The Real World is Knocking at the Door

Wow! Two in a day. When was the last time I did that? But, I’m kinda at an impasse in figuring out the last chapters of Book VII in the Mirrors series and, also, I’m rather furious. So, here we go!

I upset a friend today – don’t know her personally as she’s a Twitter friend but she’s a nice, interesting, right-of-center lady with a fascinating background and lots wise and insightful things to say. What I said was this:

Guys: if you’re not willing to do a bit of shooting pour encourager les autres, this won’t get fixed. Only the thought that they may be shot in a fortnight will concentrate the military mind and get them off working a lobbying gig and back to learning how to fight.


Why does the general who screwed the pooch get let off when the private he ordered to die in a badly planned and executed op is dead or legless? You want to be a general? Cool. Win or die. If it’s a defeat, better die in the battle or by your own hand. Don’t come back.

A bit harsh to modern sensibilities, but I think it needed to be said. I intend to say a lot more of it. We’re not quite at the point of aux armes, citoyens, but we’re pretty close. I was advised to not be so worried about it…and that law, Constitution and Courts will get us through.

Bad news: they won’t.

And that is why I am, indeed, worried. We don’t have a functioning government. The Media are mere regime propagandists. We have, in short, no way to fix this prior to the 2022 and 2024 elections and the part most at risk at the moment – the Executive – not before 2024. We don’t have people in charge – and we can’t get people in charge – who understand the gravity of the situation or, if they did, have the desire to help the United States out of it. The only calculation any of them are making is how to retain their own political viability. They have not, ever, had a thought for the United States or her people and they aren’t suddenly going to have one now.

And I know that seems a rather bleak assessment, but it won’t be the first time its happened. The most recent time it happened in a major power was France in 1940. Do you want to know what the Prime Minister of France, Paul Reynaud was concerning himself with in the last days before the French surrender? Getting his mistress and a suitcase full of government cash into Spain while angling for an ambassadorship to the US from Petain. At a time when the PM should have been bending every effort to defend France, he was making sure he had money for himself and his side piece and maybe a sinecure from the incoming collaborationist regime. And, mark this, Reynaud was in the PM’s office because it was thought that he was the most energetic French leader who would put up the best fight against Hitler. Compared to the other people in the council, he was a lion of defiance…the rest were even mores so into figuring out how to wind up in power and wealth even if it was under Nazi rule.

The collapse of France in 1940 stunned the world. But it had been in the cards for decades – all it took was Hitler to push open the door and it all fell apart. It was only, after all, kept together because the French people, who largely despised their government and leaders, couldn’t coalesce around a sole option to do away with the Ruling Class. Sound familiar?

No institution in the United States is respected. None can be trusted. We all know for certain or at least strongly suspect that everyone in the upper reaches is merely feathering their nests and doesn’t give a damn about the people of the United States. Our military is proving itself, in front of our eyes, incapable of mounting operations. We can’t even be sure that if we placed our troops into battle that they would know what to do. I hope they can. You do, too. But how much training have they really been doing since 2009? Sure, Trump for 4 years…but none of us suspected the rot we’re seeing and so Trump might not have, either. All it takes, now, is for someone to push in the door.

And that is foreign and domestic. Our government lacks legitimacy and not just because of the vote in 2020 – but because no one really believes it is representative of what the American people want. Are you going to fight for them? But our bigger worry is in the foreign sphere: what enemy of the United States is going to have the least fear of us right now? The only calculations they are making in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran is how much money it would cost them to do whatever they want. China’s leaders are thinking terms of, “if we invade Taiwan, global markets will probably drop 25% in a day or two and that will cost the exchequer X yuan: but we gain Y yuan by taking Taiwan’s assets.” If Y is greater than X, they’ll move. They have no worry about our response because we’ve just shown we can’t make one. Today Team Biden is fumbling around trying to explain away what might be thousands of US citizens still stuck in Afghanistan…with the underlying statement being that we can’t get them out. We lack the means to do so.

We won WWII and then we immediately entered a fantasy land and the more the world started to fall apart (and it has been falling apart since 1956) the more the Ruling Class gave us the functional equivalent of Bread and Circuses. I hope everyone enjoyed 50 years of pretending the bill will never come due, because it just has. The real world is back and it isn’t even pissed off…its just the real world where things happen and you have to deal with them, or die.

Good luck to all of us! Say your prayers. Hope that nothing really bad happens until after January 20, 2025.

13 thoughts on “The Real World is Knocking at the Door

  1. Retired Spook August 18, 2021 / 8:53 pm

    Why does the general who screwed the pooch get let off when the private he ordered to die in a badly planned and executed op is dead or legless?

    I’m not sure which is worse, screwing the pooch or getting outmaneuvered by barbarians who have sex with goats.

    • Amazona August 18, 2021 / 9:59 pm

      There was a lot of goat talk on Gutfeld! last night.

    • Mark Noonan August 19, 2021 / 11:05 pm

      Latest rumor I’ve heard is that the DOD staff is paralyzed – there is no leadership and nobody knows what to do. I suspect why: the troops are probably willing to go in there and get our people out, but the senior officers know that if they order it and anything goes bad, their careers are over. Unless Pudding Brain specifically orders them to act, they’re gonna sit on their hands.

  2. Jeremiah August 18, 2021 / 9:06 pm

    A setup for things coming down the pike, in regards to tyrannical dictates…

    To protect your small town or city, use tractors or combines to block all entrances into and out of the city/town…post your big men, strong as horses and that like to fight, and know how to fight at all entrances/exits. Next, put your guys that can shoot accurate in two story houses…or high rise buildings whatever the case may be.

    This is not all that can be done to protect one’s city or town from an intrusive tyrannical government, but it is the best start. It starts on the local level.

    Also, have backups for rotation of men.

    • Amazona August 18, 2021 / 9:58 pm

      So far the attempted invasions of small cities, at least in Colorado, has been by Antifa mobs and they have quickly been run out of town. Literally, In Berthoud, Colorado, mounted citizens formed a wall of horseflesh and slowly herded the thugs down the street and out of town. They were followed by townspeople on foot, making it clear that any effort to stay in town would be met by strong physical force.

      In Fort Collins the men weren’t on horseback, but they marched shoulder to shoulder after the Antifa cowards, with a crowd at their backs, all chanting “Go Home Commie Scum”. They herded them into a dead end street that ended in an open field, and when the Antifa thugs realized this they tried to fight back, but in typical coward fashion they went after a man in a wheelchair—and it was ON. The police got there to break it up, an Antifa thug thought he was in Portland and took a swing at a cop, and they all ended up arrested.

      I’m pretty sure in Wyoming the Antifa wannabe tough guys would be lassoed and dragged down the street.

      I am not worried about citizens in the Heartland being able to deal with Leftist thugs, and I am not worried about our military turning against us. I think right now all we really have to worry about are elected officials and bureaucrats, and if we would simply make the current oaths of office mandatory and also binding, so these people would be risking their incomes and the positions that give them power they would cool off very quickly. No one else has any ideas on how to make them accountable for their actions.

      As for blocking the streets to keep them, out, I don’t agree, Keep ingress routes open and later seal off egress, and you can do what you like with them once they are corralled.

      • Jeremiah August 18, 2021 / 10:20 pm

        ANTIFA, BLM, etc, etc are, by extension, the arm of, and henchman of Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria O’casio acornchex, Ilhan Omar, etc.

        The people in the upper echelons of government namely those and others, will use them to do their dirty work to invade cities and towns to terrorize communities and the citizenry. ANTIFA has a very large following, a chapter in every state of the union, consisting of thousands of Marxist insurgents. All cities and towns across the United States should be prepared for them, and eliminate the threats of property damage, theft, and bodily injuries, even death posed by them. Also, many police and others are acting in accordance with their Democrat mayors, who restrict First amendment rights of freedom of speech and expression. Do not comply with these tyrannical edicts. Resist them with all the might and force you have within your grasp. Be willing to stand for something!

        And, as it turns out, the untouchables aren’t so “untouchable”, afterall. It just takes a little determination and elbow grease.

      • Jeremiah August 18, 2021 / 10:32 pm

        Also, it is against the law or illegal for your employer to require to get a vaccine. U.S. Code 360bbb

        Know your rights and fight!

      • Amazona August 19, 2021 / 9:59 am

        While I understand that there might be some tough guys in Antifa, the ones I have seen have been spineless cowards who fall apart when challenged. They are tough when they know the cops aren’t going to be allowed to crack down on them, but remove the ROE from the police and there won’t be an Antifa to speak of. I am just not worried about Antifa or Marxists planning to invade towns across the country. How long did Antifa stay in the fight once they saw the arm of that guy shot by Rittenhouse?

        Yes, there are Leftist cops. Do they dominate police departments? I don’t think so, especially once you get out of blue cities.

        Right now the muscle flexing is political. It is bureaucrats and radical elected officials trying to use the power of the government but I don’t see them backed up by armed troops. The biggest danger most citizens face now is prosecution for self defense. Again—-a political problem.

  3. Cluster August 19, 2021 / 8:24 am

    I’ve been offending modern sensibilities for quite some time now because I too believe we are up against dishonorable, vile, narcissistic, and malicious people who are consumed with power and their own false sense of superiority and to defeat these people, EVERY option needs to be on the table. These are people who lied for 20 years about Afghanistan while enriching themselves and their friends at the expense of Arab women and children in the Middle East. These are people who lied for 4 years to their own constituents about Russia collusion; these are people who condoned and encouraged the destruction of our inner cities resulting in many deaths of completely innocent American minorities; these are people who encourage late term abortions, these are people who encourage Fatherless households, these are people who mock people of Faith, and these are the very same people who have nearly tuned the greatest experiment of self governance, and the most wildly successful country in the world into a third world shit hole all because of their arrogance and incompetence, and I for one will simply not stand for that. If this country is to survive, the Deep State (federal career bureaucrats and agencies) and the Swamp (career politicians) must be completely “reimagined”, if not eliminated. This country does not need an IRS or a federal teachers union and the sooner we get rid of them, the better off we will be.

    They need to feel our wrath. And soon.

    • Amazona August 19, 2021 / 10:25 am

      And I keep coming back to the same old questions, which you dodge because you don’t want to admit what is churning around in your brain. I ask just how you want Leftists “eliminated” and don’t get an answer. You act like you are the only one who gets it, the only one who really sees the problem, the only one who grasps the importance of what is happening. The thing is, millions of people not only get it, they probably have a better grasp of a lot of it than you do. It’s just that most of us don’t itch for a violent confrontation. Not to say we would be surprised by one, not to say we’re not prepared for one, not to say we would be unable or unwilling to respond in kind plus at least one level above “in kind”—just not fantasizing about it. “…offending modern sensibilities …”? Nonsense. It has nothing to do with “modern sensibilities”. It has to do with understanding the different kinds of threats and that each kind has its own potential solution.

      This country does not need an IRS or a federal teachers union and the sooner we get rid of them, the better off we will be. I agree, and this is a political problem with a political solution.

      True, a political solution is less dramatic, doesn’t play into Walter Mitty fantasies of macho heroism, doesn’t have that visceral thrill of teaching those Lefties a lesson by simply “eliminating” them. It’s a boring, long slog and just doesn’t have that buzz.

      I will bet you right here and now that I know a lot of people who are far more equipped, qualified and motivated than you are to deal with pretty much every kind of violence we might encounter, ranging from a new kind of zombie apocalypse kind of scenario of bioweapon attack to coordinated attacks on cities by armed Marxists to roaming bands of wannabe bad guys in expensive black costumes. But they are the truly dangerous ones, who quietly do threat analysis, make necessary plans for various contingencies, and then just go about their lives. They don’t go online to bluster and brag about how we need to take the bastards out, eliminate them, remove them from society, and other kinds of theatrics that, at heart, echo the attitudes of the Left they claim to be fighting. They don’t ponderously lecture about things everyone already knows. They don’t preen about “offending modern sensibilities”. they just prepare for the worst and make sure they have the equipment and skills to do what they might have to do. And these are the people I want at my side, or watching my back, not people muttering “They need to feel our wrath”.

    • Cluster August 19, 2021 / 10:35 am

      I hardly need to answer to you …. about anything

      • Amazona August 19, 2021 / 6:40 pm

        You are right. You don’t. I am just letting you know the kinds of questions that will arise when you make the kinds of statements you make.

        Friends don’t let friends sound like crackpots without at least trying to steer them into less self-destructive statements.

      • Cluster August 20, 2021 / 8:20 am

        Appreciate that

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