Nuclear Nightmare

I’ve talked a bit about the lies of our times (translation: yammered on endlessly about it), but something jumped out at me today.

There has been some chatter about the supposed threat of Putin using nuclear weapons in his war in Ukraine. Whether or not there’s anything to it, I don’t know. Could be just fear-mongering by our leaders to keep us on board with spending endless billions of never-to-be-audited dollars there. But it occurred to me that if, say, Putin were to use a nuke to destroy a Ukrainian division, just what could anyone do about it?

Ukraine gave up its nukes: so, no threat of retaliation from there. If there was to be a proportionate response, it would have to come from the USA, UK or France – the three nuclear-armed NATO powers. Which nation will risk a nuclear exchange with Russia over that? Nuke Smolensk and risk Nancy, Birmingham or Boston being wiped out in response? Not gonna happen – not in any conceivable universe of possibilities.

So, in the end, if Putin decided he has to use nukes, he’s got a free-fire zone. And that also got me thinking: just why haven’t nuclear weapons been used since 1945?

They kill lots of people?

Ok. They sure do. But so does conventional bombing: the conventional bombing raid on Tokyo March 10th, 1945 killed an estimated 100,000: about as many as were killed at Hiroshima. Dead is dead – whether in a nuclear flash or a firestorm. And nobody has been shy about killing since WWII – just between Korea and Vietnam about 6 million people were killed. And think of all the fighting all through the past 75 years! War after war after war and nothing is resolved and then some more war and killing because it wasn’t resolved and so on and etc. This is better than a nuclear bomb?

So, killing really isn’t the reason nobody uses them. But what about the long-term effects of nuclear war? Nuclear Winter! Land and water poisoned for thousands of years! Well…if you look into Nuclear Winter, if it is something which can happen (and there are doubts), then it is predicated upon thousands of nuclear weapons going off nearly at the same time. This is something which is very unlikely to happen. And as for poisoned land and water – well, as I’ve pointed out before, people never stopped living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even around Chernobyl they’re doing nature documentaries to chronicle how plants and animals are thriving in the absence of human activity. Think about that – the most deadly and poisonous nuclear accident in history…and they’re doing documentaries about how plants and animals are thriving. People live there now, too; some people have apparently lived there all along, and nobody is growing a third arm or having any other unusual physical actions.

So, just maybe the dangers of nuclear radiation are a bit overblown?

Now you have to think back a bit – and be over the age of, say, 45. People younger than that simply won’t have a memory of how we were positioned in the last part of the Cold War. At our peak, we had more than 31,000 nuclear warheads. And we didn’t just have the nukes – with rockets, bombers and subs, we had the ability to deliver these weapons with pinpoint accuracy in literal minutes from the word “go”. Old time veterans like me can remember SIOP: Single Integrated Operation Plan. That was military shorthand for how to wipe out the entirety of the Soviet Union in about thirty minutes.

But here’s the real kicker – and is once again something we know but we don’t know. Any of us of the right age who looked into weapons and capabilities of the USA and USSR knew at a glance that any nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union was only going to have one outcome: a wiped out USSR. Sure, the Russkies would try to respond but given their technological and organizational level (which was low – see Invasion of Ukraine for an example of Russian combat effectiveness), they’d have been lucky to get one or two shots off at us before they were utterly destroyed. Dirty little secret of the Cold War was that most Russian ICBM’s were not launch-capable at a moment’s notice. It is actually tricky to keep a liquid fueled rocket ready to go and the Russians just didn’t have the skill to do that. Their liquid-fueled rockets were usually standing empty and it would have taken hours or days to get them ready…and we would have seen that with our satellites giving us plenty of time to attack before they could even launch. This is why the Soviets invested so much money in mobile nuclear launchers…they needed to keep something they hoped we would miss (we wouldn’t have – any rocket which can go between continents is large and noticeable from the sky). Their bomber force was obsolescent before it took to the air – and they never mastered the American ability to build a genuine penetration bomber which would have a solid shot of making it to the target. The Cuban Missile Crisis was caused by the Russian desire to have at least some missiles with a decent shot of hitting the United States before we could destroy them on the ground.

But we never thought of it that way, did we? Even after sizing up capabilities, we were still frozen in the concept that a nuclear exchange meant mutual destruction. Nobody wins. Everyone is dead. Civilization is wiped out – and the few survivors are living in a Mad Max dystopia. Just can’t do it! And we got to that mental attitude early on – about the time MacArthur was suggesting that the best way to deal with a million ChiCom soldiers massing in Manchuria would be to drop an atomic bomb on them. You can’t! It would be mass murder! The Russians would nuke us in response and we’d all die!

Well, can’t see as sparing those ChiComs nuclear destruction was all that helpful – not to them or to us. Nobody knows how many Chinese soldiers died in Korea: Chinese government assertions on it are quite useless and while we made estimates, we never really counted. But, rely on it, they were enormous. Again and again the Chinese leadership sent masses of their soldiers straight into American firepower. Their deaths must have been in the hundreds of thousands. And then there’s the deaths they inflicted – ours, South Korean, other UN allies. Over a three year slugging match in horrible conditions for both sides. So, a nuke in Manchuria is the morally inferior choice? Even if it brings with it the possibility that the mere threat of nuking might have got the ChiComs to climb down? Or, if it didn’t, bring the war to the same, swift end it brought to WWII? With a lot fewer of ours dead? And does anyone really think that if we nuked the People’s Volunteer Army in Manchuria that Stalin would risk Moscow for the chance of nuking New York City?

Where’s the downside here?

But we were told that to even contemplate it was immoral. And who said so? Well, the usual suspects when we discuss any historical restraint placed on the application of American power – the American left and Establishment was against it. But why were they? It isn’t like we’ve found these people over time to be opposed to death. Oh, sure, they don’t want to die themselves, but again and again they have sent people they don’t know into the shambles of war…had them fight and die for no purpose and then awarded themselves medals and commendations for doing it. So, I can’t see that morality is what got them to advocate against nukes. And, in fact, the only thing a refusal to use nukes helped was…the enemies of the United States. Here you have this Super Power with overwhelming force which can make all your bravery quite useless…and that Super Power pledges not to use it against you. You can do whatever you want: start wars, murder people, loot and imprison…kill as many Americans as you can! And rely on it, no matter what you do, that Super Power will never take the easy way out of his problem by simply exterminating you with a few bombs well placed.

I just have to believe that the campaign to make nuclear weapons unthinkable emerged from the USSR. Had to: it only helped them. It allowed them to feel safe from destruction while also make it seem like they were a power equal to the United States.

But now it is 2022. Things are different. And serious people with actual knowledge of how nuclear weapons work are in power and to them it is a mere calculation: a cost-benefit analysis. We might find out soon that plenty of players around the world are willing to use nukes against the nuke-free – because the target can’t hit back and none of the nuke-armed powers are going to risk themselves by retaliating in the name of the victim. What I’m saying here is that after quite a long while of living a pipe dream about nuclear weapons, we might have to live in the real world of them.

And that makes me wonder: it has been a long time since we built or tested a nuke. Just how effective is our arsenal? Because if it isn’t up to snuff – and our enemies have fully penetrated our government and probably know to the last detail the condition of our nuclear force – then we might find a nuclear sabre rattled at us.

We might be in for a very difficult time – and all because, ultimately, we allowed ourselves to be conned on this and so many other issues.

60 thoughts on “Nuclear Nightmare

  1. Jeremiah October 1, 2022 / 3:03 am

    Russia created at one time what was named the “Tsar bomb” and it was supposed to deliver 100 megatons of force, which equals out to 100 million tons. Although they had to downsize it to 50 so that the pilot would have time to escape the shockwave.

    From what I understand, they now have a bomb that is 3 times more powerful than the Tsar bomb. I think it’s called the Poseidon bomb. If it’s 3 times more powerful than the Tsar bomb, that would mean it would deliver 150 megatons, a 150 million ton blast.

    I really don’t know if many people know how devastating that would be. If Putin were to drop that in Europe there would not be much of Europe left, if any at all. It would destroy homes for thousands of miles away.

    The Tsar bomb, it was powerful enough that the shockwave traveled around the earth 3 times in a matter of just a few minutes, I really don’t know how long it took, but it wasn’t very long.

    To think that there is a mad man who is hungry for power, and he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions is quite concerning. Not only would he kill millions of people but would also destroy the land in which much of the food production is grown.

    I would think there would have to be a very unique place in hell for someone who would do that.
    Why should civilization be held hostage by one has the biggest bomb? And Biden in his mental state of dissolution, I don’t think has the mental faculties to handle such a situation.

    Therefore, the fate of many rests in the hands of the people with the ability to solve this situation diplomatically greatly enhanced by force.

    I don’t any successful nation has ever gone to war without a good diplomatically inclined leader, and as has been shown by President Trump’s leadership in the past, he is a great leader when it comes to forming peace. I wouldn’t want anyone other than President Trump at the wheel if we were to go to war with someone like Putin or Xi Ping (whatever his name is).

    • Jeremiah October 2, 2022 / 4:19 pm

      I take back my original statement, the blast wave from the tsar bomb took 36 hours and 27 minutes to circle the globe for the first wave. So not in minutes.

  2. Retired Spook October 1, 2022 / 9:42 am

    I had really hoped to grow old and ride off into the sunset before mankind decided to see if it could destroy itself. Kind of ironic that leftists/environmentalists have railed on and on for close to a half century that our actions are destroying the planet when, in reality, our actions are going to destroy us and leave the planet behind for the plants and animals (see comments about Chernobyl).

  3. Cluster October 1, 2022 / 10:27 am

    Trump proposed peace talks to end the war and the liberal media went nuts. Democrats don’t want peace talks, they want war both foreign and domestic. A nuclear strike is exactly what Democrats are goading Putin to do, which will give them the cover to declare marital law and seize control. That’s who they are.

    Here’s a good read on the repudiation of Peter Strozk and the FBI. No mention in the media of course. Democrats have infected everything

    • Amazona October 1, 2022 / 2:57 pm

      I always wondered if they went nuts because they didn’t want peace, or if was just one of those flip-outs because Trump was doing something that would reflect well on him.

      I’m not sure if they really want war, though they do seem to do a lot of saber-rattling while at the same time squealing in outrage whenever a president projects strength instead of abject cowering and pandering, as Obama did.

      But I do know that if Trump had come out in favor of gravity the Agenda Media would soon be howling about this, calling it racist and demanding that in the name of equity and social justice we should all float six inches above ground. We have to remember that untold thousands of people died because of the hysterical pushback when he talked about effective therapeutics for Covid, when they instantly declared that time-tested and safe medicines WILL KILL YOU! and Dem governors even banned their sale in their states.

      • Mark Noonan October 1, 2022 / 6:43 pm

        It is all very insane – but Trump’s call for peace also brings to mind just how lousy our rulers are at adjusting relations between nations. They had a set of dogmas they adhere to without for a moment thinking about them or how they apply in modern times. The twin pillars are that military aggression can never succeed and that borders are sacred. I’m rather ok with never rewarding military aggression, but the concept that a line, once drawn on a map, becomes holy writ is just absurd – we need to consider when the line was drawn, who drew it and just what people live on that line.

        For Ukraine, the line was drawn by Stalin because he wanted to include a large Russian-speaking population in Ukraine to ensure that whatever government Ukraine had, it would have a high number of ethnic Russians, who were most loyal to the concept of the USSR (which was, after all, just the Russian Empire renamed). The line was not drawn to reflect linguistic or ethnic realities on the ground but merely to promote the stability of Stalin’s rule. This is hardly something we should be concerning ourselves with in 2022.

        A cool headed diplomacy in 2014 would have recognized that the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine was a living title deed for Russian aggression and until that stark fact was resolved, there was no way to end the crisis in Russian-Ukrainian relations. The only two ways the issue would be resolved, absent a Ukraine militarily strong enough to impose its will on Russia, was Russian annexation of the Russian areas, or broad autonomy for those Russian areas. My view is that we should have worked to pressure Ukraine to provide that autonomy as that would have undercut Putin’s excuse for attacking – that the Russians were being oppressed by the Ukrainians (and, as it turns out, this is the case). Trying to sustain Ukraine’s writ east of the Dnieper is, as we’ve seen, rather expensive in blood and treasure – and probably won’t work unless a NATO army is raised and sent over to enforce it.

        And even after all the dead and all the money shot out of a cannon, our rulers still can’t see it…and so the war goes on and with it the risk of a wider conflict. Just stupid.

  4. Retired Spook October 1, 2022 / 1:19 pm

    OT, but an excellent representation of the progression of COVID vaccine lies:

  5. Retired Spook October 2, 2022 / 9:25 am

    Laugh for the day:

  6. Amazona October 2, 2022 / 10:13 pm

    A few days ago forty ‘splained to us that if Trump had only tweeted sad-face emojis and “I feel your pain” he would have won in a landslide. (Paraphrasing here, but not sure just how a president can project enough “empathy” to fill the feelz coffers of the emotionally needy.)

    Anyway, the same whiny kind of complaint is now being hurled at DeSantis. It started with some dipwad complaining about DeSantis’s “lack of urgency” in talking about the upcoming storm, and the Usual Suspects weighed in about how he should have DONE SOMETHING. They admit that DeSantis had press conferences, and did warn people this was a very dangerous storm, and told them they should leave—but he “wasn’t FORCEFUL enough!”

    These people just don’t know how to deal with adults, who act like adults. They yearn for histrionics and panic.

    I also saw complaints that DeSantis did not order evacuation “early enough”—-but evacuation orders are by counties, not by the state.

    • casper3031 October 2, 2022 / 11:58 pm

      Not a DeSantis fan, I hope he loses. That said, I think he has done a pretty good job handling this emergency. If anything, I think this will assure his election.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 11:03 am

        Of course you hope he loses. We would expect nothing else from you.

    • fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 1:49 am

      “A few days ago forty ‘splained to us that if Trump had only tweeted sad-face emojis and ‘I feel your pain’ he would have won in a landslide.”

      This is an asinine characterization of what I wrote, but what else can we expect from Amazona?

      However, if Trump had even pretended to care that Americans were dying from COVID-19, he probably would have won re-election. Having compassion for the plight of Americans is part of the job. All presidents before Trump were able to do it regardless of the circumstances. But for the likes of Trump (and Amazona), showing empathy for others is a sign of weakness. Better to be a bully.

      As for DeStantis, he opened himself to criticism as one of only two House members to vote against relief for Hurricane Sandy in 2013, claiming it was an irresponsible boondoggle, a symbol of the “put it on the credit card mentality.” Now when it comes to his own state, his stance is the opposite.

      • Cluster October 3, 2022 / 10:18 am

        But you still voted for a pedophile who condones drug use by his completely corrupt son who grifts off of foreign countries, and of whom took showers with his underage daughter. That is who YOU voted for you piece of shit. And now we’re on the verge of a nuclear war and people can’t even walk the streets without the threat of Biden voters attacking them. And the raging c**t of a VP wants to give hurricane relief money only to POC’s.

        FUCK YOU BOTH for voting for those pieces of shit.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 11:25 am

        Remember, forty is all big mad because some parents don’t want their very young children sexualized and groomed for early and promiscuous sexual activity. And quite huffy about Trump seeing the corona virus as a problem to be solved, not a crisis to be manipulated to gain power.

        But at least s/he admitted that pretending to CARE is all that matters, which is what we have known all along. The thing is, his/her people often don’t even bother to pretend. There was zero empathy for the elderly forced to die alone after being callously exposed to the virus and then denied immediate therapeutics. There was zero empathy for the parents who couldn’t go to work because their children were not in school, or for those parents whose jobs disappeared because of the Draconian shutdowns that did absolutely nothing to help Americans deal with this virus. There was no empathy for the years of socialization and education millions of children lost, or the businesses forced to close that will never open again. I haven’t seen a shred of empathy for the people who believed their own government and injected dangerous experimental drugs, only to find that when they suffered serious damage (or had loved ones die) that same government was providing legal protection to the drug companies so they could not be held liable for their negligence. There sure hasn’t been any empathy for those forced out of their jobs, losing their livelihoods, because they refused to take these drugs.

        And it’s not just the virus where these people are callous and uncaring. There has been no empathy for those abandoned in Afghanistan, tracked down and tortured and murdered or forced into hiding to save their own lives after a corrupt government lied to them and then left them on their own. I don’t remember an outpouring of empathy for the Americans killed in Benghazi after THAT administration abandoned them to certain death, refusing to send them aid.

        So spare us this pious mewling about how little EMPATHY true leaders have shown when they have calmly addressed problems and treated citizens like intelligent adults, conveying information without accompanying histrionics.

        And seriously—“bullying”? This from someone who supports an administration that charges into a family’s home at dawn with heavily armed federal agents to arrest a man in front of his terrified wife and children, shackling him and putting him in a belly chain, after his attorney had been conferring with authorities and told them he would be happy to go in when they asked him to—-for an old accusation of a misdemeanor, which had been dismissed by the attorney general at the time and then dismissed as the basis for a civil suit. There’s some bullying for you.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 12:24 pm

        Let’ see how much pretending this administration can do to express EMPATHY when people are freezing to death because of the high price of heating oil or other fuels to heat their homes. Let’s see how much EMPATHY we get when our food store shelves are bare because of food shortages, or even more expensive due to the double whammy of rising shipping costs and inflation caused by wildly irresponsible overspending.

        I predict this administration won’t even pretend to care, and will instead blame it all on someone else—Trump, no doubt, and Putin of course, and anyone else they can come come up with.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 11:02 am

        what else can we expect from Amazona?


        But thanks for supporting what I said. You admit that all you care about is someone PRETENDING to care, an attitude I accurately described, and ridiculed.

        Was the Sandy relief bill really a boondoggle? Have you looked at it to see if he had a good point? And my comment had nothing to do with Florida getting hurricane relief money—it was about the Left falling back on its obsession with superficial appearances. It quite clearly said the complaints were that DeSantis had not expressed enough URGENCY when he treated Floridians like adults, spoke to them calmly as he laid out the facts, and told them this was a serious and life-threatening emergency and they should prepare to evacuate.

        In other words, not enough melodrama, not enough panic porn, to satisfy a Left addicted to hysteria.

        And BTW, I ridiculed your whine about Trump not showing enough empathy. I didn’t invent a bald-faced lie and claim that he (and I) believe that empathy is a sign of weakness.

      • fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 2:14 pm

        “But thanks for supporting what I said. You admit that all you care about is someone PRETENDING to care, an attitude I accurately described, and ridiculed.”

        I knew you would consider tweeting to be the equivalent of pretending to care, never mind actually caring. That’s a mighty low standard for a president…

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 3:29 pm

        Wow. You even managed to bicker about tweeting. But then I guess practice makes perfect. Your petty snarl just proves my point—that you’re here for the cheap thrills of gotchas.

        Even when you have to reframe what is said so you can gloat over your snarl about the distortion.

        But hey, you’re the one who reduced presidential influence to mere posturing, admitting that it would enough for a president to just pretend to care. So now you can quibble about the medium in which this pretense might be disseminated so the people could feel this bogus empathy.


    • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 12:30 pm

      I remember a very serious DeSantis warning Floridians that the high storm surge “will not be survivable” and that it was essential to leave the areas immediately.

      Maybe it’s just me, but “not survivable” seems to convey a sense of urgency. Of course he wasn’t flapping his arms and yelling RUN, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! so the fragile Left might not have been able to understand the seriousness of the situation.

      • Cluster October 3, 2022 / 5:41 pm

        Rational, decent Americans are caught in the middle of the callous sub human Leftist activists, politicians, etc. and the bone deep stupid people they have educated over the last couple of decades.

  7. fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 2:15 pm

    A few threads back Amazona claimed I was lying when I said that Trump supporters had attacked the police during the Jan. 6 capitol riot. She challenged me to name even one such Trump supporter. Challenge accepted.

    Last week Trump supporter Kyle Young was sentenced to more than seven years in prison. The judge said his actions “were some of the darkest acts committed on one of our nation’s darkest days.” Young pleaded guilty to assaulting, resisting or impeding a police officer. He is one of several defendants to be charged in the assault of D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who was dragged into the crowd, beaten and shocked with a stun gun while defending one of the entrances to the Capitol during the riot.

    Also last week, Trump supporter Ronald Sandlin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding and assaulting, resisting or impeding officers. Sandlin’s friends and co-conspirators, Nathaniel DeGrave and Josiah Colt, previously pleaded guilty: DeGrave to the same two felonies as Sandlin, Colt to felony obstruction.

    And in a development that will no doubt be of interest to Spook, this week saw the start of the trial of Oath Keeper members who are charged with seditious conspiracy against the United States. They are among twenty Oath Keepers who have been charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. According to news reports, the Oath Keepers are planning an interesting defense, arguing that jurors cannot find them guilty of seditious conspiracy because they believed President Trump was going to invoke the Insurrection Act to call up a militia to support him—the Oath Keepers being Trump’s militia. Good luck with that.

    • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 3:53 pm

      You seem quite smug about finding a passing reference to Kyle Young as having supported Trump—the Des Moines Register managed to squeeze it in at the very end of their article. Of course it’s not supported by anything, like a statement from Young that he was motivated by his dedication to Trump, but why let reality get in the way here at this late date.

      The US Attorney office’s release on Sandlin doesn’t even bother, probably knowing that you people will fill in the blanks..

      But I contend, and always have, that while the mechanics of the election itself were enough to outrage decent people who really want fair elections, it was the savagery and blatant DIShonesty of the defense of the election afterwards that really upset people. There was the opportunity, in November and December, for the Left to say “There are certainly questions that need to be answered and perceptions that need to be addressed, so let’s do that in the interest of assuring the people that we have honest and fair elections”.

      But what we got was pure savagery. We were told we were too stupid to know what we saw, and didn’t really see it at all. We were told it didn’t matter that untold tens or even hundreds of thousands of ballots were submitted illegally, improperly or under illegitimate newly passed election laws and then improperly counted as valid votes. We saw activist judges put their thumbs on the scales of justice by merely coming up with excuses to not hear legal appeals. We saw individuals attacked so viciously one might think they had done something heinous, instead of challenging obviously suspect voting tallies or practices. We saw sworn affidavits of wrongdoing mysteriously just disappear. We were told absolutely stupid things, like the claim that statistical analysis is bogus and a fraud and meaningless, when we knew perfectly well that the industries like insurance run on statistical analysis. We were insulted, talked down to, attacked and demeaned. Most of all we saw absolute utter obduracy as the Left refused to allow any objective analysis or investigation after the fact. Even a pretense of belief that this had been an honest election started to crumble as it became clearer and clearer that to the Left IT DIDN’T MATTER. They got what they wanted, and that was all that counted for them.

      We saw people like Bill Barr announce that yes, there were some improper votes counted, but as they were by then incorporated into the total there was no way to pull them out “because we don’t know who got them” so we just had to accept that the vote tallies were meaningless. And THEN, after the many admissions regarding several states that there was no way to know who got how many legitimate votes, which is the very definition of “uncertifiable”, we saw state after state certify uncertifiable vote counts.

      It was bad enough to witness the blatant cheating before and during the election. There wasn’t even much of an effort to hide it. Then we got steamrollered by the Deep State, and finally got a real taste of its power and corruption.

      When 80 or 90 million people become so angry and disillusioned and resentful, it is no wonder that a handful of them are going to go off the deep end and engage in violence. But this did not happen because of Donald Trump. He is merely the symbol of what happens when good people go up against a powerful and corrupt machine. Any naive illusions of fairness or justice have been knocked in the head in the last two years and it’s pretty disgusting to see the guys with the hammers then getting all judgmental about a natural reaction to it.

      And just as one kind of psychological dissonance leads some people into violence as a reaction to frustration and resentment, another kind leads people like you into a miasma of blind hatred and malice. It’s your choice, and all you can do to try to justify it is to claim that people who don’t agree with you are the ones driven by irrational emotionalism.

      • fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 4:34 pm

        “But I contend, and always have, that while the mechanics of the election itself were enough to outrage decent people who really want fair elections, it was the savagery and blatant DIShonesty of the defense of the election afterwards that really upset people.”

        “When 80 or 90 million people become so angry and disillusioned and resentful, it is no wonder that a handful of them are going to go off the deep end and engage in violence.”

        Well, there you go, defending an insurrection against the capitol of the United States while acknowledging that the ones who went “off the deep end” were in fact the ones who became angry and disillusioned because Donald Trump told them the election was stolen. Stop pretending they weren’t Trump supporters.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 5:53 pm

        Well there you go lying about the meaning of the word “insurrection”. I’ve cited the legal meaning and even given case law on several times here. It means a violent coordinated uprising with the intent of overthrowing a government and assuming its powers. No Trump supporter wanted to overthrow the government and certainly no one wanted to assume its powers. The reasons have been explained over and over again. You just don’t like them. It is not the same as a riot, nor is it the same as interfering in a process, and Jan 6 could hardly be considered “coordinated”. It was a riot, and its participants tended to have disparate and often unrelated motives. Some were Trump supporters, some weren’t.

        I notice that, as usual, you just skip over the parts that don’t fit your pathology. But as I said, merely being a Trump supporter was not the prime motive for unruly rage and acting out. Among several motives, which have to include a simple joy in violence and destruction and instructions to the professional rioters (who somehow all managed to escape, unidentified much less charged in spite of being identified in several other riots over a couple of years) I contend that the primary reasons for those who were actually Trump supporters were those I explained. And I also pointed out the very very small proportion of violent rioters to the number of Trump supporters.

        You are just too locked into your little hate bubble to accept anything but your preferred little narrative.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 5:56 pm

        And BTW, Donald Trump didn’t have to tell us the election was stolen. We watched it BE stolen, right in front of our eyes.

        Clearly the narrative that Trump supporters are just mindless sheep passively waiting to be told what to think and what to do by their Great Orange Master is one you cherish. Too bad it has nothing to do with reality. But it seems to comfort you.

      • fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 7:12 pm

        “But as I said, merely being a Trump supporter was not the prime motive for unruly rage and acting out.”

        And you’re wrong. They were there in the first place because of Trump. Many attempted to use the defense in court that Trump told them to come. Not only that, they showed up armed with all manner of weapons, including guns. They showed up ready for violence.

        Your comments in recent days have truly been illuminating. For years you claimed to support a constitutional republic and have expounded on the paramount importance of the Tenth Amendment with regard to limiting the scope of the federal government. But when it comes down to it, those principles only apply for you so long as you get what you want.

        When it is pointed out to you that the vast majority of Republican Congressmen are in favor of a national abortion ban–and that you have previously claimed national legislation on abortion would violate the Tenth Amendment–you’re like, uh, oh, well, smarter people than me can probably figure out how the Tenth Amendment doesn’t apply here.

        Same with elections. You’re all in favor until your preferred candidate loses. Then it’s down the conspiracy rat hole without a scintilla of evidence. And for only one reason: You actually don’t believe in fair elections unless you agree with the outcome.

        Your so-called political philosophy is being spoken loud and clear, whether you intended to or not.

      • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 8:32 pm

        Of course the Trump supporters were there in the first place because of Trump. Duh.

        The professional rioters were there because they get paid to do this. The recreational rioters were there for fun. The anti-Trump false flag infiltrators were there to cause trouble that would be blamed on Trump. Theoretically the FBI infiltrators and police infiltrators were there to monitor and identify troublemakers but they did a pretty poor job of it, only identifying those they could call Trump supporters and ignoring the others, and many have been accused of actually participating in and even inciting violence. Ditto for the many police officers there from various departments.

        95% or more of those who were there in the first place because of Trump were non violent. Of the few who were Trump supporters and also violent only a few brought any kind of weapon. No guns. The Oath Keepers brought guns to the DC area and left them in their motel rooms. We do know that the professional rioters had their backpacks of their standard riot gear: their frozen water bottles and so on. These were not Trump supporters.

        As I have pointed out to you, one thing about being a conservative is that we are not required to march in lockstep with the collective. I get to have my own opinion on the constitutionality of a federal abortion ban. Others get to have theirs. I have heard opinions that such a ban would be challenged on constitutional grounds. I have no idea why you are so freaked out about this, and so intent on making it personal about me. Or why you find it necessary to lie about what I say. I never said “smarter people than me can probably figure out how the Tenth Amendment doesn’t apply here.” I did say I am not an expert, and possibly others know things I don’t. It is also possible that I am right and they are wrong.

        It is much more likely that such a bill would not actually be what it sounds like. There is no bill yet. There is no way to know how it would be written or what it would cover or how it would be defended. Just get over yourself and stop wasting all this emotional energy on a hypothetical bill and hypothetical arguments for and against it by hypothetical people. It’s all just a frantic effort to somehow cast shade on me, personally.

        Then you really go over the cliff and link a couple of big lies: “You’re all in favor until your preferred candidate loses” and “You actually don’t believe in fair elections unless you agree with the outcome.” What utter bullcrap. These lies are not even based on a distortion of anything I have said. They are simply inventions, bubbling up out of the cess pool of your own mind.

        Some ballots cast under illegitimate new election laws are undoubtedly for Trump. They are as illegitimate as any cast for Biden. They are all illegitimate. No ballot received without a signature should be counted no matter who the vote is for. Period. No ballot should be accepted without proof of the identity of the voter. And so on. Legitimate is legitimate. Period. I have never said, written or thought anything else.

        You also refer to a “conspiracy rat hole without a scintilla of evidence”. Except for the growing piles of evidence, like the court ruling that the change in election law in one of the questioned states was illegal. That happened. It is not a conspiracy theory that the state illegally changed its laws in violation of its own constitution. This has been upheld, finally, though it was always obvious. And it is not a conspiracy theory that under the concept of disregarding the fruit of the poison tree no ballot cast under an illegal election law should count. It is not a conspiracy theory that it was widely acknowledged that many votes were counted that should not have been, nor is it a conspiracy theory that the word “certify” means to attest to accuracy, yet states certified vote tallies they knew were not accurate. And so on. There is abundant evidence that the election was rigged, in one way or another, sometimes in a big way and sometimes in a smaller one. It is not a conspiracy theory that this started with the invention of the Russia Collusion Hoax, or that top FBI officials perjured themselves to get bogus warrants to spy on Trump and people associated with him in efforts to support a “dossier” known by them to not only be false but paid for by the Clinton campaign—all preemptive efforts to smear Trump enough to swing votes to Hillary. The rigging started long before a vote was cast.

        In fact, the same kind of preemptive effort to rig the 2024 election has been taking place all along, starting with the bogus J6 House hearings and going on to the raid on Trump’s home, all designed to keep Trump from being able to run.

        Your “not a scintilla of evidence” is turning out to be several truckloads of proof.

        You can try to make this about me, because that is what people like you do. You don’t argue political structure, or the effectiveness of a political opponent, or anything that matters. You keep it personal and then make it vicious, because to you it’s always Identity Politics, all the time.

        You smirk that I have inadvertently outed myself, but in fact it is you whose mask has slipped, whose pretense of wanting to be treated like a sincere poster interested in sincere exchange of ideas has disintegrated as your personal animus has taken over.

        My own “so-called political philosophy” stands, unchanged, and I will continue to define and defend it. And unlike yours, it’s based on solid political premises and convictions, not some vapid platitudes and posturing. And that’s OK—I get it. I remember being afraid to closely examine my Liberal “beliefs” as I stridently sneered at the opposition, and I remember how threatening it was when I finally found the courage to do so and challenge them. I was no more able to defend them on the grounds of objective fact and knowledge than you are. Seriously—been there and done that, though to my credit I was never even close to being as toxic and vicious as you are. The purposeful vagueness of my half-baked “politics” provided a comfort zone and, of course, that short cut to the Higher Moral Ground that is so seductive.

        I developed my conservative, constitutional, belief system slowly, after a lot of study of Leftist governance (never finding any successes, by the way) and the history of true constitutional governance. Not a whit of my conversion was based on personalities or Identity Politics, though I did develop a slight crush on Thomas Jefferson. It was all structure and proofs of success, and respect for the inherent libertarianism of the Constitution as those brilliant Founders constructed it.

      • fortyacresbeyond October 3, 2022 / 11:19 pm

        “Of the few who were Trump supporters and also violent only a few brought any kind of weapon. No guns.”

        This is not true. For one thing, if you had followed the Jan. 6 hearings you would have heard police radio traffic in which the police spotted individuals armed with AR-15s and pistols. But you ignored the hearings and therefore you are ignorant. There is also google, but you just don’t want to know because it doesn’t fit you narrative.

        “As I have pointed out to you, one thing about being a conservative is that we are not required to march in lockstep with the collective.” I never claimed you were required to march in lockstep, nor have I said that all conservatives think exactly the same. Yet you claim exactly that about “the left.” Just nonsense.

        “I get to have my own opinion on the constitutionality of a federal abortion ban. Others get to have theirs. I have heard opinions that such a ban would be challenged on constitutional grounds.”

        Didn’t we have a discussion about Social Security the other day? You pointed out that it received a great deal of opposition on the grounds that it violated the Tenth Amendment, and said it was a law imposed “by unelected political appointees, who have applied political interpretations to the Constitution to advance political agendas.” Yet when it comes to a national abortion ban your stance changes completely. It’s breathtaking after years of you going on and on about the Tenth that you would say it’s just a matter of opinion.

        “I have no idea why you are so freaked out about this, and so intent on making it personal about me.”

        Because you make it personal with me and casper and everyone else, hurling insults at every turn. I’m just treating you in kind. I’m happy to move forward on a more cordial basis, but that’s up to you.

        I stand by my statement that neither your nor Donald Trump have evidence that the election was fraudulent. Because you don’t.

      • Amazona October 4, 2022 / 1:02 am

        Your breath is so easily taken. Maybe all that lying is what makes you so breathless.

        Yes, laws have been passed when not everyone in the country agreed with the constitutional interpretations of those doing the voting. Understanding that this has happened in no way makes me responsible for that, or implies that it affects my own belief system. I don’t have to agree with a law or a policy for it to be binding. I didn’t say the SS law was imposed by, blah blah blah, because it was legislated by Congress. I said it was upheld by the Court. Go ahead and quibble about whether that is the same as “imposing” it. I am so tired of you and your incessant bickering I don’t care.

        THERE IS NO NATIONAL ABORTION BAN. The term is loosely used to describe something that has no form, no detail, nothing about which to argue, nothing to defend. It is still only a vague reference to an amorphous concept. It does not exist. I made what was evidently a mistake in suggesting that a complete ban, should it be proposed, would bump up against the Dodd ruling. OMG! I assure you that if I had known you would take this to truly lunatic levels of bickering and insults, I would never have been so foolish. I’m just not used to such dogmatic fanaticism and addiction to gotchas, even feeble ones.

        You define restrictions as bans, anyway, so there is no way to even try to talk about this possible, potential, action. One potential form might be a violation of the tenth amendment, another form might not. Your insane obsession with insisting that I have taken a firm stand on this nonexistent potential issue and then flip-flopped on this and that this somehow means something about my political integrity or something is just plain goofy—if something can be goofy and malignant at the same time.

        Your obsession with twisting everything I say is really quite tiresome, and I have no interest in “moving forward” because I find you personally to be quite distasteful and objectively to be quite dishonest. Life is too short to waste on people like you and I think my point, that you should never have been allowed onto the blog once you showed your true colors, has been proved

  8. Cluster October 3, 2022 / 5:53 pm

    I have never known grown men to be afraid of unarmed elderly people until Democrat men and their whiny wives in the 21st century came along. It’s hard to believe the level of dishonesty or willful ignorance one has to achieve to completely look past the deadly summer riots of 2020, the deadly vaccine mandates, the releasing of hardened criminals back on the streets via no cash bail, the obviously stolen election of 2020, the sexualizing of our children, and the complete abandonment of the Constitution and be maniacally focused on an FBI led protest on the Capital on Jan 6. But that’s where we are. The Democrat Party is a satanic cult … straight up and they need to be eliminated.

    They can charge Trump and all of his supporters with whatever the fuck they want. Democrats are sub human and I hope one day they finally incite war.

    • Amazona October 3, 2022 / 6:01 pm

      I have never known grown men to be afraid of unarmed elderly people

      I know. The panic over a few dozen middle-aged to elderly people being bewildered at being invited to enter the Capitol and then wandering around in confusion sure was pretty funny. As one commentator said: “The loitering—the loitering. Oh, the horror!”

  9. Jeremiah October 3, 2022 / 9:03 pm

    Russia’s doomsday bomb has left its port. It cruising open waters now.

  10. Retired Spook October 4, 2022 / 10:48 am

    Here’s what Quora says about the number of guns confiscated on January 6th. Lots of interesting comments. Interestingly, all the “weapons (flagpoles, bear spray, baseball bats, fire extinguishers, etc.) are not the kind of things you find at Trump rallies — they’re just not.

    • Amazona October 4, 2022 / 11:24 am

      We’ve known all along that the professional rioters and activists who infiltrated the rally were armed with their usual riot gear, which included bats, frozen water bottles, bear spray, etc. As you point out, these are not things brought to Trump rallies. But they ARE things taken to riots and events where instigators hope to incite riots. There is no way to know how many of the many law enforcement officers who infiltrated the crowd were armed. They were supposedly there to witness and record, but there are accounts of many of them participating in the violence and even instigating some of it.

      As the DC police, the Capitol police and all other law enforcement agencies knew in advance the rally was going to be infiltrated by troublemakers, the subsequent denial by the anti-Trumpists of any infiltrators is just another example of the inherent dishonesty of those people.

      To me, the most significant aftermath of the riots is the fact that only people identified as Trump supporters were arrested and charged. None of the professional rioters were, in spite of early reports that many had been identified as participating in other riots in other cities. We even saw videos of Ray Epps whispering in the ear of a man who nodded and then turned and attacked a police barricade, and of him popping up in many places that day always instructing people, even calling out that they needed to get to the Capitol—there could not be more video evidence other than shots of him lighting a Molotov cocktail and throwing it through a window. Yet when people demanded that he be arrested the FBI blew it off, said he had been interviewed and cleared.

      Once again, the coverup is worse than the initial event.

      • Retired Spook October 4, 2022 / 1:00 pm

        There is no way to know how many of the many law enforcement officers who infiltrated the crowd were armed.

        Both Jim Jordan and Jim Banks said publicly that that was one of the first questions they would ask when Kevin McCarthy appointed them to the January 6th Committee. Nancy Pelosi’s response was to un-appoint them.

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:54 pm

        But…but…but… some cops saw some people somewhere in the general vicinity of the uprising (with no specifics) at a vague time that was not during the heat of the main activity and said they saw some of those deadly terrifying “assault weapons” so there can be absolutely no rational conclusion but to assume these were Trump supporters who took those guns to the riot.

        Which, naturally, means they were part of an organized effort to overthrow the government and assume its powers (the actual case law definition of an “insurrection”) because, you know, a few guys occupying a federal building would cause the government to fall, ceding control to these people.

      • Retired Spook October 4, 2022 / 1:09 pm

        Something else that should give any truth-seeking American pause. The Capitol riot was 21 months ago. The agenda media reported for about 18 or 19 of those months that there were no guns confiscated. It’s only been in the last 2 or 3 months that, all of a sudden, voila, there were rioters who were carrying firearms. That just simply doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • Amazona October 4, 2022 / 11:10 pm

        I’m really getting tired of the Leftist game of “you didn’t really see what you saw”. We saw Ray Epps leaning in to speak to a man who listened, nodded, and then turned and attacked a police barricade. We saw him moving through the crowd speaking in the same conspiratorial kind of way to many people who were actively engaged in violence. We heard him encourage people in the crowd to go to the Capitol.

        You go right ahead and feel sorry for him but don’t worry about him—the FBI has his back. Or did you miss the way Wray squirmed and then refused to answer when quizzed about Epps?

        Don’t bother us with your “fact check” nonsense. Every time I see the word “baseless” I know it’s a lie.

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:48 pm

        Seems like just another MAGA loving American because to the simple minded and terminally gullible, all you need to qualify as a “MAGA loving American” is a red hat.

        That level of analysis and comprehension explains a lot.

      • Cluster October 4, 2022 / 7:21 pm

        The American Public Policy Project?? Seriously Cap? That’s the same group that led you down the Russia Collusion path. You’re so fucking gullible. Please wear your obedience mask today

      • casper3031 October 4, 2022 / 11:53 pm

        “We saw Ray Epps leaning in to speak to a man who listened, nodded, and then turned and attacked a police barricade. We saw him moving through the crowd speaking in the same conspiratorial kind of way to many people who were actively engaged in violence. We heard him encourage people in the crowd to go to the Capitol.”

        You saw him do these things, you don’t really know what he said and neither do I. He encouraged the crowd to go to the Capitol as did Trump. Does that mean that Trump is an FBI operative? You could be right, but if you are, that means the MAGA people there were pretty easily convinced they needed to commit violence. Personally, I have a had time believing that anyone on my side had a good reason to stage any kind of protest, as we had already won the election by a lot.

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 12:33 am

        Personally, I have a had time believing that anyone on my side had a good reason to stage any kind of protest, as we had already won the election by a lot.

        Are you really that dense? Really? (Actually history tells us the answer is yes, absolutely.)

        Are you truly saying that Leftists there went there to PROTEST? Seriously? Can you possibly be that dumb? (Actually history tells us the answer is yes, absolutely.)

        In spite of the simple-minded concept that the crowd was basically a homogenous group of like-minded people with a shared (nefarious) agenda, nothing could be farther from the truth.

        First, it was never intended to be a PROTEST. It was intended to be a show of support for the petition to Congress to postpone final certification for ten days to allow for some investigation into at least some of the hijinks and activities seen surrounding the election. Not a protest. The vast majority of the true Trump supporters who went there went for that purpose only, and to be a part of something they thought was important—the salvaging of one of the most important aspects of our nation, that of a free and honest election.

        A few Trump supporters were also inclined to be hotheads, and wanted to express their fury at how the election had gone down. Not many, but a few. Some wanted to act out midlife crises, a last chance to play Rambo. This small element might have supported Trump, but they were really there to act out their macho fantasies. They were not there to PROTEST.

        Then there were the agitators, the true troublemakers. Among these were some from, as you call it, “your side”—but all they wanted to do was poison the well, start trouble so Trump would be blamed for it. They were not there to PROTEST anything. What a bizarre concept!

        Some were Antifa types, rioters for the sake of rioting. Were they paid to go there and riot? Possibly. Certainly someone paid for their travel and expenses, just as what happened in other riots around the country. They were not there to PROTEST.

        These two basic groups had been recruiting for weeks, discussing the plan to present themselves as Trump supporters, to wear MAGA hats and so on. And we saw that in videos. When Ashli Babbit was murdered we saw several guys dumping their red hats in trash barrels, and one guy took off his jacket and trashed it. (Which reminds me—wouldn’t true investigations into J6 include examining trash barrels for discarded clothing? Hmmm) Anyway, these groups openly planned false flag tactics, with the purpose of maligning Trump and his supporters.

        And some were law enforcement people, from agencies ranging from the FBI to Homeland Security to various police departments. Theoretically they were there to infiltrate the crowd, monitor the activity, and identify wrongdoers. However, it turned out that many of them really got into it. The possible reasons are many, from just getting caught up in the emotions to wanting to damage Trump by adding to the mayhem, In any case there were many reports of these representatives our our law enforcement agencies not only participating in the violence but inciting it. They were not there to PROTEST

        I don’t know where you get your strange, cockamamie, distorted ideas—-I never have—but this has got to the the stupidest, most clueless perspective you have ever presented to us.

    • Cluster October 4, 2022 / 7:18 pm

      Hey fuck face, instead of us defending the FBI led Jan 6 insurrection, how about if you defend:

      – killing unborn children up until birth
      – allowing 2.5 million people in this country, most of whom are broke and many of whom are criminals
      – sexualizing kindergartners
      – allowing men to compete against women
      – no cash bail allowing hardened criminals back on the street
      – exploding homelessness
      – highest cost of living in decades
      and my favorite
      – getting us close to a nuclear war

      defend that motherfucker or get the fuck out of here.

  11. Amazona October 4, 2022 / 1:06 pm

    Schlichter strikes again!

    The quiet, firm competence of Governor Ron DeSantis in the face of Hurricane Ian is proving a real problem for Democrats, Never Trumpers, and other garbage people. He’s good at what he does, unlike them, and people see how he differs from the Establishment despite the blizzard of lies and silly charges designed to tear down the best governor in America. Why DeSantis is a monster who hates gay people because he banned grooming and he caused global warming by not making you turn in your Tahoe for a Schwinn and he dragged innocent illegal aliens from their idyllic sidewalk shantytowns in El Paso to the nightmarish hellscape of Martha’s Vineyard. It’s enough to cause literal shaking! Sure, Donald Trump was Hitler, but DeSantis is both disciplined and (unlike Trump) sees that institutions like the regime media are worthless and must be destroyed, so he is Super Hitler on Steroids times a zillion.

  12. Retired Spook October 4, 2022 / 6:04 pm

    I misspoke earlier. I did a little research and discovered that it was only 14 months after the worst domestic disturbance since the Civil War that it was reported that someone in the January 6th crowd had been carrying a firearm. My bad.

  13. Amazona October 5, 2022 / 12:09 am

    Florida update—-I know you’ve all been breathlessly waiting for news.

    While the house has minor exterior damage—-I have no idea what that is lying on the bottom of the pool but it doesn’t look like it’s ever been alive so I’m not too worried about it—the electricity has been on again/off again, there are still power lines down everywhere and a couple of days ago there was next to no food or gas available and no rental cars to be had, though airports are open in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. So I decided to stay out of everyone’s way and let things settle down.

    And a new storm is brewing right about where Ian got its start, with those little multicolored spaghetti lines of various predictors looking like they are expecting it to follow the same path as Ian did. That ought to be interesting. I was supposed to be there this week getting ready for my furniture delivery and buying a boat. After seeing all the wrecked boats I might have a problem finding one. I may have to go to Maryland, where Spook’s son in law bought his, and haul one down there.

    I don’t know if any of you have ever been to Sanibel Island. It was a paradise, and now the devastation is so extreme it is almost impossible to process. While some of the houses look fairly intact some have simply disappeared into rubble, the causeway is down, the only access is by boat or helicopter and the police chief says it is overrun with alligators and snakes. I am very lucky. Boat lift rescuers couldn’t depend on their charts any more because the sea bed had been remodeled so much they were no longer accurate.

    I know that tornadoes skip a lot sometimes but I thought of hurricanes as giant water brooms that hit land and then move along without lifting up again. But when you see spotty damage, minor damage within 100 feet of total destruction, that is evidently not the case.

    The attacks on DeSantis have, of course, begun, but they are similar in tone and sanity to the “lack of empathy” complaint we saw here about Trump. I think my favorite was “why didn’t he fly into southwest Florida to tell them to evacuate?” Yeah, why NOT fly into the teeth of a hurricane to repeat what’s been said on TV and try to usurp the authority of the county people, who make the call about evacuation? And one of the interesting things, proving the inability to predict weather even with all the tech and experience at hand, was what happened in Tampa Bay. After days of warning of massive storm surges in the bay, up to many feet high because it is basically a big bathtub with no place for water to go when it is pushed into it by a storm, what happened was that the wind sucked the water OUT of the bay. People were walking on what had been the bottom of Tampa Bay. That was a surrealistic scene in the midst of this awful storm.

    I’m just realizing the vast difference in life in general between SW Florida and the Colorado-Wyoming mountains. It seems obvious but it’s the details that strike me. Where we would be quite comfortable going out in big 4WD pickups, or snowmobiles, to help people, out there it’s in boats of all kinds of sizes–nowhere near my comfort zone. So much to learn………….

    • casper3031 October 5, 2022 / 12:30 am

      A few years ago I considered moving to Western Florida. I have a few friends in the area and I loved the climate and the travel access available in the area. I chose to stay in Hawaii instead. Better climate, harder travel access and much different culture. I’m still waiting to hear how my Florida friends are doing. Thoughts and prayers,

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 12:40 am

        Florida thanks you for your decision

      • casper3031 October 5, 2022 / 1:21 am

        “Florida thanks you for your decision”

        As does Hawaii.

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:42 am

        You just keep telling yourself that.

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 12:28 pm

        After you got all smug about being in Hawaii I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it is—you finally found a Senator you can relate to: Mazie Hirono. It’s like a match made in heaven.

      • casper3031 October 5, 2022 / 1:17 pm

        “After you got all smug about being in Hawaii I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it is—you finally found a Senator you can relate to: Mazie Hirono. It’s like a match made in heaven.”

        Something we can agree on.

    • Cluster October 5, 2022 / 8:17 am

      I have no idea what that is lying on the bottom of the pool but it doesn’t look like it’s ever been alive

      Yikes lol. Hope all is well

      • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:23 pm

        Have you noticed that most of the TV coverage of the hurricane damage is taken in mobile home and manufactured home neighborhoods? This has to be because they get the most bang for their buck by showing the most damage, and that is always going to be found with mobile homes. Certainly there are plenty of traditionally constructed buildings badly damaged and even destroyed, but they are not all lined up to provide a panorama of ripped-off carports and peeled-back aluminum roofs like a trailer park will.

        Even media coverage of things like hurricanes is biased and manipulated.

      • Cluster October 6, 2022 / 8:11 am

        Agreed. One of my favorite jokes is – what does a West Virginia divorce and hurricane have in common? Someone is going to lose a trailer

    • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:46 pm

      About three years ago SE Wyoming got hit with an early snowstorm, of lots of heavy wet snow. Trees were damaged in at least a couple of counties. I have about a mile of creek bed, which had never had any maintenance, and it literally looked like a hurricane had gone through it. Every single tree had lost limbs, at the very least, and many were down.

      Every day of the next summer was spent trying to deal with the mess. I had four people (including me), two skid steers, one big tractor, two dump trailers and two pickups to pull the trailers working all day every day, and it is still not finished. I built slash piles of broken wood that were 30-40 feet long, about 12-15 feet wide and at least ten feet tall, and had dozens of them. Many were hauled out to a big open field and burned, but most are still sitting there.

      This is an area of relatively open woods, of cottonwoods and boxelder trees and some underbrush in places, and this is what it took to make a small dent in the damage. The foliage on Sanibel was dense, more like a jungle though appearing to be well maintained. When it was torn up and tossed into tangled piles, they look impenetrable. Having personally dealt with fallen branches and trees in a much less demanding setting I don’t even know how this kind of thing could be approached. If not for the surviving houses I would say to just burn it.

  14. Cluster October 5, 2022 / 12:05 pm

    I will note that forty has yet to defend any of the Democrat agenda. Of course, there is no defense.

    • Amazona October 5, 2022 / 12:49 pm

      They never defend an agenda, any more than they can explain or defend a policy.

      The thing is, they know how bad they look if they admit to rejecting the Constitution, so they claim to support it—but then a few BUTs creep in, and it quickly becomes apparent that they want cred for being good Americans supporting the Constitution, except for free speech and assembly, gun ownership, limited federal authority, state sovereignty, state control over elections, and so on.

      Any time someone says the Supreme Court should be more “balanced” he or she is admitting to wanting a Court that will make law, not merely make sure laws comply with the Constitution. Ditto for any support for packing the Court to change the political ratio. These are tacit admissions to wanting to make the Court a political weapon.

      Not one of them will ever admit to liking and wanting a powerful Central Authority instead of a government for the people and by the people. Not one will admit that tyranny is their comfort zone, until the tyrant is no longer THEIR tyrant. Look at all the howling about Trump supposedly being a “dictator” and a “tyrant” though he advocated for less government intervention and more personal liberty than anyone I can think of except Reagan, and then meek compliance with the true tyranny of the Biden administration and its edicts, mandates, forced vaxxing, and so on.

      And they are knee-jerk oppositionalists. All they need to know is that “the Right” (which is a wholly invented Other created by their masters, with little or no relationship to the actual POLITICAL structure of the Right) is for something to be against it, or against something if the Right is for it. It’s a mindless automatic reflexive reaction, without a hint of thought. So when they howl about “the Right” (fascists!) wanting to BAN !!! graphic sexual content from schools, they never take this to the next logical step and admit that this means they, personally, want our children to be exposed to graphic and often deviant sexual content. Forty was all big mad, screeching about the Right BANNING !!!! books, with no interest in what was being restricted or why, but when you oppose taking filth out of schools you are really saying you want filth in schools. When you object to halting the sexualization of young children and grooming them to start sexual activity even in preschool, you are really saying you think very young children should become sexually active as young as possible. And none of them are going to try to defend that. So they tap dance around it and evade and distract.

  15. Amazona October 5, 2022 / 1:08 pm

    I’ve been hearing about the horrible abuses of our young children, as political zealots are mutilating them in the interest of advancing the destruction of gender identity. Courts are upholding the imposition of these “medical” procedures even when frantic parents are trying to protect their children from lifelong damage.

    The only thing I can think of that might have a chilling effect on these Mengele wannabes would be the establishment of a fund to be made available for prosecution and/or civil action against them by the people whose lives they are destroying, when the children get old enough to realize what has been done to them. I’d love to see something like a Childhood Mutilation Reparations Fund, well publicized, in which parents could register what is happening to their children, naming the judges who allow it, the “doctors” and hospitals who engage in it, and anyone who is part of the whole disgusting mess, so that in a few years there is money to sue every one of these monsters for the damages they are causing.

    Under the current Leftist regime these people are protected but the knowledge that this might not be permanent, that they might well be held accountable in the future, might slow this bizarre experimentation with the lives of our children. Every time the hormonal balance of an 11-year-old girl is disrupted, affecting her physical and mental development, every time a girl has her uterus and ovaries removed and is given a mastectomy to try to change her into something she is not and never can be, the people doing this mutilation should have the specter of later accountability hanging over their heads.

    Every time a young woman goes to college and is surrounded by happy girls who are dating, making plans for having husbands and families, looking forward to having children, and looks at her scarred and mutilated body with the realization she is now unable to ever have a child, she should at the very least know there is a fund that will pay for an attorney to sue the parent(s) who allowed this to happen to her, the courts that supported it, and most of all the medical institutions and staff who did this to her.

    Every time a young man, who has had his genitals cut off and been filled with female hormones to stunt his growth, make him grow breasts, change the development of his bone strength and structure and mess up his mind, realizes that what he and some deranged parent thought he wanted when he was ten has nothing to do with the life he would like to have at 25 he should have at the very least the ability to go after the people who did this to him.

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