The Death of Japan

Demographic collapse isn’t just an European problem:

Japan’s workers are being urged to switch off their laptops, go home early and use what little energy they have left on procreation, in the country’s latest attempt to avert demographic disaster.

The drive to persuade employers that their staff would be better off at home with their wives than staying late at the office comes amid warnings from health experts that many couples are simply too tired to have sex.

A recent survey of married couples under 50 found that more than a third had not had sex in the previous month.

Many couples said they didn’t have the energy for sex, while others said they found it boring.

A quarter of the men surveyed said they were “too tired” after work, while just under a fifth of women said intercourse was “too troublesome”. A study by Durex found that the average couple has sex 45 times a year, less than half the global average of 103 times.

“It’s a question of work-life balance,” the association’s head, Kunio Kitamura, told Reuters. “This is not something that the individual can tackle alone. The people who run companies need to do something about it.”

Japan’s birth rate, at 1.34 – the average number of children a woman has in her lifetime – is among the lowest in the world and falls well short of the 2.07 children needed to keep the population stable.

If the rate persists, demographers warn that Japan’s overall population will drop to 95 million by 2050 from its 2006 peak of 127.7 million.

The consumerist, careerist social model is dying – Japan, as it turned out, imported the very worst Judeo-Christian civilization had to offer…not our Sermon on the Mount, but our corporate behemoths and shallow popular culture.

As I’ve said before – and will keep saying – the issue of Life is the most important issue we face, and the crucial thing for us to do is to end abortion and start having that hope which welcomes new life into the world. All our machines and all our banks and all our glittering cities will be worthless if there is no one living. In political rhetoric we were to build a bridge to the 21st century and all we’ve ended up doing is building an expressway to the graveyard.

There is no question – there is no dispute – that a rational person can put to the proposition that we must have children, as a society, or we will cease to be. Only a turning away from the social paradigm brought to us by liberalism all those ages ago during the so-called “Enlightenment” can save us – we have to start living; living as human beings, not as mere cogs in a socio-economic machine designed to endlessly grind out consumer goods faster and cheaper. Progress, in 2008, means figuring out just where we turned aside from our humanity and then – as far as possible – getting back there and keeping on the human path, rather than the materialist, determinist path of mindless robots doomed to destruction.