The Left Attacks

There is no love on the Left – that is something which must be kept in mind. It is why they are so angry and so merciless. Anyone with love in their heart simply wouldn’t torch a building or beat a random person near to death. As to why they have hardened their hearts so much: I don’t honestly know. Probably a lot of factors; anger and resentment over this or that perceived or real slight in their lives. The fact that they are alive, free and healthy is proof positive that they haven’t had anything really bad happen to them…but whatever did happen to them has turned them against normal human feelings.

It would be an interesting study to see how many of these rioters were people who had been unjustly arrested and sent to jail. There are such. Far too many, actually: the police are often wrong and prosecutors often venal in their desire to puff up their conviction rate. But what you mostly see from those finally freed from an unjust sentence is gratitude and mercy. Perhaps there are a couple such people among the rioters, but I’ll bet it is few and far between. What we’re seeing is a temper tantrum from people who feel that they should be top of the heap but lack the skill and grit to work for it…seconded by a mass of utter fools who are in it to grab what they can while the grabbing is good.

Trump is right to designate Antifa a terrorist organization – because they are using terror to advance their political cause. They aren’t seeking votes or donations or petitioning government for redress of grievances. They are engaging in an obscene outbreak of violence in an attempt to intimidate us into letting them impose their will on the country. The public backers of Antifa claim there is no organization involved, but as such public backers are of the Left, we already know they are egregious liars. The fact is that this is being coordinated: there is a mind or a group of minds behind this. Money and communications are being used; orders are being issued; tactics refined and implemented (I’ve seen videos where upper class white youths are painting anarchist symbols on otherwise undamaged buildings…they are signalling to the crowd that the cops aren’t watching/acting and so, go for it; it is a very clever bit of street fighting tactic. The white kids then take off). The FBI should be looking to find those giving the orders and arrest them: and one of the charges must be civil rights violations. I want the perpetrators of this to be sitting in jail knowing they have been convicted of violating the rights of American citizens.

None of us can know how this comes out – the heirs of Lenin are face to face with the heirs of Washington. One side or the other will prevail.

This Open Thread is a Riot

Ok, maybe not that kind of riot.

Just not sure…

Anyways, riots abound…and they are pretty pointless while being destructive. You see, the Left doesn’t have a lot of real revolutionaries. They’ve got some people willing to loot – but they are mostly about the looting, as such. The other part of it is Antifa types: Bourgeois Bolsheviks who assume that someone will be along shortly to clean up the mess as they go back home to Mom’s basement. As Chesterton pointed out, this sort of thing is worthless…the French Revolution, whatever one thinks about it, accomplished something: the King’s head was definitely chopped off and something new put in his place. This sort of thing is like the Suffragettes of 100 years ago…knocking off the hat of the King, which can be done any number of times without actually changing anything.

I’m sure that someone set this off. The proximate cause wasn’t even Floyd’s death – it was because Floyd’s death was videotaped. Absent that, the “reason” is lacking. But, once that was provided, someone decided to test it and see what would happen…and Democrat city politicians, desperately afraid of African-Americans and that they might not vote Democrat in sufficient numbers in November, hoisted the white flag. That’s why we have these riots spreading around: the word is out that if your local leaders are Democrats, they will do nothing to stop you…so, go steal that TV and burn something down. I’d like to find out who started it – and I do suspect some genuine Bolsheviks are deep underneath the Antifa Bourgeois Bolshies.

Hey, anyone remember Coronavirus? Seems like only Monday it was the chief topic of discussion…but, hey, the GOP States opening up aren’t suffering increased deaths and there are signs the economy is going to come roaring back…and wouldn’t it be convenient if something else grabbed the national spotlight?