Being Politically Incorrect

It is one of the more fun aspects of being right-of-center, ya know? While our liberal friends wet their beds over what to say and wear, we on the right get to see things as they are – and Victor Davis Hanson has 10 un-PC things to say, this one striking me as most important:

The K-12 public education system is essentially wrecked. No longer can any professor expect an incoming college freshman to know what Okinawa, John Quincy Adams, Shiloh, the Parthenon, the Reformation, John Locke, the Second Amendment, or the Pythagorean Theorem is. An entire American culture, the West itself, its ideas and experiences, have simply vanished on the altar of therapy. This upcoming generation knows instead not to judge anyone by absolute standards (but not why so); to remember to say that its own Western culture is no different from, or indeed far worse than, the alternatives; that race, class, and gender are, well, important in some vague sense; that global warming is manmade and very soon will kill us all; that we must have hope and change of some undefined sort; that AIDs is no more a homosexual- than a heterosexual-prone disease; and that the following things and people for some reason must be bad, or at least must in public company be said to be bad (in no particular order): Wal-Mart, cowboys, the Vietnam War, oil companies, coal plants, nuclear power, George Bush, chemicals, leather, guns, states like Utah and Kansas, Sarah Palin, vans and SUVs.

A very large percentage of the American population is primed for slavery – to become the mere cogs in a totalitarian machine. This is because a very large percentage of Americans simply does not know what is what. I’m stunned at times at what people don’t know, and at what they do know which isn’t so…probably 9 in 10 Americans can state at least some part of one of the many bogus conspiracy theories explaining the Kennedy assassination, but I’ll bet not 1 in a 100 can identify what happened at Leyte Gulf. Too many of us know too much that didn’t happen or is irrelevant; too many of us don’t know the things necessary to make an informed decision – and thus the continuing strength of liberalism.

Part of this state of affairs is intentional, part of it the result of sheer laziness. The intentional part comes in from those elements of the left who despise, out of ignorance, the civilization they live in, the laziness part of it comes from the fact that a government employee gets paid the same regardless of whether the kids in school learn much or learn nothing…and its much easier to teach them nothing. The upshot of all this is people who think that “rights” means the right to wear strange clothes and have sex; that freedom is the ability to be irresponsible with no consequences; who believe “question authority” means “reject authority without question”; that evil doesn’t exist; who’s knowledge of history would embarrass an 8 year old of 100 years ago. Such people are easily convinced that a cartoonish, two dimensional fairy tale reflects reality – and are also people easily convinced that a particular person and/or movement has all the answers and, furthermore, that to oppose such person and/or movement is not just mistaken, but pernicious.

My view is that a majority of Americans still knows enough of what actually exists and what actually happened to control, for the moment, the ultimate destiny of the United States. I could be wrong – we could have already tipped over into majority-servile in our population. If that is the case, then the enslavement of the American population to its ultimate destruction will proceed unchecked from now until such time as an outside power raises its banner over Washington, DC and proclaims the end of the United States of America. If such is the case, then my fellow Americans will have obtained nothing more – and nothing less – than their desire. People do get the government they deserve – and usually get it good and hard, as Mencken once noted.

As for me, it is my duty to do what is right, as best as I can determine it – even if I were to end up a minority of one. There really is no reason for anyone to ever despair. Ultimately, good will triumph over evil, even if a particular nation in existence today – and which has done much good in the world – fails to survive until that ultimate victory. The torch of reason and morality is inextinguishable, no matter how obscured it can be, at times. So, into the battle I go, convinced of victory – and pitying rather than hating those who oppose me, because they have so sadly limited themselves in the enjoyment of knowledge.