Krauthammer Makes the Case for McCain

In answer to those “conservatives” and RINOs who have thrown all honor aside and decided to back Obama:

The case for McCain is straightforward. The financial crisis has made us forget, or just blindly deny, how dangerous the world out there is. We have a generations-long struggle with Islamic jihadism. An apocalyptic soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. A nuclear-armed Pakistan in danger of fragmentation. A rising Russia pushing the limits of revanchism. Plus the sure-to-come Falklands-like surprise popping out of nowhere.

Who do you want answering that phone at 3 a.m.? A man who’s been cramming on these issues for the past year, who’s never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., the Berlin Wall came down because of “a world that stands as one”), and who refers to the most deliberate act of war since Pearl Harbor as “the tragedy of 9/11,” a term more appropriate for a bus accident?

Or do you want a man who is the most prepared, most knowledgeable, most serious foreign policy thinker in the United States Senate? A man who not only has the best instincts but has the honor and the courage to, yes, put country first, as when he carried the lonely fight for the surge that turned Iraq from catastrophic defeat into achievable strategic victory?

There’s just no comparison. Obama’s own running mate warned this week that Obama’s youth and inexperience will invite a crisis — indeed a crisis “generated” precisely to test him. Can you be serious about national security and vote on Nov. 4 to invite that test?

And how will he pass it? Well, how has he fared on the only two significant foreign policy tests he has faced since he’s been in the Senate? The first was the surge. Obama failed spectacularly. He not only opposed it. He tried to denigrate it, stop it and, finally, deny its success.

The second test was Georgia, to which Obama responded instinctively with evenhanded moral equivalence, urging restraint on both sides. McCain did not have to consult his advisers to instantly identify the aggressor.

Today’s economic crisis, like every other in our history, will in time pass. But the barbarians will still be at the gates. Whom do you want on the parapet? I’m for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb.

Indeed – to try to find an excuse for supporting Obama, one has to reach into a very large sack of bull feces. One can decide to support Obama, but the reasons those few turncoats have used are stupid, and reveal that their larger worry is not what will happen to the United States, as a whole, but what might happen to their fellow elitists if McCain and Palin start to call people to account for what they have done with the public trust. The elite hates John McCain, because he is not one of them; never has been, never will be. The elite hates and fears Sarah Palin because not only will she never be one of them, she’ll also be a person who will wage relentless war against the elite. The last thing our governing class wants – regardless of whether they call themselves liberals or conservatives – is to have a hard-hitting, articulate “woman of the people” deciding what to investigate.

As I’ve said before, no matter what happens on November 4th, the conservative movement wins. The liberals will saddled with Obama and his pied pipers of failed socialism, while we conservatives will still have Sarah Palin, and rising up fast behind her, Bobby Jindal. It is my view that both the present and the future are ours – but even if we take a temporary hit in the here and now, tomorrow is still ours, because we have leaders of tomorrow, while the Democrats have only the worn-out retreads of the liberal yesteryear.

In John McCain and Sarah Palin we have what the Founders envisioned we should have – citizen leaders who will adhere to the stern, republican virtues and never see politics as a means of advancing one’s self, or one’s party. I pray God to protect them both and impart to them the sense of love, the desire to serve and the good sense necessary to win on November 4th, and govern well starting on January 20th.