Will Blago Resign, or Force an Impeachment?

The longer this goes on, the worse it gets for Democrats in general and Obama in particular – and thus the Illinois Attorney General’s attempt to short-circuit the impeachment process by trying to get a judge to declare Blagojevich “disabled” and thus unable to exercise the office of Governor. This is absurd, but typical of Democrats who don’t know the difference between legislative, executive and judicial branches – Beldar takes a look at this:

Prof. Ann Althouse is having fun ridiculing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s efforts both before the press and before the Illinois Supreme Court. Madigan is trying to persuade that court to effectively remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office based on an argument that he’s “disabled” due to the allegations that have been made against him in the pending federal indictment being prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Earlier, Prof. Althouse wrote: “Given that ‘conviction on impeachment’ is one of the specified reasons for inability to serve, using this procedure as an alternative to the impeachment process looks like an abusive power grab.” Prof. Glenn Reynolds adds: “I agree with Ann Althouse. The way you get rid of a crooked governor is via impeachment. Why play games here? If the case is so obvious, that shouldn’t take long.”

I agree with both Prof. Althouse and Prof. Reynolds. Even though it would remove the reins of power from the hands of a crook, using the “disability” provision of the Illinois constitution in lieu of impeachment would be legally, politically, and intellectually illegitimate.

But picking up on Prof. Reynold’s point about impeachment, the question about whether Blagojevich is “obviously crooked” becomes “obvious to whom?” and “under what standard of obviousness?”

That Blagojevich is a banal, petty crook has been “obvious” to anyone who cared to see such things long before he was indicted and arrested. Under a practical, common-sense standard, that should have been obvious to the voters of Illinois who nevertheless elected him.(emphasis in original)

In the strange world of politics, we can’t assume that Madigan won’t be able to find a judge to rule in her favor, but believe she’ll be unsuccessful. Blagojevich is a crook and anyone paying attention since before he took office as Governor knows he’s a crook – but he’s also innocent until proven guilty and he’s as yet only been indicted, not convicted. Crook or no, he was both elected and re-elected – and thus he has a reason for desperately trying to cling on to power in the hopes that something will turn up to get him off the hook, at least as far as a long prison term is concerned. The fact that Blagojevich has acted as he has shows us that the most important thing in his life is himself, we can’t rely upon a basic decency and desire to spare others to motivate him to do the right thing – only if resigning works in what Blagojevich thinks is his best interest will he do it.

The rumor is that he’ll quit as early as Monday morning – and lets hope he does…but given the culture of corruption prevalent amongst Democrats, the fact that the people of Illinois have a high tolerance of corruption and the fact that Blagojevich has nothing to lose by fighting it out, we may see the Democrats forced to do something they never want to do – call one of their own to account for his misdeeds.

But they may be forced to it – Obama needs this thing to go away and go away quickly. Aside from the fact that each day distracts from things he’d rather be doing, there always the continual chance that something will come up tying him and/or senior aides to Blagojevich. We’ll soon see how this all plays out.