Defending America’s Truth

The problem we have, as a nation, is that we allow lies and truth to co-exist. I’ve said before, many times, that if you add even the slightest bit of a lie to something, then the whole thing becomes a lie. And, do keep in mind: “you add”. In other words, you have to deliberately do something…it isn’t a mistake. It isn’t a misunderstanding. You, a liar, decide to maliciously insert a lie. That’s how you turn something true into a lie. And we’ve allowed malicious liars to insert a whole host of lies into our truth.

And what is our truth? Our American truth?

“…all men are created equal…”

That is the foundation of us all, as a people. Trump pointed it out in his Mt Rushmore speech and I’m ever more convinced that he’s actually a deep student of history…he’s hit the exact right point too many times for it to be an accident.

That is also a dogma, as I’ve also pointed out before. It is a dogma as incapable of proof as the dogma of the Trinity. And, like the Trinity, it appears false on the face of it: one thing can’t be three and if you just look at people you can tell they aren’t equal. But, it is still the truth – the Trinity is one thing and three and people are created equal. It is crucial that we adhere to it – that we, per Jefferson, consider it a self-evident truth. Because if we don’t, then we aren’t created equal and our position in society becomes whatever we can get away with…or whatever an oppressor can get away with doing to us. If we aren’t equal, then we are mere beasts vying for power.

The most important thing about this truth of ours is that it means, as soon as adopted, that the nation is incapable of being unequal. That is, whatever is unequal is living on borrowed time the minute you say, “all men are created equal.” Whatever inherited inequalities you have at the moment and any that you try to create later are doomed because they’ll run up on the rocks of “all men are created equal.”. People being Fallen, they will naturally try to defend wrong things which advantage them, or create new wrongs which will advantage them: but as long as the dogma is, “all men are created equal”, then such efforts are ultimately doomed…simply by pointing out, “all men are created equal”.

This is why the United States has never been a racist nation. We didn’t assert that “all white men are created equal”. We said “all men are created equal.” And, yes, some people later on, confronted with our truth against their holding people as slaves, did try to cook up a notion that “all men” didn’t mean “all men.” But, it didn’t work, did it? Whether it was luck or wisdom or the very hand of God which moved Jefferson’s pen, that slaveholding man wrote the words which guaranteed that his slaves would one day be free. And he knew it, too.

Those who are asserting that America is a racist nation are lying. They are saying that men who crafted a government which didn’t even mention race were creating a racist nation. They take as their evidence that the men who founded our nation held slaves and in were in many ways not in favor of things we take for granted in 2020. But everything we take for granted in 2020 was covered by their words, “all men are created equal.” If you are a black man living free: thank the Founders. If you are a married gay man: thank the Founders. If you are a Bolshevik at liberty to spread your sedition: thank the Founders. Because they wrote ” all men are created equal”, you are free and living your life as you wish.

This is an amazingly dangerous time in our history: because of the liars. The Left trying to destroy our founding. They are claiming it was wrong and it must be corrected. But pay close attention: what must be destroyed is “all men are created equal.” Oh, like all Leftists they’ll claim the words…but if you look at what they do, it is clear they are against the truth. They want special set-asides for favored people. Special rights and privileges for various groups based upon their claims to past oppression. The Left’s all men are created equal comes out as “all men are created equal, except whites and Christians and heterosexuals” and whatever else they might want to add in there in an ever-changing system of spoilsmanship.

And it is a natural bent in humanity, after all: the desire to be on top. The desire to be thought of as holding special knowledge which justifies ruling. As we are all prone to sin, so are we all prone to the sin of thinking ourselves better than others. And just as heresy in Christianity is fought by strict adherence to Christian dogma, so we must crush political heresy by an unflinching defense of the truth, “all men are created equal.”. And we can’t retreat an iota, just as the old Church father’s couldn’t back in the past. Let one small part of “all men are created equal” be destroyed and the whole thing goes. No matter how noble you think the justification is, no one can have any special privileges under law: it must apply equally to everyone, or we’re doomed.

If we are to survive as a free nation, we have to reassert the self-evident truths stated in our founding document. Anything that contradicts what is in there simply cannot be allowed to become the law of the land. Anything currently in our laws which contradict the founding also have to go. And like the stern battlers for Christian truth in the past, we will have to become stern battlers for American truth today. We are not fighting over trivia like tax rates here: we are fighting over whether or not the nation founded on July 4th, 1776 shall continue to be. This is not a time to worry about offending people: if they are offended by the Founders, then they are trying to destroy the nation. Will we let them? Out of an abundance of politeness and unwillingness to fight, will we allow liars to erase “all men are created equal”?

I hope not.