Obama's Ties to Richardson Scandal

Well, Democrats, you went and ignored the massive illegal fundraising in the Obama effort, and look where its getting you:

President-elect Barack Obama took big money from a man at the center of a federal probe that has forced one of Obama’s top Cabinet picks to withdraw.

Financial records show the Obama campaign got more than $30,000 from California financier David Rubin, the target of an investigation into donations and possible “pay-to-play” deals involving New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Obama’s pick for commerce secretary.

Now, we can figure that Rubin was doing “pay for play” with Richardson, but only giving money to Obama because Obama is just a swell hope-n-change kinda guy, or we can presume that Rubin was figuring on cashing in during the Obama Administration. Which do you think it is?

Ah, what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Had you liberals been a little more interested in, you know?, the safety and well being of the United States, you might have paid some mind to the fact that The One was awash in a sea of illegal campaign money…that, in fact, his storied fame as the recipient of the little guy donations was just so much BS, much as the whole Obama narrative would qualify as a fairytale, if it were a bit more believable. Rubin was just chucking some money into the Obama kitty – buying a seat at the table, as were so many other fat cats out there.

This is the key to the future of our nation – that you liberals start holding your side accountable. We conservatives have done it with our side. Our tainted members are out – and if any more arise we’ll give them the boot, too. But yours are in, and staying in…and there’s no reason for people like Rubin to think other than “business as usual” because you liberals have shown, again and again, that the only thing you care about is that the guy with a “D” after his name wins. You need to wake up from your liberal stupor and start realizing that the good of your nation requires you to hammer harder on your own than you do on the other side.

Or, you can just smugly assume that everything is fine…and we’ll see you in 2010. Your choice.

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