The Ultimate Result of "Choice"

Want to go the way of Russia?

Authorities in the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk have scheduled a “week without abortion” in an effort to combat the country’s extremely high abortion rate.

During the weeklong event that began on Monday, doctors will not perform abortions in all but “the most extreme cases,” reports. The city’s maternity welfare center will hold open houses with information seminars on family planning as psychologists and gynecologists work with pregnant women to help prepare them for motherhood.

A hotline for pregnant women will also operate during the week, putting them in contact with gynecological experts in Novorossiysk.

“Doctors will do everything they can to stop women from doing the irreparable,” a city administration representative told

The city’s universities will also screen films demonstrating the detrimental effects of abortion.

Russia’s abortion rate is among the highest in the world, with nearly 70 percent of pregnancies ending in an abortion. The Western Europe abortion rate is about 12 per 1,000 women per year, while in Russia that figure is 54 per 1,000, according to U.N. records on abortion rates.

In 2004 there were 100,000 more abortions than births.

Further, about 10 to 15 percent of abortions in Russia have complications, leaving about 8 percent of women sterile.

Right now, the pro-abortion fanatics are plotting their misbegotten and fraudulently named “Freedom of Choice Act” for President Obama’s signature. They hope to slip it through the legislative process and allow Obama to quietly keep his pledge to sign it. FOCA, as its known, will codify “federally funded abortion on demand” – a position held by only a tiny minority of Americans, but by using the word “choice”, the pro-abortion fanatics hope to impose their sick, anti-human worldview upon all of us.

FOCA means lots of things – it means that every Catholic hospital in America (about 1/3 of the total) will close their doors (no, not sell out to others, but actually close because we Catholics cannot materially aid evil); it means that doctors and nurses who refuse to participate in abortion may be held liable; it means that tax payers will be forced to perform abortions because abortion, under FOCA, is considered a basic human right…it means, in the end, that we’ll become a nation more in line with aborting children than bringing them into the world…much as Russia has been for the past couple decades, and now a desperate Russian government seeks expedient after expedient to stop the slow-motion suicide of the Russian people.

Abortion is the crowning evil of our age of legalized murder and lies. It is the only genuinely important issue we face, because if we cannot even see our way to welcoming new life into our society, then what worth is anything else we do? It must be stopped, and it will be stopped – and it is what we will fight on here and now and for ever, until victory goes to the cause of life.