Kook Left Discovers the Meaning of "Chump"

Seems that the kook left actually thought that by backing Obama, they’d be brought in to run things:

In two politically shrewd bids to begin gaining support from the over 57 million Americans who voted for his opponent only weeks ago, Barack Obama backed Senator Joseph Lieberman’s proposition to retain chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and the president-elect is seriously considering the appointment of Hillary Clinton, the junior senator from New York, for the secretary of state cabinet position. The harshest criticism has not come from the Right (which battled Hillary Clinton for years) but from the Left.

Segments of Obama’s more radical supporters — mostly those who were quick to embrace the most liberal viable candidate — are not happy with his most recent political ploys. In their eyes, Lieberman betrayed the party by criticizing now President-elect Barack Obama and, even worse, by backing John McCain for president and speaking at the Republican Convention. And the possibility that Clinton will be added to the high level position of secretary of state is a far cry from Obama’s call for “Change.”

Kos, from the radically left DailyKos, called the decision to keep Lieberman as chairman of his committee “idiotic.” And, in another post, the radical Left’s standard bearer derided the Democratic Party as being “spineless capitulators” for allowing Lieberman to keep his post.

It is amazing, at times, what people entirely divorced from reality can convince themselves of – such as the way the left convinced itself that a product of Chicago’s hopelessly corrupt Democratic machine would be someone other than a slick operator determined, above all else, to advance his prospects and protect his viability. Sure, lefties, Obama played your favorite music early on in the primaries – because he knew you were suckers and would fall for it. But didn’t you notice that once he had it sewn up that he was moving away from you? There will be some liberalism over the next four to eight years, but if anyone out there thinks that Kossacks and Michael Moore will have a say in what gets done, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya…

There is a sucker born every five minutes – and most of them, it would seem, wind up liberals.