Obamunism! America Has to Rely on Russia to Get in to Space

From Spaceflight Now:

…reliance on NASA’s former Cold War rival has been a particularly bitter pill to swallow for many at NASA, forced to retire the most sophisticated manned spacecraft ever built before a U.S. replacement is available. Equally devastating, in the eyes of many, is the loss of manned spaceflight experience as thousands of highly skilled aerospace jobs are eliminated…

It is a dereliction of duty on the part of President Obama that the shuttle program is being shut down with no replacement in hand, or even coming along in the next few years.  President Obama has abandoned the position in space America won in 1969 – and he’s done it because rather than develope America’s potential, he’d rather use the relatively small NASA budget to fund paybacks to his special interest supporters.  Once again we are being shown that Obama doesn’t really care what happens to America…he only cares about himself and keeping himself in office after 2012.

Just a disgrace – and we Republicans should make a priority to resume manned space flight by 2015, and return to the Moon by 2020.  We shall not allow the Russians, Europeans and Chinese to capture space while liberal Democrats keep making America a small place, a place of no dreams.