9/11 After 20 Years

I couldn’t until now write about the 20th anniversary. I’ve been pondering it all day and only now, as we flip over to 9/12 on the Pacific Coast calendar has it started to clarify in my mind what I’m thinking about it.

The 9/11 attacks, whatever they meant to you and me, meant something entirely different for the Ruling Class – the Deep State, whatever you want to call it. To us, they were a horrible attack on our country and the perpetrators needed to be hunted down and killed, cost what it might. To them – to the bosses – it was merely an acceptable level of violence and their whole thought in the aftermath was how to control us. To prevent, that is, from the people of the United States in their righteous anger and national unity upsetting the global applecart.

On 9/10, everything was great for them – things were cruising along. They were making money and firmly in power and the world was at their command. They were busy de-industrializing the United States and ever more shackling us to the dictates and moods of the international Ruling Class. Along comes some yahoos who go just a little too far – and the American people wanted answers and justice.

But answers would expose the bosses, don’t you see? It was a very preventable attack. Just some simple diligence on checking up on those coming into the country would have kept the hijackers out. But if you start doing that, you’re also going to interfere with the drug runners and human traffickers and, dang, there’s a lot of money in that and if steps were taken to keep out undesirables from the United States, all that would come to an end. Not only that, but once the full level of gross negligence was exposed, there would be demands that ruling class heads roll. Can’t have people lose out decades-long careers just because a few thousand people were murdered!

And then, if we really went after the source of the problem – the State sponsors of terrorism – then just think of all the vast, money-making (for the Ruling Class) operations would be lost! The financial hit to people already sleeping on piles of money would be terrible. The last thing any of them wanted was us hick morons going, “hey, Iran is the main sponsor of this stuff: get rid of that government.” So, they cooked up campaigns in Afghanistan and then Iraq – placing ours in shooting galleries and then tying their hands so that there was no chance of a clear cut victory. They calculated – correctly – that over time and with mounting losses, we’d just want it over with. No need to look into who failed and certainly no desire to take on the actual problem.

They were ok with all this because what bin Laden did had no ill effect on them unless they had the ill luck to be at work early at the World Trade Center that day (and what really big boss gets in before ten?). To them, 9/11 was a matter of messaging and then appearing to do something in response. Didn’t matter how it came out – they’d still be rich and in charge and they’d award themselves medals and letters of commendation no matter what happened. And if some poor kid from Akron got his legs blown off or another who killed the wrong guy had to be brought up on war crimes charges, big deal. It didn’t harm them.

But there was a fly in the ointment. We really did want those who did it killed and we really expected our Rulers to present us with victory. And as lie and failure piled up on top of each other, the creeping realization that things were in bad shape started to grow in our minds. Things just weren’t right. We don’t lose to ragged bands of Islamists with IEDs. But, we were losing. And as things continued to drag out and no improvement was in sight we started to lose our faith in the institutions. And, so, Trump: and that crisis really got the Ruling Class’ attention but to get Trump out, they had to amp up the lies to absurd lengths. This did make many millions of people dutifully fall in line to hate Trump…but it also woke up millions to just how lousy and creepy the Ruling Class is.

They did, in the end, get Trump out. In a ridiculously rigged election. While students were chanting “f*** Biden” at football games, cops and firefighters were lining up to shake hands with Trump on 9/11. This man who supposedly got 81 million votes while Trump was increasing his 2016 vote total by more than 11 million votes got booed in the streets of New York. It is too late for them, now. Sure, they have their supporters: the most mindless of Americans are still watching MSNBC to learn what to think each day, but at least half the country – and I suspect far more – has tuned it all out.

So, the long term effect of 9/11 is going to be, I think, the end of the Ruling Class. They couldn’t defend us and their lies just went too far. People are starting to wake up from the daze that we’ve been in for decades. We know: trust nothing. They’re all liars until proven otherwise.

How this will shake out over the next few years is anyone’s guess: but I don’t think we’ll go back. Biden was the Ruling Class’ attempt to put the cat back into the bag. They’d prefer Joe stick for two terms or, failing that, Kamala takes over for him. And they wouldn’t mind if a tame Republican replaces Biden. That was the plan here: get Trump out and then get the GOP to put up Jeb II or Romney II so that we could all go back to 9/10/2001. But that won’t happen. We, on our side, simply won’t put up with it. We still feel anger at those who did 9/11. We are still willing to fight the Islamists if need be. But we also know that our immediate problem is at home, not abroad and no attempts and stifling us in the name of “national security” or “national unity” will ever get us back to our 9/10 world again. We go forward – and to a future where those who failed us on 9/11 no longer have a say in this country.

28 thoughts on “9/11 After 20 Years

  1. Cluster September 13, 2021 / 9:10 am

    One thing I didn’t read in your excellent analysis of the ruling class was any desire to “improve the lives of the American people”. The truth is that the American peoples greatest enemy at this point in time is the United States Government. I never thought it possible that this country could be where it is today, but here we are in a place that only the SS of Germany could be proud of. In fact, Josef Goebbles is most likely envious of the coordinated State propaganda pushed by the American media. The United States Government is actively engaged in drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder, property destruction, psychological warfare, censorship, and of course misinformation.

    I didn’t watch one bit of any of the 9/11 ceremonies because this country has forgotten and is weak … so the images of strength and determination are a joke. The United States Government is currently the weakest, most compromised government in the world. God forbid we ever have to defend this country again because I am not convinced we could win. When the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden is on a no fly list and labeled a white nationalist, and a yeast infected, incestuous muslim like Omar is in Congress …. we have lost our way.

    • Amazona September 13, 2021 / 12:13 pm

      Josef Goebbels is most likely envious of the coordinated State propaganda pushed by the American media.

      This is a war we CAN win, if we only (1) recognize it for what it is and then (2) put together a plan to combat it.

      We already recognize (1) but when it comes to (2) we just wring our hands and fret. To carry the war analogy a little further, we have a few guerilla groups fighting on individual fronts, but we still don’t have a full-fledged propaganda army of our own to go to war with the Agenda Media.

      We’ve got talented communicators, we’ve got lots of money, but we don’t have anything even remotely resembling coordination and leadership to form it all into a cohesive and effective weapon.

    • Amazona September 13, 2021 / 4:21 pm

      Just in case anyone is skeptical of identifying most of our media as the propaganda arm of the American Left, there is this typical gem from MSN “news” which can barely fit its spite, malice and lies into the words it has used to defend its masters and proactively smear the rally it references.


      If this were used as a drinking game, where every example of journalistic malpractice calls for a drink, alcohol poisoning would ensue. It is nothing but editorializing, with barely a hint of fact squeezed into the propaganda.

  2. Cluster September 13, 2021 / 11:31 am

    George Bush I, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush II, Barry Sotero, and Joe Biden are all war criminals.

  3. Amazona September 13, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    As the founder of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, said You can fool all the people part of the time, or you can fool some people all the time, but you cannot fool all people all the time. and the poor Ruling Class is starting to realize this, to their dismay.

    There are deeper layers of the Deep State that are protected by their personas of just regular folks doin’ their jobs, but the more obvious players are being exposed and, I hope, displaced.

    A civil war doesn’t have to involve bullets. For all the chatter about a coming “civil war” by people who seem to be fondling their rifle barrels and dreaming of heroic glory on a bloody battlefield, there still has been no explanation of what armed group they would be facing, other than the occasional rabble in a looting and burning frenzy, and that’s more self defense than civil war.

    I think we need to start defining our problems. I suggest that they fall into several categories, and the two we are really facing now, which influence and even control the others (the “others” including military and cultural) are political and communication. I think we need to focus on those, because if we win them the others will be more easily resolved.

    Instead of storming the ramparts, we can storm the ballot boxes, and the first shots have been fired in THAT arena of conflict. The nation’s acceptance of the rigged 2020 election is so tenuous right now, and the awareness of the chicanery becoming more and more established, the chances of pulling this kind of election theft again are a lot smaller. The frantic effort to shift control of elections to a federal government now controlled by the Left is not only failing, it is having the effect of calling attention to the reasons it is being so passionately promoted and so blatantly misrepresented (ie: lied about). It won’t pass the legislature so the 2022 elections will be fought out in the trenches, with control of Congress as the goal.

    I think this is going to be the defining battle of the real civil war because it will define which side gets to occupy the high ground in the presidential election. That’s why the Left is starting this battle now, in the trenches of state districting, while sending Uncle Joe out to draw attention away from the state-by-state skirmishes where they are frantically working to keep control of the House.

    In Colorado, a Western Slope freshman Representative, Lauren Boebert, represents what the Left fears—-a grass-roots candidate who is a fierce fighter for constitutional governance. That’s why the Democrat-run legislature is trying to change the boundaries of her district so it can be folded into the far-left district that includes Boulder, which is located on the other side of the Rockies. If this happens, the Western Slope loses its representation unless it can overcome the massive advantage to the Left of incorporating Liberal Boulder (located on the Eastern Slope with no physical, economic, political or cultural connection to mostly rural Western Colorado) and prevail, defeating Boulder’s current Representative.

    We need to stop fretting about election fraud at the ballot box, which is what will happen in 14 months, and look at what is going on NOW in preparation for the election. I am sure that every blue state is trying to pull the same kind of manipulation to give the Left every possible advantage. This is our battleground now—not sexy, not exciting, but the kind of skirmish that eventually dictates the outcome of the war.

  4. Amazona September 13, 2021 / 12:38 pm

    American and Chinese researchers funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s federal agency created viruses in a Wuhan lab that exhibited over 10,000 times higher viral load in humanized mice than the natural viruses they were based on, another expert in infectious diseases says, citing newly released documents.

    The U.S. nonprofit group EcoHealth Alliance notified Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in two reports that between June 2017 and May 2018 it had created three lab-generated chimeric SARS-related coronaviruses in China that exhibited “significantly higher” viral loads, documents first reported by The Intercept show. But Fauci’s agency continued to fund the project with taxpayer dollars without flagging it for review by an independent committee created in late 2017 to oversee so-called gain-of-function research.

    Rutgers University professor Richard Ebright, a vocal opponent of gain-of-function research, said the data was a “bona fide bombshell” that proves the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, under Fauci’s leadership, violated federal policies, endangered the public, and lied to Americans.

    Let’s not forget “lied to Congress”.

    • Amazona September 13, 2021 / 3:55 pm

      A coronavirus study funded by Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health agency – which names Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists as authors – was carried out in collaboration with an “arm” of the Chinese Communist Party’s military, The National Pulse can reveal.

      The 2014 study entitled “Isolation and Characterization of a Bat SARS-like Coronavirus that Uses the ACE2 Receptor” was the result of a broader grant from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that sent U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology via the New York-based EcoHealth Alliance.

      The controversial, multi-million-dollar grant supported the manipulation of coronavirus into “killers,” according to Fauci acolyte Peter Daszak, who runs EcoHealth.

      The financial and scientific collusion between the highest paid bureaucrat in the United States – Anthony Fauci – and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would under normal circumstances lead to at least one full investigation of the matter. Fauci, thus far, has avoided any serious level of scrutiny from the U.S. Congress.

      Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is currently the Chief of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, where she oversees her husband’s work handing cash to Chinese Communist researchers.

      But nothing to see here, folks, just keep moving. Isn’t there some video of Joe wandering off while Dr, Jill is making a speech you can focus on, instead ? Or some other distraction?

      I’m losing track of the distractions, though. There is Covid, Afghanistan, dementia, Fauci, election fraud, inflation, sex trafficking, funding drug cartels, tax hikes, China influence expanding, vaccine reactions—–a chart showing what is supposed to distract from what would look like a bowl of spaghetti.

      And am I the only one seeing a problem with the wife of the guy getting multi-million dollar grants “overseeing her husband’s work” and evidently authorizing those grants? Much less the irony of her title of Chief of Bioethics?

  5. Amazona September 13, 2021 / 2:33 pm

    Once again, a Leftist says the secret part out loud:

    Kamala Harris

    By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.

    Now that we are officially told, by the Vice President of the United States, that people who have been vaccinated still need to be “protected” we realize that they are in the same boat the unvaccinated are allegedly in. So why bother? If the vaccinated still need protection why push to vaccinate everyone else?

    This seems to acknowledge three classes of people: The vaccinated, who are still very vulnerable, the unvaccinated, who are tempting Fate with every breath and dance on the brink of death, and the recovered, who seem to be the only ones safe from this deadly lethal fatal virus that kills .01% of those it attacks.

    • Cluster September 14, 2021 / 11:26 am

      So as an “unvaccinated” person, I am “tempting fate and dancing on the brink of death”? I prefer to think of it as not being worried about the flu, something of which I have not worried about ever. Thankfully I have a great immune system and can’t even remember the last time I had the flu, or was even sick with a bad cold. Just because the media and the United States government chose to weaponize the flu, doesn’t mean I have to buy into it.

      • Amazona September 14, 2021 / 12:02 pm

        Yeah, but it’s people like you who disrupt the narrative. It’s supposed to move along in an orderly, linear, way.

        1. Spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a program basically run by the Chinese Communist Party to modify a flu virus into a “killer” virus
        2. Look the other way when it is introduced into the United States (and the rest of the world)
        3. Then use a paid mouthpiece (Fauci) to lecture, scold and terrify people into going along with government tyranny
        4. Use the same emotional bludgeons to get people to inject their bodies with something that may or may not be safe and may or may not provide protection while extending the tyranny of shutting down parts of the economy and of masking even though it is proven to be ineffective
        5. Continue building on these themes to further alienate some Americans from others, further splintering our society into conflicting groups.
        6. Pay people to not work, adding to the economic death spiral started by the lockdowns and further increasing dependence on the government
        7. Escalate the efforts of # 4 and # 5 by moving into overt coercion, threatening people with loss of economic and physical freedom if they do not submit
        8. Use the power of the Central Authority and its co-conspirators, Big Tech, to silence information showing the dangers of the vaccine to some people, the relative lack of lethality of the virus and most of all the naturally acquired immunity conveyed by having the virus and recovering.
        9. Use the same Big Tech allies to brand the unvaccinated as enemies of the State, enemies of the People, and deserving of extreme measures of isolation and punishment
        10. Combine the segregation of the vaccinated from the unvaccinated to the ongoing segregation of our society by race and political philosophy to accomplish the ultimate goal of collapsing the country and making it totally vulnerable to Leftist assumption of power.

        And then people like you refuse to go along with the program, which makes you a threat to the growing assumption of power by the Left.

        You should be ashamed. You are exactly the kind of person the Left has openly declared should be sent to American gulags for “reeducation” .

        Fortunately, your/our number is growing as more and more people are realizing the nature and scope of the scam, and the narrative is faltering. Oh, it keeps getting louder, but there is more and more resistance to it as facts, those pesky little things that refuse to be hidden or destroyed, keep finding their way into the public awareness.

      • Cluster September 14, 2021 / 12:16 pm

        You should be ashamed. You are exactly the kind of person the Left has openly declared should be sent to American gulags for “reeducation”

        LMAO .. so true

      • Amazona September 14, 2021 / 12:20 pm

        I’ll see you there….

  6. Cluster September 14, 2021 / 11:22 am

    Here’s something to be hopeful about ….

    Almost 40% of young people fear having children in the future due to risks of climate change, survey finds

    If Democrats stop having children then there is some hope for this country

    • Amazona September 14, 2021 / 12:03 pm

      This may be the only time the Left has volunteered to be part of its “solution” instead of nominating others to pay the price they dictate

  7. Cluster September 15, 2021 / 9:34 am

    Below is a fantastic line of questioning and as short and simple as it is, it clearly reveals how incompetent, corrupt, and evil the United States Government truly is …

    Rand Paul: “The guy the Biden administration droned: was he an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?”

    Blinken: “I don’t know because we’re reviewing it.”

    Rand Paul: “You’d think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a predator drone.”

    So the WH bragged, and the media headlines read that two top ISIS planners were killed when in reality they have no idea who they killed and they don’t care.

    The United States Government is the largest criminal organization in the world.

  8. Cluster September 15, 2021 / 9:54 am

    IF Bob Woodwards book is true (I hear there were over 200 anonymous sources lol) and let’s be honest, Bob likes to make shit up, then Gen. Milley committed treason and that really isn’t up for debate. BUT the State media is covering for him, so nothing to see here folks. Just another day in Fascist America.

    • Retired Spook September 15, 2021 / 10:56 am

      Rand Paul was just on Glenn Beck’s radio show talking about Gen. Milley’s alleged phone call. Sen. Paul suggested that Milley submit to a polygraph, and if he flunks, he’s relieved of duty and prosecuted for treason. I agree.

  9. Cluster September 15, 2021 / 11:29 am

    Well it’s obvious that California is full of white supremacists and racists after voting in the privileged elite white man over the working class black man. Shouldn’t this be mentioned in the media? Asking for friend.

  10. Cluster September 15, 2021 / 1:13 pm

    Isn’t it about time for Michelle Obama to come out with hashtag campaign supporting the women in Afghanistan? I know that would probably help a lot.

    • Amazona September 15, 2021 / 5:22 pm

      I know her guidance is very important to me

  11. Amazona September 15, 2021 / 5:52 pm

    Headline: 1 In 500 Americans Have Now Died From COVID-19

    Second paragraph: A total of 663,913 people in the U.S. have died in relation to the coronavirus, which is equivalent to 1 in 500 Americans, according to Johns Hopkins University data via CNN.

    Kind of a big difference there, which is not addressed anywhere in the rest of the article. FROM Covid is a far cry from merely being RELATED to Covid, especially considering the sloppy way deaths have been attributed to Covid. Diagnosed as positive with no comorbidities, diagnosed as positive but clearly dying due to comorbidities, not tested but assumed to have been exposed, the reasons for attribution of deaths to the virus are pretty vague and often blatantly false.

    …the U.S. is reporting a more than 30% increase in average daily cases From what basis? 30% more than WHAT?

    …average daily deaths have nearly tripled during the past month Again, from what date?

    I signed up for iHeart Radio to listen to podcasts, not realizing it is a propaganda arm of the Left.

    • Amazona September 15, 2021 / 8:12 pm

      According to Worldometer, 32,255,743 people have recovered from Covid. That number should be added to the number of those vaccinated, with an * to indicate more durable and expansive protection. If we add that to the number of those vaccinated we are at over 211 million people with some resistance or immunity, and that doesn’t even include the many people who were never tested but showed symptoms, or didn’t show symptoms but probably had the virus based on later reactions like changes in senses of taste and/or smell.

      According to Yale Medicine Immunity is conferred either by building antibodies after an infection from the virus or from a vaccine.

      What was the number we kept hearing about the threshold of “herd immunity”? We are well over 2/3 of the population now.

  12. jdge1 September 15, 2021 / 10:22 pm

    The lies and misinformation from the CDC continue. Anyone wonder why a recent report from a data analyst who stated that the actual deaths due to the COVID vaccination is at least 4-5 times higher then stated by the CDC?

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. How convenient,

    • Anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injection is counted as an unvaccinated death. Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks,

    • The CDC also has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated, CDC guidance says to use a cycle threshold (CT) of 40, known to result in false positives. If you’re vaccinated, they recommend using a CT of 28 or less, which minimizes the risk of false positives,

    • The CDC also hides vaccine failures and props up the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative by only counting breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death.

    For those who might not know, the PCR test is the most widely test used to determine if you have the COVID virus. There are at least 2 major fallacies with using this test, both of which have been pointed out by the inventor of the test. First, if the test finds the presence of the virus, it cannot determine if the virus is live or dead. A dead virus cannot cause you to be ill or be transmitted to others causing them to be ill. Second, the test requires an amplification of the sample, sometimes referred to the “Cycle Threshold – CT”. A CT in excess of 35 will have a high rate of false positives. So, by using the higher CT for unvaccinated people and lower CT for vaccinated people, the credibility of the CDC is further diminished beyond where anyone should take them serious.

    The CDC stated that the majority of the new cases are from the unvaccinated. However, they inadvertently revealed the statistics they used were from Jan 2021 – Apr 2021 when the population of vaccinated was very low. So of course this would hold true. When coupling this information from above together with the blatant lie of who makes up the new cases of COVID-19, why would anyone believe ANYTHING the CDC says?

    It’s been widely proven as well as stated by the vaccine manufactures, that getting the vaccine will neither prevent you from getting sick or transmitting the virus. Any person or group (especially politicians) who state; “The vaccine is for the good of everyone around you.” is a flat out lie. The vaccine will at best, help reduce the symptoms of the virus if you were infected, but only for YOURSELF, and in no way will prevent you from getting sick or transmitting the virus to others. These mandates have absolutely no justification!

    • Amazona September 16, 2021 / 10:33 am

      JDGE1, you always have the best-researched and detailed posts. Thanks for this one. This is important stuff.

      The CDC is hiding the fact that deaths and serious reactions occur within two weeks of getting the shot, which lets them pretend they happened in “unvaccinated” people. Nice shell game there.

  13. jdge1 September 15, 2021 / 10:23 pm

    I read something today that said something like;

    4 Presidents and,
    100’s of billions dollars and,
    20 years later,

    We replaced the Taliban with the Taliban.

    Only now they’re stronger, more dangerous and more emboldened than before.

    • Retired Spook September 15, 2021 / 11:11 pm

      And a helluva lot better armed.

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