Voter Fraud Groups Gear up for Election Day Shennanigans

Oddly enough, the headline here is, “Watchdogs Gird for Election Day Troubles” – which means that the author is either amazingly ignorant of voter fraud in the United States, or a mere shill for the left:

Election Protection, a nonpartisan voting-rights coalition, plans to launch on Wednesday an expanded voter-services program, including a hotline and Web site for citizens to report voting problems and get information about election procedures.

In 2004, Election Protection received more than 200,000 phone calls. It’s expecting more this year and has set up 25 call centers to respond. For this year’s elections, it subscribed to a private database that can answer questions such as whether hotline callers are registered to vote, what times their polling places are open and whether they need to bring identification. In the weeks leading up to Election Day and on it — Nov. 4 — its volunteers will report trends in complaints to local election officials.

The group revamped its Web site so that voters can report problems and chat online with volunteers. Election Protection also will have footage on its Web site from a group called Video the Vote, which documents snafus at polling places.

On Nov. 4, Election Protection will send about 10,000 lawyers and law students to polling places around the country, in swing states such as Ohio and Florida as well as in states such as Mississippi, Alabama and Texas, where there are many minority and Spanish-language voters.

“This year we have so many new voters, who are more likely to be disenfranchised,” says Jonah Goldman, director of the National Campaign for Fair Elections at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington. The lawyers’ committee is the lead legal partner for Election Protection, whose members include law firms and organizations such as the NAACP, Rock the Vote and the Asian American Justice Center.

These people will be around to gather bogus stories of disenfranchisement and, as necessary, file suits to keep polls open long enough for Democrats to find out how many more votes they need to tip a State’s electoral votes to Obama. They’ll probably also make themselves useful as intimidators of any pettifogging precinct worker who dares to in any way, shape or form question the bona fides of someone showing up to vote. You think I’m kidding? Then I remind you that Democrats, themselves, pulled this sort of stunt in Missouri in 2000, only to run afoul of the fact that their alleged plaintiff had been dead for some time by election day. Better to have allegedly independent groups file the complaints – they can make certain the plaintiffs are alive and, also, provide the MSM with the ability to straight-faced megaphone whatever the group decides to accuse the GOP of on election day.

As has been truly said, they can’t cheat if we don’t allow it to be close – in 2004, we managed to wrack up several million more votes than the Democrats and that made it impossible for them to manufacture enough votes to take the election. If the 2008 result boils down to a few thousand votes in one or more States, then this effort will go gangbusters to muddy the waters and manufacture votes for Obama. So, our task is to help McCain win pretty big – by at least more than a million votes nationwide and preferrably by a comfortable margin in each crucial battleground State. If we do win on November 4th, we can expect the Democrats to be as ungracious as they were on election day 2004, but we can take their petulance a lot better if we know that we’ve preserved honesty in American elections.