Operation Election Steal

We’ve just seen how Democrats in power have turned a legitimate Republican victory for Norm Coleman into a stolen election for Al Franken… so this ought to be a warning to the Republican Party that they have to do a lot more to fight the Democrats attempts to steal elections across the country.

The highly publicized vote recount in the Minnesota Senate race between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman is shining a light on Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, the state’s chief election officer.

Ritchie is chairman of the Minnesota Canvassing Board, which on Monday certified that Franken received 225 more votes than Coleman did.

Ritchie gave partial credit for his 2006 election to a liberal 527 group, the Secretary of State Project, which says its goal is to “ensure fair, clean elections” by replacing conservative secretaries of state with liberal Democrats.

 “I want to thank the Secretary of State Project and its thousands of grassroots donors for helping to push my campaign over the top,” Ritchie said in a posting on the project’s Web site. “Your wonderful support–both directly to my campaign and through generous expenditures by the strategic fund–helped me get our election reform message to Minnesota voters.”

 The SoS Project says it spent a total of $500,000 in seven swing states in 2006 trying to get Democrats elected as secretaries of state. They achieved victories in all but two of those states–Michigan and Colorado–but helped fund Democratic wins in Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico.

This blatant attempt to steal elections must be stopped.