Democrats Trying to Thwart Corruption Investigation

Like anyone should be surprised:

Democrats fix sights on GOP prosecutor

Easley, Edwards probes under way


John Edwards admits federal investigators are asking him questions. Federal subpoenas were issued Friday related to Mike Easley.

As the separate federal probes into a former senator and the former governor are emerging, Democrats are taking steps to replace the Republican prosecutor who is spearheading the inquiries about the highest-profile North Carolina Democrats of the past decade.

All the nearly 100 top federal prosecutors across the country serve at the will of the president. Any replacement for U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding, a Bush appointee who has kept a priority on public corruption cases from Raleigh to the coast, will be subject to U.S. Senate confirmation.

The process gives a key role in the decision to U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, a Democrat who was in the state Senate leadership for several years until she unseated Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole in November. Already, Hagan has formed a panel to screen candidates. It is led by Burley Mitchell, former chief justice of the N.C. Supreme Court who now works at the Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice law firm.

Interviews were scheduled for last week and this one, and Mitchell said he expects to forward the name of a preferred candidate to Hagan by midweek. “We’re definitely working on those right now,” Hagan said in an interview Wednesday. “And hopefully within the next few weeks we can go forward.”

Hagan said any movement is coincidental to continuing investigations.

Uh, yeah; whatever you say, Hagen. Meanwhile, back in the real world what we’ve got here is a long-time Democrat operative seeking to get rid of the GOP prosecuting looking into corruption amongst long time Democrat operatives. If this is coincidence then I’m the Tooth Fairy. We won’t be holding our breath for our liberal friends to be screaming bloody murder about the removal of a prosecutor – expect endless statements about how, hey, US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President (provided, in liberal-speak, the President is a Democrat and the US Attorney being gotten rid of has the goods on Democrats).

Here is the crux of the cases:

Edwards, a former senator, vice presidential nominee and presidential candidate, has acknowledged the federal investigation into whether any money given to his presidential campaign — or to nonprofits connected to his campaign — was funneled to his girlfriend, Rielle Hunter. Edwards has admitted having an affair with Hunter, who was hired to make short videos for the campaign.

Easley, governor from 2001 until January, was the subject of a federal subpoena issued Friday to the state Highway Patrol. The FBI wants records and information related to Easley’s private air travel. A separate state Board of Elections inquiry also is under way into a range of activities.

Those probes follow reports in The News & Observer about Easley receiving the free use of cars, free flights on jets owned by supporters, and his relationship with McQueen Campbell. Campbell was chairman of the N.C. State University Board of Trustees until he resigned Friday. Federal investigators have asked for information about the cars and about a Carteret County land development where Easley bought a lot.

This is the sort of stuff which brings down political classes – the sort of thing, that is, which would make Democrats, on the whole, toxic in North Carolina in 2010…and as we know, the primary concern of Democrats is the maintenance of Democrat power. Expect Holding to be removed before these cases go to court and expect Holding’s successor to eventually plea bargain the cases down to nothing. And expect this sort of thing to go on just as long as the Democrat rank and file refuse to hold their own to the standards they insist GOPers adhere to.