Monday Morning Open Thread

A week of campaigning left to go and the Conventional Wisdom is that its all wrapped up – Obama has won; our MSM – ever solicitous of GOPers – is essentially advising us to not bother voting as there’s nothing we can do to alter the result. We’re getting stories alleging back-biting in the McCain camp while other stories claim that Obama has already started working not on his acceptance speech, but on his inaugural speech.

So, GOPers, will you stay home? As for me, when I see polls showing a 15 percentage point part ID variance between what was seen in 2006 and what the poll claims for 2008, I get a bit concerned that – just perhaps – the MSM isn’t telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Given this, I do plan on voting on the 4th – some how or another, I prefer to have the voters decide who is the next President, not public opinion polls. In fact, truth be known, I’m feeling in a tremendously good mood – everything is against us, except the truth. I’d rather be with truth – even if I suffer a temporary setback.

Discuss this and anything else which comes to mind.