You Still Only Care About What They Tell You to Care About

Everyone is upset about Tyre Nichols – and it does, from the video we’ve seen, look pretty bad. But, once again, that is the video we have seen. As we’ve learned in the past, what is shown to us isn’t always – or even often – anything remotely what happened. I also note that the event happened on January 7th and nobody was talking about it until yesterday. Additionally, the outrage machine ginned up prior to everyone finding out it was five black officers who did the deed…two of whom were hired after the police department lowered standards to encourage “diversity”.

But we are upset not because of the horror of the crime, but simply because we are told to be upset about it. Someone decided that it was time for us to get hopped up over police brutality again and this is what they found – been better for them if the cops were white, or if even one of the five were white. But you take what you can get, right?

Now, some reading that last bit might be upset with me. Have I no feelings? Do I not care about the death of the man? What kind of a rat bastard am I?

Well, mostly what I am is someone who sees through the scam. The propaganda. Lots of bad things happen. In a nation of 330 million, you will have people doing absolutely horrific things – what I hear about, though, is determined by the MSM (by and large). I hear what others choose for me to hear – and as we know that the MSM is a mere arm of the DNC, what I hear is what dovetails best into whatever message the DNC wants at the moment. With the GOP Congress gearing up to do some investigations of Team Pudding Brain, you can rely on it that the word will go out that something else has to dominate the news cycle.

How can I be so sure of this?

Well, back on January 16th, six members of a family were gunned down in cold blood in California. Included among the dead were a 17 year old girl and her 10 month old son. And it appears that the kid was deliberately murdered, not just caught in some crossfire.

Don’t know about you, but that seems kinda newsy, doesn’t it? And, hey, even for our guys on the Left, doesn’t the massacre of 6 people via gunfire feed into the gun control Narrative? So why don’t we hear about it? I mean, I realize that the cops beating a man to death is big news – I agree that it is. But I just have this sensation that the murder of 6, including a 10 month old, is a little bigger story. But it isn’t what we’re told to be outraged about. Why?

Because it looks like it was a Cartel hit related to the drug trade. And you know damned well that a national conversation about the Cartels, the drug trade and the violence those two things involve is the last thing the DNC wants right now. I mean, we should be talking about it – what it represents is the importation of the Cartel violence we’ve seen in Mexico over the past 20 years into the United States. This massacre happened in Goshen, CA – a town of about 3,000 people in California’s Central Valley (which would be another reason it should be a big story – it happened in a peaceful small town, not a big city). It has all the hallmark’s of the Cartels – with the kid being deliberately killed to send a message. The Cartels are like that – they commit exceptional horrors to keep people in line. Whatever someone among the six – or someone related to the six – did, the Cartels were determined to let everyone know that they better not do it again.

But they don’t even have to Memory Hole this – sure, it was reported, but it wasn’t given the sort of reporting that moves it into the national mind. A wire service story which may be picked up by a few outlets. The local news will give is some coverage…maybe even a few national outfits will give it passing mention. But it won’t be on the loop – we won’t have people pontificating about it. It won’t be noticed. Because we weren’t told to notice it.

Do you want to know how I found out about it? Simple: as I saw the Nichols story unfold, I could easily see that it was another op – an effort to get us looking at something other than what is really happening. I could have searched for a score of different things – real problems – that we’re not being told to notice. I just happened to search “california murder charges” because I knew with absolute certainty – given the Cartels and the drug trade and California’s de-facto legalization of criminality (something we aren’t allowed to notice because Newsom might be the Democrat standard bearer in 2024) – that I’d find some inhuman barbarism within the past 30 days.

It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to ignore what the MSM is saying – especially on TV. Whatever it is they are saying, if it isn’t an outright fabrication then it is something curated to support the DNC Narrative. We must stop caring about what they want us to care about – and start caring only about the things which matter. I’m sorry Nichols is dead. I hope that those who killed him get what’s coming to them…but police brutality isn’t even top 100 of our problems right now. We have much bigger fish to fry – and far more lives to save – than what the MSM tells us to care about.