Romney as "Health Czar"?

Interesting concept:

President Obama could do worse. Romney has a bad reputation among Congressional Democrats, so I can’t imagine they’d cotton to this. In fact, it’s highly unlikely. But what Romney, in a bipartisan fashion, was able to do in Massachusetts — even with caveats — is pretty much the same as what Obama wants to do on a national level. Karen Tumulty notes that Romney is the only American who can claim the provision of universal health care as a resume line. Didn’t help him in the GOP too much, but that’s another discussion. If Obama wanted to bring Romney into the cabinet, he’d have to balance him by appointing a pro-choicer to a top HHS post because there are so many controversial, sexuality-related programs in that department that apportion money. The thinking here is that Romney would be the White House health care czar and that a Democrat — Gov. Kitzhaber of Oregon, maybe — would move over to Health and Human Services.

It is a good fit and Romney could get things done that no Democrat could – and if we are to have some sort of national health system, better to have it with a bit of free market principles as Romney would certainly insert into the mix. It is highly unlikely, but these are strange times, and Obama is proving himself thus far inept at cabinet-building.

What really bugs me about this and Gates at Defense as well as other possible GOP appointments? That we GOPers might end up saving Obama from himself…in order to save the country, we might saddle ourselves with a second Obama term.

Ah, well, patriotism does at times require one to do distasteful things…