Is Trump About to Drain the Swamp?

This could be the biggest news in politics for the past 50 years:

Attorney General William Barr has reportedly tapped the U.S. attorney for Connecticut to investigate the origins of the Justice Department’s Russia investigation.

John Durham, the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut, will examine the FBI’s decision to open a counterintelligence investigation into the 2016 presidential election and its probe of possible links between the Kremlin’s efforts to interfere in the election and members of President Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Its not just investigating the coup attempt which is important – it is where such an investigation will lead, if the guy in charge of it has no fear and is seeking no favor. And Durham may be that guy – he’s been used by politicians of both parties to look into things and so has a bi-partisan reputation as a good guy and he’s clearly not ambitious – he’s at the tail end of his career and he never seems to have sought top jobs in DC (or, he was denied them because DC didn’t want an honest man). If we have an AG who is willing to let corruption investigations go forward no matter where they lead, then what we might be witnessing is the beginning of the end for our corrupt Ruling Class.

We’ll see what happens – but I’m encouraged.

Some Thoughts

Boy Scouts are now Brownshirts and Senator Collins says that she voted against proceeding on the health care bill because, I quote, “we must proceed carefully”. Anyone get the feeling we’re through the looking glass here?

I can see what Trump is doing in regards to Sessions and Tillerson – and, yes, I get it that both men would be wounded and offended by it all. But, still, we’re now six months into the Trump Administration and State is still blaming the Israelis for the terrorist attacks they suffer (as well excising the word “genocide” to describe what ISIS did) while over at Justice we’ve yet to see any move against the rank corruption of DC. I understand, further, that Obama staffers are still in policy-making positions…I know we can’t just fire them because they are protected by civil service laws: but why can’t they be given offices in the basement of the Old Executive Office building with a rotary-dial phone and a computer loaded up with Windows 95? To keep anyone hired or promoted by Obama in a policy-making position merely means we keep someone who will do their level best to protect Obama’s legacy; protect Democrats in general, and undermine Trump’s policies at every opportunity. We have buckets of well-qualified people out there – hire them and put them into the positions of influence. Personnel is policy – as soon as Trump has his personnel, his policies will prevail in the Executive branch.

I see some Never Trump screeches about Trump’s apparent desire that his troops be loyal to him and his program. I simply don’t get this, at all. Of course Trump’s people must be loyal to Trump. What is the point of having people who aren’t loyal to you? DC politics is a nasty, knee-to-groin business. Do you think Obama was ever about having people around who wouldn’t get with the program? I didn’t blame him in the least for having loyal troops: he was elected to enact a certain set of policies and everyone who worked for him simply had to be ok with that. If they weren’t, they should go – and be forced out, if the didn’t quit. So, too, with Trump. He’s got a specific set of plans to get done and he needs people who will do them…who will set aside personal ambition in favor of helping President Trump enact his agenda. If the people don’t like this agenda, then they can toss him out in 2020 (and curb him in 2018). That is the way this works – it is the way it must work. We have partisan elections to determine which set of partisan policies we’ll go with. Duh!

The bottom line is that Tillerson and Sessions (and all Secretaries) have to get on board – and get rid of the Obama-bots. They can’t be trusted. I tend to like Tillerson and Sessions…but if at the end of the day they are going to be of the opinion that an Obama hold-over can be trusted, then they have to go.

Meanwhile, DWS’s IT guy was picked up at the airport, apparently planning on fleeing the country (one rumor I’ve seen is that he wired $300,000.00 to Pakistan before trying to leave). This could be huge – but here’s the bizarre thing: the other rumor today is that he was only fired after he was arrested. Remember: it has been months since it came out that DWS’s IT guys were doing some possibly criminal activities and this means he was kept on the payroll even after this stuff came out. I’m greatly interested in what information can be retrieved from those hard drives. Here we are, still yammering on about Trump-Russia when a gigantic, bring-down-the-whole-swamp scandal might be unfolding before our eyes. Stay tuned.