The Genesis of "Bittergate"

Bill Bradley over at Pajamas Media has the whole story of how Obama’s comments managed to make it on to Huffington Post, and then out to the rest of the world. It is a fascinating story of how the New Media works, and how the unwary can be tripped up by it, some times quite unintentionally. As it turns out, the story was brought up by an ardent Obama supporter whom, I’ll bet, didn’t find anything particularly wrong with what Obama said, but who did have some doubts about publishing it. At any rate, what comes through quite clearly is that Obama is mostly mad that it got out – and it seems that it got out mostly because Obama’s fellow elitists didn’t even realise what a boneheaded statement Obama had made.

The lesson here is in the absolute necessity of being honest at all times – had Obama not been trying to hide his contempt for the unwashed masses, then this story would have had far less impact. Of course, if Obama had been forthright about his genuine views on America and Americans, he wouldn’t have survived the Iowa caucuses. Honesty is the best policy – unless you’re a liberal, ’cause a liberal – as a liberal – can’t win a national election.