Insane, Re-elected Democrat Sex Scandal

You might recall back on February 20th of this year that I took note of a story about Representative David Wu (D-WA).  What happened as regards Congressman Wu is that as the 2010 campaign went on, it became increasingly clear to his staffers that he was laboring under severe mental defect…he was going insane, to put it in blunt terms.  Given that all this involved Democrats, they did what comes natural – in order to ensure that someone with a “D” after his name won (even if insane), they covered it up.  Not a peep out of a single staffer…and as Wu went completely ’round the bend, they just took him off the campaign trail and counted on the heavy Democrat registration advantage to carry him to victory – which is what happened.

At the time, I noted this as just another disgusting example of the Democrats putting power over principal.  A man suffering under mental distress is not fit to be in Congress.  As it turns out, Wu may not have been fit to be in society, at all – as the Oregonian reports:

A distraught young woman called U.S. Rep. David Wu’s Portland office this spring, accusing him of an unwanted sexual encounter, according to multiple sources.

When confronted, the Oregon Democrat acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual, the sources said.

The woman is the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor. She apparently did not contact police at the time…

Not much detail is known, but it is reported that the incident took place around Thanksgiving (meaning shortly after Wu was re-elected with 55% of the vote) and that the girl graduated in 2010…meaning she was 18 or 19 years old at the time (Wu is 56).

What I’d like to do, now, is have Wu’s staffers called up to a hearing in the House to ask them why they figured it was best to protect Wu’s public image.  I mean, the man is insane and now he might have done a horrible thing to a young woman.  Was keeping a seat for Nancy Pelosi worth that? Was keeping their BS staffer jobs more important than the risks Wu posed to himself and to others?  Here is our nauseating politics for you – and here is the Democrat party laid bare. Because as Wu went crazy, it wasn’t just his staffers who noticed…other House staffers saw it, as did other elected Democrats.  No one said anything – no one put a stop to it.  Power is more important than everything.

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