The End of American Faith

I believed, my friends. When I joined the Navy in 1983, my faith in America was boundless. And it stayed! I believed that the generals and admirals were good. I believed that most people in law enforcement and intel were good people. I swallowed the whole thing hook, line and sinker.

But I don’t believe any longer.

Back in 2011, I wrote this article arguing that if the Afghan government wouldn’t get on the side of civilization, it was time to abandon it. I was right! But, not nearly as right as I should have been.

We’re all rather stunned at the speed of the Taliban victory. We’ve seen the videos of Taliban with captured America equipment. But less remarked on is that the Taliban was able to mount this offensive this quickly…and then you see the Taliban clean, well fed…not like they’ve been hiding for 20 years in caves under intense pressure from a powerful enemy ready to strike hard at a moments notice. And then you ask: just what the heck were we doing there? Did we even fight them? Those videos we’ve seen of bombing attacks and claims of high value targets being killed…was any of that true? I just don’t know – and I can’t ask the government or MSM because they are all known liars.

And then you take a further step back from it…and place yourself in the boots of a battalion commander who wants to get his combat duty ticket punched but who also doesn’t want to wind up charged with a war crime it things get dicey out there and the troops kill the wrong guy, or even kill the right guy but on video which looks like (or can be made to look like) the shooting wasn’t justified. Given this, perhaps you just go through the motions? If an easy and clear targets serves itself up for you, fine: but getting down and dirty in it which might lead to a career ending mistake? Give it a pass.

And the senior officers probably won’t look too closely at it – they know the game, too. They played it years before and got through it with a star on their shoulder and now look forward to a post-military career as a lobbyist or TV talking head. Maybe even get a book deal out of it…with their picture on the cover in a uniform with more decorations on it than Patton and MacArthur combined had. Hold the pose: that stern look of command (the photographer will get the lighting right for that), eyes off into the distance. The viewer mentally hearing the Star Spangled Banner. Life is good! Don’t think about those guys who got nearly burned to death by an IED…

After really pondering it, I’ve come to the conclusion that it has all been utter sh**. Pardon the language but sometimes an old swabbie has to say it like it is. They never fought to win. Not the officers. Not the civilian leadership. None of them. They just wanted to be seen to be doing something which could be put up in public as brave…as they merely worked the system for advancement. The only person who cared about the troops, as such, was Trump…and you’ll notice that the senior officers, violating their oath (and they will stand before God one day to answer for that: mark my words), undermined him at every turn. He risked the game: the game of never win, get advancement, get rich.

I looked at the pictures of my father and grandfather yesterday – grandpa in his WWI Army uniform and dad in his WWII Marine uniform and I wondered what they would think about it? And then further wondered what they would do about it? Have we all become such cowards? I do think that dad and grandpa would have started shooting by now. People are dead. Thousands of them. Ours and theirs. And for what? So that defense contractors can make money and four star cowards can get rich? Admiral Byng was shot pour encourager les autres simply because he wasn’t aggressive enough against the enemy. What should be done with generals who weren’t aggressive at all? And the politicians who set it up that way?

How did we get to this? How cowardly did we have to be to allow this to happen? Was the bribe of a big screen TV and a Super Bowl enough? Sadly, it was. Using fake money the Ruling Class allowed us to purchase amazing luxuries to keep us distracted while they sold us out. Look in the mirror, folks, to find who is responsible for this.

But, now we know. We can’t go back: the lies have been exposed. We know. We can’t be fooled anymore. Now it turns about and becomes the responsibility of very specific people who are trying to keep this con going. And we, in our turn, must hold them accountable. They must be punished for what they have done. We have been betrayed by the very people we placed our faith in. Time will tell if these traitors get their proper wages.

42 thoughts on “The End of American Faith

  1. Cluster August 15, 2021 / 8:50 am

    I think we can all be happy today watching the complete collapse of Afghanistan while remembering 20 years of lies told and money spent by the Pentagon, Defense contractors, defense lobbyists, and our Congress critters who are still in office for some reason. Here we are back to square one in Afghanistan with the real threat of more terrorism (which is weird because we are told brown and black people are all about love), but just think of the trillion dollars spent in the middle east which made the Pentagon and defense contractors very rich, along with the politicians and “war correspondents” in the media.

    This is a sick F***ING game that vile people with power like to play to enrich themselves and their friends. Unfortunately, I am convinced that the US Government, the US media, and their subsidiaries (defense contractors, BLM, etc.) are the most incompetent and corrupt organizations in the world and nothing is going to change in this country as long as these people have a say in what happens. They all need to be removed.

    • Amazona August 15, 2021 / 2:44 pm

      I know it is considered bad form to link former Leftist proclamations with current Leftist actions, but it’s kind of irresistible.

      For example, I remember the howling and gnashing of teeth when the Left’s focus was on what they called Bush’s failure to have an “exit strategy” for the Iraq war. Never mind that when you go into a war your “exit strategy” is to win, not to figure out the best way to lose; that was just the talking point of the day.

      However, when you are going to actually, you know, EXIT a country, then you should have an exit strategy. Trump had one, but as it was Trump this was quickly discarded in the mad rush to abandon or destroy anything to do with him. The problem is, his strategy was not replaced with a different one, at least with nothing more nuanced or detailed than “leave”.

      And so we see the effect of feckless shortsighted lurching into areas that demand expertise and thoughtfulness and awareness of consequences, as the nation of Afghanistan plunges into the abyss of total Taliban control.

  2. Amazona August 15, 2021 / 10:16 am

    I started to lose faith in the American military when I learned of the restrictive Rules Of Engagement imposed on our people who were risking their lives while being hampered in their ability to do their jobs or even protect themselves.

    It is even worse to lose faith in our entire government. First it was learning that our major “law enforcement” agencies were deeply corrupt and, in fact, engaged in breaking the law to advance a political agenda that is at its heart anti-American. Now we have an administration openly advocating for tyranny, with the tacit acceptance and even encouragement of most of our media (the Agenda Media) and at least half of Congress.

    From an Associated Press article on the plans of the administration to go full dictator using Covid as a stalking horse: emphasis mine

    White House officials say Biden wanted to initially operate with restraint to ensure that Americans were ready for the strong-arming from the federal government.

    Get that? A stated strategy of starting with what they call “restraint”. “Restraint” is reining in of a plan or desire. It is acknowledgement that the plan or desire is there, and will just be controlled—-so when the statement is that there will initially be restraint it is an admission that the restraint is planned to be temporary. And what is the plan or desire? To strong-arm the American public.

    Later in the AP article. Again, emphasis is mine

    …..while more severe measures — such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel or changing how the federal government reimburses treatment for those who are unvaccinated and become ill with COVID-19 — have been discussed, the administration worried that they would be too polarizing for the moment.

    That’s not to say they won’t be implemented in the future,

    Yes, this administration admits it has been “discussing” interfering with the right and ability of Americans to travel within our own country, unless we bow to the edicts of the Ruling Class elites. It admits it has been “discussing” halting interstate travel for anyone who has not submitted to the Central Authority of our Leftist masters.

    Even worse, it admits to “discussing” controlling payment for treatment of Covid in patients who have not submitted. Think about that. Think about the implications of withholding payment for medical treatment—which for many equals withholding the treatment itself—-for people who have not submitted to the arbitrary demands of an increasingly tyrannical government.

    How does the Associated Press react to this kind of heavy-handed “strong-arming” of the American people? They appear to be impressed that … even as Biden becomes more aggressive, he has refrained from using all his powers to pressure Americans to get vaccinated. They see this as “restraint”. But then they also think he has the power to impose these edicts.

    Really? Show me where in our Constitution, which is still the legal blueprint for running the country even as it is being ignored or shredded in practice, just where the president has the power to impose these kinds of edicts.

    It is getting more scary by the minute. I am far less afraid of a treatable virus with a more than 99% survival rate than I am of the galloping tyranny of our government.

    • Amazona August 15, 2021 / 10:44 am

      No one had addressed the fact that every Covid patient has emerged from the disease with antibodies to the virus. That is, they have received a de facto “vaccination”—just not by the Ruling Elites but by nature.

      Doctor Rand Paul has alluded to this, when he talks about the natural antibodies that occur with exposure to a pathogen being stronger and more long-lived than those produced by this “vaccine”, which tricks the body into producing antibodies but does not let the body go through the natural process of responding to the virus itself.

      In his first tweet as part of the June 8 thread, Paul referenced a recent Cleveland Clinic study. It found that among subjects who were unvaccinated but had already had COVID-19, there were no re-infections in a five-month observation period.

      In subsequent tweets, the senator said: “The immune response to natural infection is highly likely to provide protective immunity even against the SARS-CoV-2 variants. … Thus, recovered COVID-19 patients are likely to better defend against the variants than persons who have not been infected but have been immunized with spike-containing vaccines only.”

      At the end of his final tweet, Rand then linked to a second study led by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to support his assertions.

      According to the United States Covid website, so far 36,640,481 people have been diagnosed with Covid in the U.S. since the pandemic began.

      This website claims that 621,253 have died from Covid. We now know (many of us knew all along) that the alleged death toll of Covid has always been wildly exaggerated, including deaths from other causes, but if we go with the official tally that still leaves us with more than 36 million people who have been “vaccinated” by nature. Yet this figure is never included in the official reports of how many people are supposedly protected from getting the virus.

      I have said all along that if we had concentrated on treatments and allowed the virus to run its course we would have been far better off. As it is, untold thousands of people died because treatments were withheld or people were afraid to take them when the Left chose to demonize these treatments to head off a perception that President Trump had given good advice on how to deal with the problem. When the entire focus of the government and the media (yes I see the redundancy) was on scaring people away from treatment and on controlling the population through scare tactics and imposition of irrational behaviors like masking we interfered with the natural progression of what was, while serious, not a deadly disease and the development of herd immunity to it.

      Now the focus is on this bogus “vaccination”, which is hailed as the end-all and be-all of survival. Back to the AP article: …the vaccines are the only thing we have now to defeat the virus. We need to use that tool and we need to use it vigorously. “Defeat” the virus—-as if it will just slink away when “enough” people have been given, voluntarily or not, something the government has dictated they must put into their bodies.

      Fine. “use it”. But don’t beat people over the head with it, don’t bully people into taking something they don’t want to take, don’t lie to us and withhold vital information about the downside of this “tool” such as serious reactions to it, don’t use it as a stalking horse to impose more and more tyranny on us and don’t act as if this is the ONLY way to approach the virus problem.

      • Cluster August 15, 2021 / 10:48 am

        How quickly Democrats abandoned “my body, my choice” reveals their lack of morality, integrity, honesty, and decency. I just can not emphasize this enough …. the vile and immoral people who lead the Democrat party and populate the media and federal bureaucracies are an existential threat to this county. Let’s act accordingly

      • Amazona August 15, 2021 / 10:57 am

        Do you remember the absolute freak-out outrage from the Left when people said ultrasounds should be used to show prospective abortion candidates the reality of the lives they were prepared to destroy? The application of a sensor to the outside of the belly was considered a violation of the right of the individual to “control her own body”.

        When they learned that early stage ultrasound might involve placing the sensor in the vagina for a better view of the baby the outrage reached a crescendo of hysteria. This was INVASIVE !! It was no different than RAPE !!

        Now the same demographic that melted down at the very idea of temporarily placing a small sensor in the vagina to view an unborn child via ultrasound is advocating injecting a foreign substance into the bodies of people who have legitimate concerns about its safety, and/or its violation of deeply held religious beliefs, in spite of documented and serious reactions in some people.

        The Left’s position on anything depends on what day it is.

    • Cluster August 15, 2021 / 10:44 am

      To strong-arm the American public.

      The United States government couldn’t “strong arm” goat herders in Afghanistan so I would be very embarrassed if we allowed them to strong arm us. Never forget, Democrats are cowards when it comes to put up or shut up, so do we have the courage to make that happen? Like Mark said, there are many cowards in this country and more are coming in daily and that is a frightening reality. I would never rely on people like Casper or Rico to protect Constitutional freedoms, hell those two would fold faster than a cheap tent so it is incumbent on people who will risk their security and comfort to fight against a growing tyrannical government, because that it was is currently happening in America. The deep state bureaucrats run this country, the elected politicians are just window dressing and that is a dynamic that must change and change very soon.

      • Amazona August 15, 2021 / 11:01 am

        Don’t forget, in today’s Leftspeak refusing to be strong-armed by the illegal use of force is subversion and maybe even insurrection, and many on the Left are advocating prison camps or even death for those of us who would resist.

      • Cluster August 15, 2021 / 11:46 am

        That’s even more reason to subvert and insurrect lol.

      • Amazona August 15, 2021 / 12:05 pm

        Yeah, but being the language/grammar nazi means I demand accurate definition of terms.

  3. Cluster August 15, 2021 / 10:57 am

    And then there is this headline from the NYT today.

    “This is a disaster in the making,” said one mother whose son was exposed to three virus cases in the first week of school. His high school is one of many where students are not required to wear masks.

    Virus’s now scare Americans. WTF??? I don’t even recognize this country any more. Here’s a little news for you complete Covid losers – you can never fully protect yourself from virus’s. If you don’t get it this year, then you will get it next year or the year after that. It’s been a way of life since the beginning of time but the stupidity and the cowardice runs deep in this country.

    I thought Democrats believed in evolution, so why do they try so hard to deny that science? Because only the strong survive, and that means most Democrats would not be alive without assistance. Time to cut the cord.

  4. Amazona August 15, 2021 / 3:52 pm

    By the way, throughout history, VAERS has always underreported deaths and injuries by a wide margin.

    In the European Union, the same vaccine reporting system reports over 20,000 dead and over 2 million injured by the vaccines.

    But the media has blacked out the deaths and injuries from the vaccines like they’re an image of underage sex on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Facts that destroy the government agenda scare the media to death.

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 3:54 pm

      From the VAERS website:

      545,337 Reports
      through July 30, 2021*

      92.527 office visits due to vaccine reactions
      68,040 visits to Urgent Care facilities
      46,036 hospitalizations
      12,366 deaths
      4,759 reports of anaphylaxis
      4.044 cases of Bell’s Palsy
      5,236 Heart Attacks
      3,728 cases of Myocarditis/Pericarditis
      2,269 cases of Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet
      1,381 Miscarriages
      12,194 Life Threatening reactions
      23,354 Severe Allergic Reactions
      7,509 cases of Shingles
      14,251 people Permanently Disabled

      How much of this information has come out in any of the media?

      Watch any of the drug ads on television, and listen to the required warnings of possible adverse reactions to the drugs. Yet we have a massive drive going on in this country not just to encourage people to take this drug, and yes that’s what it is, but to FORCE people to take it, to use the power of the government and the military and business, without a word about its possible and documented side effects for many people.

      How can this be excused? I can make an informed decision to take a drug knowing that it might affect me in certain undesirable ways, but the Central Authority of Leftist tyranny is determined to take that ability to choose for myself away from me, with the threat of preventing me from traveling freely, of isolating me from society, even from making a living, when it comes to using its power to bully me into taking this one drug.

      And one of the tools of the bullying is the withholding of information not just about the risks of taking it but about the reasonably expected effects of not taking it, including information about treatments and their success rates.

      • Cluster August 16, 2021 / 6:20 pm


  5. Amazona August 15, 2021 / 3:57 pm

    Only a handful of children in all of America died from COVID-19, and Johns Hopkins reports all of them had childhood cancer.

  6. Amazona August 15, 2021 / 4:04 pm

  7. jdge1 August 16, 2021 / 5:30 am

    Real-World Data Show Most of Infected are Fully ‘Vaccinated’

    Real-world data from areas with high COVID jab rates show the complete converse of what media, the CDC and White House officials are telling us. In addition to the British Technical Briefing No. 16,15 cited above, we have additional data from Israel, Scotland, Massachusetts and Gibraltar:

    •August 1, 2021, director of Israel’s Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, announced half of all COVID-19 infections were among the fully vaccinated.16 Signs of more serious disease among fully vaccinated are also emerging, she said, particularly in those over the age of 60.

    A few days later, August 5, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, appeared on Channel 13 News, reporting that 95% of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVID-related hospitalizations overall.17 As of August 2, 2021, 66.9% of Israelis had received at least one dose of Pfizer’s injection, which is used exclusively in Israel; 62.2% had received two doses.18

    •In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated.19

    •A CDC investigation of an outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between July 6 through July 25, 2021, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated.20,21 Most, but not all, had the Delta variant of the virus.

    The CDC also found that fully vaccinated individuals who contract the infection have as high a viral load in their nasal passages as unvaccinated individuals who get infected.22 This means the vaccinated are just as infectious as the unvaccinated.

    •In Gibraltar, which has a 99% COVID jab compliance rate, COVID cases have risen by 2,500% since June 1, 2021.23

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 3:33 pm

      Yet the media/government are not giving any information about the various treatments that dramatically reduce the viral load, or really any promotion of any treatment modality. If you go by the CDC and the media there is only one possible solution to dealing with the virus and that is vaccination, in spite of the growing data that vaccinations don’t provide much in the way of protection much less immunity and are often dangerous in and of themselves. If you go by the CDC and the media the only other possible solution to dealing with the virus is masking, in spite of the overwhelming data showing levels of infection as high, or higher, in masked populations as in areas where masking was not common.

      Some doctors have always known how to treat the virus, and have tried to share their experiences and knowledge, but they have been silenced.

      Now I think the question of “why” is even more dangerous than ever, as the answer will indict government and many in Big Tech in a conspiracy to knowingly cause the deaths of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in the pursuit of increasing the power and authority of the Left.

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 8:15 pm

      In 1891-92 England experienced “…an influenza epidemic, when the undertakers had run out of black horses and the dead had to be content with brown ones.” Then came the Spanish Flu in 1918. Yet mankind survived

  8. jdge1 August 16, 2021 / 5:45 am


    We have watched as the New Normal transformed our societies into paranoid, pathologized, authoritarian dystopias where people now have to show their “papers” to see a movie or get a cup of coffee and publicly display their ideological conformity to enter a supermarket and buy their groceries.

    We have watched as the New Normal transformed the majority of the masses into hate-drunk, hysterical mobs that are openly persecuting “the Unvaccinated,” the official “Untermenschen” of the New Normal ideology.

    We have watched as the New Normal has done precisely what every totalitarian movement in history has done before it, right by the numbers. We pointed all this out, each step of the way. I’m not going to reiterate all that again.

    I am, however, going to document where we are at the moment, and how we got here … for the record, so that the people who will tell you later that they “had no clue where the trains were going” will understand why we no longer trust them, and why we regard them as cowards and collaborators, or worse.

    Yes, that’s harsh, but this is not a game. It isn’t a difference of opinion. The global-capitalist ruling establishment is implementing a new, more openly totalitarian structure of society and method of rule. They are revoking our constitutional and human rights, transferring power out of sovereign governments and democratic institutions into unaccountable global entities that have no allegiance to any nation or its people.

    That is what is happening … right now. It isn’t a TV show. It’s actually happening. The time for people to “wake up” is over. At this point, you either join the fight to preserve what is left of those rights, and that sovereignty, or you surrender to the “New Normal,” to global-capitalist totalitarianism.

    I couldn’t care less what you believe about the virus, or its mutant variants, or the experimental “vaccines.” This isn’t an abstract argument over “the science.” It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it. Anyway, here’s where we are at the moment, and how we got here, just the broad strokes.

    It’s August 2021, and Germany has officially banned demonstrations against the “New Normal” official ideology. Other public assemblies, like the Christopher Street Day demo (pictured below), one week ago, are still allowed. The outlawing of political opposition is a classic hallmark of totalitarian systems. It’s also a classic move by the German authorities, which will give them the pretext they need to unleash the New Normal goon squads on the demonstrators tomorrow.

    In Australia, the military has been deployed to enforce total compliance with government decrees … lockdowns, mandatory public obedience rituals, etc. In other words, it is de facto martial law. This is another classic hallmark of totalitarian systems.

    In France, restaurant and other business owners who serve “the Unvaccinated” will now be imprisoned, as will, of course, “the Unvaccinated.” The scapegoating, demonizing, and segregating of “the Unvaccinated” is happening in countries all over the world. France is just an extreme example. The scapegoating, dehumanizing, and segregating of minorities — particularly the regime’s political opponents — is another classic hallmark of totalitarian systems.

    In the UK, Italy, Greece, and numerous other countries throughout the world, this pseudo-medical social-segregation system is also being introduced, in order to divide societies into “good people” (i.e., compliant) and “bad” (i.e., non-compliant).

    The “good people” are being given license and encouraged by the authorities and the corporate media to unleash their rage on the “the Unvaccinated,” to demand our segregation in internment camps, to openly threaten to viciously murder us. This is also a hallmark of totalitarian systems.
    And now, here we are, where we have been heading all along, clearly, unmistakably heading … directly into The Approaching Storm, or possibly global civil war. This isn’t the end of the road to totalitarianism, but I’m pretty sure we are in the home stretch. It feels like things are about to get ugly. Very ugly. Extremely ugly.

    Those of us who are fighting to preserve our rights, and some basic semblance of democracy, are outnumbered, but we haven’t had our final say yet … and there are millions of us, and we are wide awake.

    So pick a side, if you haven’t already. But, before you do, maybe look back at the history of totalitarian systems, which, for some reason, never seem to work out for the totalitarians, at least not in the long run. I’m not a professional philosopher or anything, but I suspect that might have something to do with some people’s inextinguishable desire for freedom, and our willingness to fight for it, sometimes to the death.

    This kind of feels like one of those times. Sorry for going all “Braveheart” on you, but I’m psyching myself up to go get the snot beat out of me by the New Normal goon squads tomorrow, so I’m a little … you know, overly emotional. Seriously, though, pick a side … now … or a side will be picked for you.

    • Cluster August 16, 2021 / 8:30 am

      Great post JDGE1, and I agree. The time to stand and fight is now, the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to turn it around. All throughout history there are moments when man (and women, I want to be “inclusive”) needs to draw a line in the sand and be prepared to defend it. If the increasingly communist US Government begins to require vax papers for interstate travel, that would be a good line in the sand to bring this shit show to an end.

      And just for the record, I am really tired of people who pretend to be concerned about my health. Particularly the inferior ones.

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 11:40 am

      While I have not put together such an organized outline of the growing movement toward tyranny, I have been talking for a few years now about the Left’s strategies over the past century or so and how they are being repeated here and now. And I’ll keep saying it—or, more likely, just reference this excellent summary.

      Another thing I will do is keep talking about the need to establish a strong communication platform. Go through this article again, and the single thread that runs through it all is the acceptance by people of events and beliefs. What we can’t seem to get through our heads is that these events and beliefs are accepted because there is no balance, there is no opposing theory, there is no explanation of events to rebut the single narrative that is out there.

      We can smugly self-congratulate ourselves on our ability to see through the lies, recognize the crap, understand history, etc. But that doesn’t propel a change. What we have to do is reach out to those who are less aware and connect the dots for them. And we fail at this, we fail so miserably it is inexcusable.

      Oh, we can draw a line in the sand and dismiss everyone on the other side, but that is just playing the Left’s game of Divide and Conquer. Once we adopt the Left’s strategy of demonizing the opposition we hand them the game. We already walk into, or in some cases (such as January 6) charge into the traps set by the Left, and then we are just so bewildered and fretful when we get slammed upside the head with yet another public opinion disaster.

      When I learned to drive, I was taught to not look at the road directly in front of my vehicle but to look out, to the horizon, and avoid a hard pinpoint focus on anything. This allows for a wide peripheral vision and more situational awareness, as well as avoiding the danger of tunnel vision. I have applied that to pretty much everything I have done since then, from horseback riding to studying politics.

      But when I look around me, all I see is tunnel vision. I don’t see a Big Picture approach, I don’t see a holistic strategy that has many different threads that can be woven into a coherent tapestry. The left DOES these things, which is why the Left gains ascendancy. The Left first creates the groundwork, which is kind of like plowing a field before planting. In this situation, it is the creation of chaos, splintering our society and destabilizing it, so the seeds of panic and fear can develop and flourish. Once the Us vs Them mentality has set in, and the conviction of occupation of the Higher Moral Ground is established, the rest is pretty predictable.

      And all we offer to counter these tactics is our own Us vs Them, dismissing those who have either succumbed to the lies or who are on the brink or in a confused No Man’s Land, hating what they see on the Left but fearing what they believe is on the Right.

      The thing is, even with the incompetence of messaging on the Right, the nation is still moving away from much of what the Left is promoting. The Left, in an often-repeated move, is close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as its hubris and arrogance and tone-deaf obsessions of its various elements have been pushing too hard and too fast and a lot of people are getting nervous. If we could get ourselves organized, find a leader and find a coherent message and above all find a way to get that message out there, we could turn this nervous hesitation to go along with the radicalism of the New American Left into a tidal wave of rejection.

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 12:28 pm

      My personal opinion is that an excellent example of tunnel vision is that of Donald Trump and his most ardent supporters. Yes, I thought he was a great president. Yes, I think he was robbed in a thoroughly corrupt sham of an election. Yes, I think we would be much better off if he were president now. But no, I don’t want him to run again, and I don’t even want him to be hinting that he will.

      I recognize that the Left has done such a brilliant job of demonizing him that this, combined with his personal traits of refusing to adapt his style to the situation of the day and his inability to just shut up when that is called for, will make a Trump candidacy and a Trump presidency even more divisive and lead to even more hate and violence. The thing I think Americans want and need right now is calmness and a sense that things are under control, and even those who love Trump know that “calmness” is not his trademark.

      If I could have my own way, I would infuse Trump with a greater sense of statesmanship to displace his ego, and have him decide to be a kingmaker instead of trying to be a king. That is, quietly offer statements when necessary to move the bubble, while secretly putting together a solid PR team and a web of interrelated concepts and ideas, and either buying on his own or putting together a consortium of investors to buy up one of the struggling but established cable channels—both CNN and MSNBC are hurting. I would have him accept the fact that he is now, permanently as long as he is in active politics, a lightning rod around which great conflict will circulate, conflict which will diminish everything he does and further divide the nation.

      I would have the new Statesman Trump stand back for a while and let people like De Santis build their own foundations for a future candidacy, keeping out of the fray for now. I would have him continue to have his rallies, but shift away from the sense that they are campaign rallies for himself and into the arena of educating the people about how to connect the dots. If Donald Trump were to use his charisma and passionate following not to advance his own political goals but to build a coalition of citizens who will make decisions on facts and not personality, while using his wealth and influence to establish a powerful communication machine, he would go down in history as a far more powerful and influential person than he ever can as a president.

      Imagine a United States in 2022 in which:

      The emotional appeal of the Left’s shortcut to the Higher Moral Ground is met with a path to the Higher Intellectual Ground, as the shallowness of merely being “FOR” something felt to be virtuous is exposed and even ridiculed and the appeal shifts to encouraging people to be the ones who think and understand what is going on.

      The media which have taken on the role of participants in the Left’s path to control are called out, by name and with examples of the lies they have told, and their collusion with the Left.

      A new communication platform could and should reveal the hidden information about the vaccine reactions; it could and should cover not just the Hunter Biden laptop stories, which have been serving as a distraction from the Ukraine corruption and missing millions and even more important, Vice President Biden’s involvement in all of that; it could and should cover the other examples of Biden and Kerry shifting American funding to countries where they had been involved with the governments and then their sons conveniently got lucrative contracts; and in a separate and detailed series it could and MUST detail the history of Leftist tyranny and the steps the Left has always taken to achieve power. Not just the outcome of that power grab but the steps taken to get there, so people can start to connect the dots and see how they have been led by their noses from one thing to another in a planned sequence to control their emotions, then their minds, and finally their bodies.

      I am less concerned about where we are now than I am about the tunnel vision and ego-driven uncoordinated actions on the Right that I fear will guarantee the advancement of the Left’s objectives.

      • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 1:27 pm

        An example of tunnel vision:

        “It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy,” Trump said in the short statement. “It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!”

        1. “It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace”…..and then what? OK, this might just be taking advantage of the opportunity to point out what a mess Biden is, but what if Trump is serious, or if people think he is? What scenario involving a President Kamala Harris could possibly be an improvement? A Harris/Schumer administration? A Harris/Ocasio-Cortez administration?

        2. “It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!” Way past time to STFU about this. Let the facts percolate through the system, let them rise to the surface and in the meantime all this kind of commentary from Trump does is add to the image of him as a blowhard and gives ammunition to the Agenda Media.

        When you combine tunnel vision with Ego 2.0 you just make things worse.

  9. Retired Spook August 16, 2021 / 11:06 am

    Going back to the title of this post: “The end of American faith,” I know you’re talking about faith in government, and I agree that millions of us have lost faith in our government to tell us the truth, and to protect us. This is just anecdotal on my part, but I think the effect is that people of religious faith have actually had that faith strengthened, which is a good thing because I think that faith is going to be tested in the very near future. Unless something or someone comes along to reverse the disastrous course we’re currently on, I can easily see the persecution of Christians become a stark reality.

  10. Retired Spook August 16, 2021 / 1:33 pm

    This seems apropos:

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 2:00 pm


    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 8:16 pm

      This reminds me of the quotation “Peo­ple sleep peace­ably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do vio­lence on their behalf.”

      It has been attributed to Churchill, to Orwell and to Kipling. It doesn’t matter who said it, it is still an important truth.

      • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 8:32 pm

        Orwell cited Kipling’s phrase “making mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep” and further noted that Kipling’s “grasp of function, of who protects whom, is very sound.”

        If only that grasp of reality were more widespread

  11. Amazona August 16, 2021 / 1:55 pm

    EXC: A Senior Biden Staffer Wrote An Afghanistan Policy Paper Which Was Sponsored By A Top Chinese Communist Influence Group

    Often highlighted as for being “closely aligned” with the White House during the Obama years, the Center for American Progress (CAP) carries similar influence under Biden, counting several former employees and fellows as officials in Joe Biden’s White House.

    The think tank’s Chinese Communist Party-sponsored paper from July 2015 is entitled “Exploring Avenues for China-U.S. Cooperation on the Middle East”. One of the paper’s authors is now Biden’s China Policy Coordinator for the Office of the Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth, Melanie Hart.

    Another dot to be connected, while at the same time people petitioning Congress to delay a vital decision to allow time for investigation are considered “insurgents” but black-clad masked rioters wearing Communist insignia and carrying signs saying “End America” are not.

  12. Jeremiah August 16, 2021 / 7:48 pm

    The only thing that will stop a communist in his pursuit for power is death.

    Sadly, we have hundreds of thousands of communists among us.

    • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 8:04 pm

      Actually, while we may have “hundreds of thousands of communists among us” I doubt that we have many truly committed ideologues among them. I think we have a lot of frivolous empty headed nincompoops paying lip service to the Left because they have been “educated” to believe in an Invented Other they identify as “the Right” so they are de facto Leftists. The Left dangles some shiny stuff on one hand, like a shortcut to the Higher Moral Ground merely by parroting some superficially virtuous slogans and the illusion of being smarter and more sophisticated because their entertainment idols tell them they are. On the other hand they wave the stick, the sour threats of “racism” and “fascism” and so on to scare the lemmings away from those big bad right-wingers.

      But it’s all shallow. It’s deep enough to win a lot of votes, but I don’t think it would extend to a real commitment, like fighting for the cause. And they’re not all bone-deep stupid—they have just never been questioned or challenged. I saw interviews with college-aged bimbettes the other night, probably on Gutfeld!, and the Barbies all just loved Kamala—but for the first time I can remember the interviewer asked why they liked her. And the girls did rather sheepishly admit they really didn’t know why—they didn’t know anything she had done or any of her policies. They just knew she was female and black. These are people who could be reached, if we would only try.

      • Jeremiah August 16, 2021 / 8:41 pm

        It’s sad that those poor girls can’t comprehend what a communist regime entails, that they have been lured into accepting an ideology that will cause untold suffering and misery and death for millions of good, hard-working families.

        I don’t think though that they want to put too much of their true nature out there for the public to see, especially on tv. Because that would give away the true desires. But, take those same girls, and invite a conservative speaker to their college or university, someone say like Candace Owens, and they would be among the hordes of others throwing water bottles and shouting for her expulsion and silencing.

        I don’t know. At any rate, I hope everyone out there is paying attention, and are prepared and are actively preparing i.e, stocking up on some food, a few other things etc. and hang on to your hats. We bout to go for a very rough ride!

      • Amazona August 16, 2021 / 10:14 pm

        I think they are just silly and immature and parroting what they think they are supposed to say they believe. Give them a little time to mature, and it is our job to expose them to different ideas. I didn’t sense any “true desires” in those interviews, other than wanting to fit in with their peers.

    • jdge1 August 16, 2021 / 10:43 pm

      The only thing that will truly stop communism is prayers. This is what our Holy Mother in heaven has been asking us for over 100 years back at Fatima and predicted that communism would spread her lies through the world until the Pope and worlds bishops consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. We do not know the time or mechanism God will use to chain satan, but it is through prayers that it will happen.

  13. Cluster August 17, 2021 / 8:33 am

    The collapse of Afghanistan is also the collapse of the entire US Government apparatus. From Congress, to the Military, to Defense Contractors, to DHS, to CIA, to the leadership of both Republicans and Democrats, to the Universities who serve the Government, and of course to State sanctioned Media. This is a complete failure of honesty, competence, and integrity. None of these people deserve the positions they are in yet they have all remained in these positions for years if not decades with ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. I will note that these are the very same people who want to impose forced “vaccine” injections on the American population and who teach our children about gender fluidity and systemic racism.

    They are LOSERS. Failures on every level and we should not only reject their ideas and existence, but we should be actively working toward their removal from society.

  14. Cluster August 17, 2021 / 8:45 am

    The reason why the Biden regime, the CDC, and little boy Fauci are imposing mandates and becoming more and more tyrannical and unhinged is because they have lost all credibility. Their dishonesty and incompetence is on full display everyday.

    • Amazona August 17, 2021 / 8:57 am

      Credibility is not an issue for the Left. They couldn’t care less if people think they are credible, or honest, or competent, as long as they still think they are preferable to the Invented Other of what they believe is The Right. The only thing that matters to them is power. The entire system is based on consolidation of power in the hands of a few elites, and no matter what form this might take—in this case forcing people to run around with rags on their faces and inject an experimental drug into their bodies—-it all adds up in the end to complete control.

      Last night I saw four different ads for getting vaccinated. A very nice-looking, sincere-looking woman who said she is a teacher very seriously and sincerely explained that she got vaccinated, she is getting her own children vaccinated, and then went on to explain that vaccination is the only answer to controlling this virus. This, in the same period of time we are being told from so many sources that the vaccine offers only temporary protection, not immunity, and that millions who have received it have still gotten the virus and been seriously ill or died.

      It’s turning into a war of words, and we are being challenged to, as you said, pick a side. It’s just a version of the tribalism the Left substitutes for rational thought—you are either in the Vax Tribe or you’re not, and if you are there is no information of any type in any volume that will move you off your spot.

  15. Amazona August 17, 2021 / 9:02 pm

    Newest entry in the “No S**t, Sherlock” category:

    “We saw a very clear correlation that the higher the level of antibody produced by vaccines, the less likely you were to become sick with COVID-19,” said Christopher Houchens, director of the countermeasures division of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), who was one of the study authors.

    Who woulda thunk it? More antibodies=less illness. What a concept!

    Of course it took till nearly the end of the article to admit that these hardworking antibodies don’t have to come from vaccines:

    Anyone who has that level of antibodies, either induced by vaccine or by natural infection is protected, says Houchens.

    So when are we going to introduce paperwork showing high levels of antibodies from “natural infection” to shut up the scolds and the jackbooted thugs?

    But where’s the fun in that? Where’s the control? Where’s the flexing of government muscle?

    • Cluster August 18, 2021 / 9:17 am

      Keep in mind, the very same people who lied to the American people for 20 years about Afghanistan, and for 4 years about Russia collusion, are the very same people trying to convince us that the vaccine is effective. That should bring comfort to us all

  16. Retired Spook August 18, 2021 / 10:08 am

    No one seems to know how many Americans are stranded in Afghanistan — somewhere between 10,000 and 40,000. Either the figure is so embarrassing that they don’t want to admit it, or they’re so incompetent that they really don’t know. Either way, it’s pretty sad. Even if it’s as few as 10,000, how could that many people wait until the 11th hour to try to leave?

    • Cluster August 18, 2021 / 11:23 am

      We are witnessing the complete collapse of the Ruling Class and their manufactured agenda of progressivism. These are people who have no souls, have no Faith (other then in themselves), have no humility, and have no self awareness. If the American people can not see this now, then there really is no hope. The US Government is corrupt and incompetent and it is up to the proletariat to change that. Because the ruling class never will. The US Government is the only existential threat this country faces.

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