obAMATEUR’s Pathetic Economic Recovery

The unemployment report on Friday was absolute proof of obAMATEUR’s failure as pResident to help our nation recover.  Millions of people remain unemployed or under employed and millions more have simply given up.  Specifics?  This list breaks down how bad things truly are under the obAMATEUR’s “Recovery” (in name only).

  • 5.1% – The current unemployment rate for government workers, which is the lowest unemployment rate for any of 17 different categories and subcategories of industries for which employment is tracked and published on a month-to-month basis by the Department of Labor.
  • 8.1% – The current national unemployment rate, which dropped .2% because 368,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force in August.  Do you understand what you just heard?  These people –368,000 of your neighbors and friends – just said the hell with it and gave up.
  • 8.4% – What the unemployment rate would be if the labor force participation rate had stayed the same as just last month – if those people had stayed in the job market and kept looking for work.
  • 11.2% – What the unemployment rate would be if we had the same number of people either working or looking for work now as we did when Obama took office.
  • 14.7% – The U-6 unemployment rate, which includes all of those who are unemployed and under-employed (part-time workers who want full-time work).
  • 39 – The average number of weeks that workers find themselves out of the jobs market (the long-term unemployed).
  • 43 – The number of consecutive months with joblessness above 8%.
  • 63.5% – The current labor participation rate, which is the lowest share of Americans over age 16 in the workforce since September 1981.
  • 2025 – If we continue to create jobs at a rate of just 96,000 per month, it will take until 2025 just to return to pre-recession unemployment levels.
  • 41,000 – The number of jobs created for the prior two months were revised lower by 41,000 jobs.
  • 96,000 – The total number of nonfarm jobs created in August.
  • 119,000 – There were 119,000 fewer Americans employed in August than there were in July.
  • 173,000 – The increase in the number of food stamp recipients for the last month for which we have data (June).  Compare that to the number of jobs being created …
  • 250,000 – The number of jobs per month needed to have significant job creation impact and bring down the unemployment rate.
  • 368,000 – The number of Americans who dropped out of the labor force in August.
  • 5 million – The number of jobs still needed to get back to the point where we were in the end of 2007.
  • 20 million – The number of unemployed, underemployed and discouraged workers who’ve left the labor force altogether.
  • 31 million – That’s the population growth since 2000, yet fewer Americans are working today than in April 2000.

UPDATE (since whiny proggy drones refuse to refute facts but nitpick at sources): Hat tip: Neal Boortz,  VERIFIED WITH: BLS, LA Times, ABC News, TIAA Cref, Census Bureau, Forbes – to name a few.  These pathetic facts along with raising taxes on all incomes for obAMACARE, increased food prices due to the drought and increased fuel costs (another obAMATEUR failure), faster rising (rising faster than it would have without obAMACARE) healthcare and premium costs due to obAMACARE and more people on Welfare and receiving food stamps than ever before.   obAMATEUR maintains that Americans are better off than they were four years ago (with little explanation).

It is no wonder obAMATEUR deflects the campaign to Romney’s tax records and other such attacks.  The man has no positive record on which to run.

These drones believe that I would put up FACTS that have not been verified?  They are in for extreme disappointment.  This is a DISCUSSION BLOG now refute the FACTS or STFU. – Rico you have used this cowardly dodge before.