Presidential Assassin's Lawyer to be White House Counsel?

Change which is absolutely freakin’ unbelievable:

Barack Obama has selected Gregory Craig as White House counsel, a move that will recall some controversial legal cases over the last few years…

…Besides defending Clinton through the impeachment process, an effort that Craig lost, who else had the benefit of Craig’s counsel?

* Elian Gonzalez’s father – Craig represented the father who demanded the return of his son after his estranged wife died trying to take Elian to freedom. Most people saw this as a thinly-veiled publicity stunt from Fidel Castro, attempting to embarrass the US. The dispute got resolved when Janet Reno ordered an armed assault on the house where Elian’s family in the US provided him a home.

* John Hinckley, Jr – Craig presented and won the insanity defense that allows Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin to spend weekends with his family now.

* Kofi Annan – The former Secretary-General of the UN hired Craig to defend his interests in the Volcker Commission probe of the Oil-for-Food scandal, which put billions of dollars into Saddam Hussein’s pockets while providing cash for Annan’s son, his deputies, and some allege Annan himself.

* Pedro Gonzalez Pinzon – A Panamanian legislator wanted for murdering an American soldier in 1992. The Dallas Morning News demanded that Obama force Craig to drop the case during the campaign, but no report of whether he did is easily available.

I doubt that any President has selected the defender of a presidential assassin as White House Counsel before now. Does anyone want to guess how long that takes to become a Trivial Pursuit question?

Everyone, even Castro’s goon, UN crooks and sundry cretins, has a right to counsel – but this is a tremendous misjudgement on the part of Obama. This is the worst sort of ambulance-chasing, celebrity lawyer we’re all sick to death of and, furthermore, someone who is clearly not capable of giving Obama that completely objective legal advice needed from the White House counsel’s office. The Obama Administration is taking on more and more of the look of an impending train wreck.

My prayer: I hope this report is just plain and simple wrong. Someone please tell me that Obama isn’t this obtuse…