uses Dominion voting systems, which forward their data to Edison Research, which then Javascript-encodes it and sends it on to the New York Times and the networks. So “Pede” downloaded the Edison data for Pennsylvania from the New York Times at this address and analyzed it to locate all similar vote switches, as well as for votes that just went missing. (Although I’ve given you the link, I wouldn’t bother opening it, because it’s just a big pile of Javascript code that’s incomprehensible to the naked eye unless you know your Javascript.) In the Javascript code, “Pede” located the specific code that changed the voting percentages for Trump and Biden:

  18. Amazona November 12, 2020 / 1:14 pm

    National Review has an article explaining the nearly 100,000 vote difference between Biden and Ossoff. It makes sense if it is true. This is what happens when people evaluate what others say and then analyze it, instead of going to the default position of our resident trolls, which seems to be “(blank) is a big stupid lazy poopy-head”.

  19. Amazona November 12, 2020 / 3:14 pm

    Joe Biden is not president-elect. Not yet, anyway.

    What we’re seeing play out on the world stage right now with Joe Biden and his media enablers is the ultimate expression and manifestation of identity politics.

    Just as some men identify as women or white people identify as black and compel you, despite the facts and your lyin’ eyes, to see them, treat them, and greet them that way, Joe Biden identifies as president-elect, and the media expect you to fall in line and follow their lead.

    The media say it’s so, therefore it is so.

    Slight problem. He’s not president-elect, and he won’t be until he is certified as such and voted upon, on Dec. 14.

    In their rush to convince everyone and warp reality, the media may call it that way, and he might act, speak, dress in the dark blue suit and crisp white shirt and present that way, with all the associated trappings and backdrop signifying the solemnity of high office. The tight camera angles may frame him that way, with all the uplifting and inspiring scripted rhetoric about national healing, but it is just so much theater designed to bend our reality.

    In every respect, it is a production. A production worthy of Leni Riefenstahl, the producer of Hitler’s propaganda films. It’s as fraudulent or as counterfeit as an 18th-century Potemkin village. It’s Hollywood. It’s Netflix. It’s House of Cards. It’s make-believe. It’s a 1950s sideshow alley, hall of mirrors. A world of the concave and convex, where perception and reality are bent, twisted, and distorted.

    What we’re watching, what is being played out is pure theater. A production, with Joe Biden simply playing the lead role. It is more Walter Mitty than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

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