Colorado for Equal Rights

Some have said that life issues won’t be important in Campaign ’08 – that all we care about is how audaciously hopeful Obama makes us. Don’t count on it:

Colorado for Equal Rights, an organization backing a measure on the Colorado ballot that would define a person in the state’s Constitution as “any human being from the moment of fertilization,” has released a list of over 70 physicians and pharmacists from around the United States who agree that a person includes any human from the moment of conception.

“We are honored to have received these endorsements from such respected physicians,” stated Kristi Burton, head of Colorado for Equal Rights. “Science clearly proves that life begins at the time of fertilization. We are secure in the fact that we have science and reason on our side, and we are pleased to have the medical community supporting our efforts.”

“As support for Amendment 48 accumulates, we are very encouraged as we get closer to November’s election,” Burton said. “Every human life should be protected, and the endorsements we continue to receive prove that our easy to understand amendment is one that all Coloradans can support.”

The group needed to collect 76,000 signatures to put the amendment on the ballot in November and succeeded in doing so on May 31 with 103,000 signatures.

The defense of human life from the moment of conception to the natural end of life – that is what pro-life is all about; we’re all human beings here, good people, and if we can’t respect those who are entirely at our mercy, how are we then to really respect anyone, including our selves?

I know all the pro-choice arguments – some of my closets friends adhere to them, including some of my fellow Catholics (we’re working on that). But all of them ring hollow because, in the end, an abortion is the permanent disposition of a temporary condition. Pregnancy lasts for 9 months, while the agony of abortion – for the mother – lasts a lifetime. It is a false promise – a work of Hell, if there ever was one – to say that an abortion solves anything. To think that killing an unborn child is equal or even superior to giving birth to a child is anti-human in the extreme. It is a point of view which I might have understood at one time, but only because I was too ignorant to understand how monstrous a crime abortion is – these days, I just can’t fathom the pro-choice position…this bizarre idea that killing is a solution. It might have been a Final Solution, once upon a time, but one hopes we pass by such barbarities and move forward.