US Bishops Rebuke Democrats Over Abortion

This is standing up for the Culture of Life in a very public manner:

Boston, Nov 15, 2007 (CNA).- The U.S. Bishops have issued their strongest condemnation yet of pro-abortion views with their “Faithful Citizenship” document issued yesterday. Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston also has added his disapproval of pro-abortion candidates in comments to the Boston Globe saying that the support of Catholics for these politicians “borders on scandal”.

Cardinal O’Malley voiced a sentiment that the bishops’ latest citizenship document includes, namely that, despite his differences with the Republican Party over immigration policy, capital punishment, economic issues, and the war in Iraq, he views abortion as the most important moral issue facing policymakers.

Noting that many Catholics traditionally support Democrats, O’Malley reamed the Democratic Party for being “extremely insensitive to the church’s position, on the gospel of life in particular, and on other moral issues.”

When the cardinal was asked about the many voters who support Democrats who are in favor of abortion, O’Malley said, “I think that, at times, it borders on scandal as far as I’m concerned.”

Abortion is the central moral issue of the modern world – on it hangs all of the associated issues we catagorise as “social issues” in our political debates. If abortion is ok, then so is euthansia; if abortion is ok, then so is same-sex marriage; if abortion is ok, then so is widespread pornography; if abortion is ok, then so is pre- and extra-marital sex; if abortion is ok, then its ok to lie if its for a ‘good cause’…on and on it goes, with abortion being the barometer of our moral disintegration. On the other side of the issue, how can someone in favor of abortion argue against the death penalty? Argue against the war? Argue in favor of open borders? You can be on firm moral ground, or you can be in favor of abortion – you can’t be both.

What the Bishops are addressing here is the way in which people try to keep things in separate boxes – Democrat A is ok because of his support of Issue A and Issue B, and we’ll just ignore his pro-abortion fanaticism. This can’t be done – if you are backing a man who advocates evil because he’ll also throw you a bone on your pet cause, then you are polluting your pet cause, and dishonoring yourself into the bargain. Might as well support a gangster if he’ll throw a donation to Greenpeace.

The reason we are in such a contentious political climate is because of this fundamental disagreement – a disagreement as fundamental as that between the pro- and anti-slavery forces of the 1850’s. There is no way to bridge this gap – you are either on the side of the angels, or on the side of the wicked when it comes to this crucial issue of abortion. Tap dancing around it might make a person feel better about themselves, but the issue remains – the division is still there, and will continue to poison the debate until the matter is permanently settled one way or the other. The US Bishops are calling it as it is – anyone who by act or omission permits the unfettered action of abortion is unworthy of support, and anyone who lends such a person support is engaging in scandalous behaviour. In order to support a candidate, there must first be something in them that will aid an end to the evils of our day, with abortion as the primary evil needing to be ended.

35 thoughts on “US Bishops Rebuke Democrats Over Abortion

  1. JJ November 18, 2007 / 7:18 am

    Jay – And deep down in places you don’t like think to about you know abstinence ed doesn’t work and that the True Love Waits movement is basically a joke. It’s sad really, but that’s the truth. I know from first hand experience because I’ve had sex (using condoms) with several girls who made those vows of chastity.

    That is absolute rubbish – it worked for me. I am 27 years old and am a virgin. I have never fooled around with a girl before. Sure its been hard but I am saving the ultimate gift for my wife one day. Anyone can do it if they believe it is worth it, and this is how:
    1. Respect for God and his principles. Break them and pay the price.
    2. A bit of fear of man – when I was younger my dad said – ‘touch a girl who is not your wife and I will knock your head off’
    3. Hang around people who have made the same commitment as you.
    4. Keep your eye on the prize 🙂

    Jay – I know from first hand experience because I’ve had sex (using condoms) with several girls who made those vows of chastity. – What a punk, stealing something precious from that girls future husband. I don’t care if the girl was keen or not – you the man and you are supposed to take the lead and protect the ladies around you, not take advantage of them. If a guy like you ever comes around my sisters or daughters one day, he better watch out!

  2. JJ November 18, 2007 / 7:27 am

    Joe – Why should some rich 70 year old politicians tell a woman what she can and can not do with her body?

    Sorry to pick on you again 🙂 but get it into your brain that it is not only the woman’s body involved!

    Day 22 – the ‘group of cells’ has its own beating heart with its own blood flowing through it. Now tell me whose heart is that? The womans?

    In week 6 – ‘group of cells’ now has its own brain waves – whose freakin brain waves are those?

    There is another life involved! I say the life is human and is a baby and has the right to live.

  3. lilly06 November 18, 2007 / 6:05 pm

    Okay you’ve made some very good points.

    I guess you’re against the death penalty as it also equates to legal murder. You are terminating a person’s life.

    You know you pro-lifers have you’re contradictions. Don’t kill a fetus that namely functions as a cluster of living tissue but kill a grown man in the electric chair.

  4. lilly06 November 18, 2007 / 6:06 pm

    Oh yeah Mark, I commend you for reading all your posts. Thats really good!!

  5. Jeremiah November 18, 2007 / 6:31 pm

    Don’t kill a fetus that namely functions as a cluster of living tissue but kill a grown man in the electric chair.


    Oh, Ok, so then, if some lunatic murders a family membrer, or maybe even my whole family, “I’m supposed to let him go”.

    Oh, Ok, “nice to know” that I wouldn’t have a family anymore, and the Murderer gets to live, then. Huh?

    Just swell!

    Oh, yeah, we musn’t forget–“nice to know that forty-million innocent children are dead. Eh?

    Sounds pretty sick to me!


  6. lilly06 November 19, 2007 / 5:43 am

    What I’m saying Jeremiah is that if you pro-life then you should be anti-death penalty.

    I’m not pro-abortion, I would never encourage anyone to do that. I’m just saying I wouldn’t place judgement on someone who does.

    Thats all.

  7. lilly06 November 19, 2007 / 5:48 am

    The arguement of most pro-lifers that that life is life. Then all life should be precious. How do you know if the murderer you described doesn’t become saved in prison and convert many other prisoners to Christ.

    If you are arguing that all life deserves a chance then that should mean all life.

    The God we serve is having a personal relationship with us not with you or Mark. Let these women make their personal decisions.

  8. CeCe November 19, 2007 / 6:05 am


    You are making an assumption that all pro-lifers are pro-death penalty. This is a false assumption. It is also an argument that can be turned around on you. If you are anti death penalty, how could you support the “right to choose” wherein an innocent life if taken? Taking someone else’s life is not a personal decision. It is a decision that affects the whole society.

  9. Jeremiah November 19, 2007 / 12:29 pm


    Murder is not acceptable!!

    Abortion is Murder, the same as a gunman, who shoots somebody!

    Murderers should be punished!!


  10. Joe November 19, 2007 / 1:08 pm

    Sorry to jump way back to an earlier post on this, but I missed a couple of days here.

    Mark — (a) any Democrat will actually ensure that more abortions are performed

    How exactly do you know that ANY Democrat would do this. And where have you ever heard anyone say that we need more abortions???

    That is a pretty ridiculous comment to make Mark. No one is “ensuring that more abortions happen”. No one is saying we need more. That is you just installing more fear in the right-wingnuts.

    Unless you can prove that “ANY Democrat” would do this or prove that even just one Democrat wants more abortions, then your comment here is a flat out blatant and outrageous lie.

  11. lilly06 November 19, 2007 / 1:18 pm

    Okay you make a good arguement and I can see your point of view.

    In light of that I understand even if I don’t completely agree:-)

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