Sotomayor's Statement Just a Normal Product of Leftwing Thinking

Ann Althouse dispatches the concept that Sotomayor’s statement was something which was garbled, out of context or in some way excusable:

…it was not an unguarded spontaneous outburst. It was a carefully written speech delivered to a particular audience. Sotomayor was saying the things that would be well-received by her audience. Indeed, I have trouble getting roused by her statement — “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life” — because I’ve been immersed for a quarter century in the kind of law school environment that she addressed. Here, we sympathetically smile and nod at such things. We nurture racial analysis. We create a school of thought and hire people to write about Critical Race Theory. What Sotomayor said was actually a weak, feel-good version of the kind of racial talk that is widespread in the legal academy.

Althouse suggests that we view the statement as “racial” rather than “racist” but to me that is a distinction without a difference. The plain fact of the matter is that the liberal elite of this nation believes that white people are inherently wicked (unless they are liberal, of course) and must pay back the non-white population for what they have stolen from them…thus Sotomayor’s racist statement that a Latina woman can have insights superior to a white male’s is nothing to write home about. Its non-controversial on the left. Its like asserting that low taxes are good on the right side of the aisle – a truth so embedded in the worldview as to be considered self-evident.

But it is racist – unlike the left, we on the right have retained our understanding of right and wrong. What Martin Luther King fought against was wrong – to consider anyone superior or inferior on account of race is morally wrong; it degrades the dignity inherent in all men, which is endowed to them by God. We learned, and we’ll never go down that road again. The left learned, but only for a moment…after MLK’s death, hustlers took over and the task was no longer justice, but what could be gotten out of government. Taking off from this, a whole host of idiocy was enshrined in our institutions of higher education (such as, among other monstrosity, “Chicano Studies”

Chicano studies, black studies, feminist studies…all of these disciplines built up in order to allow race-baiters to live on the government gravy train. Sotomayor is the product of this sort of thing – she was told this twaddle in college, she believes it, and she’s going to impose it on us via judicial fiat. If we wish to fight against racism, then this is our struggle – to eject from office anyone who holds to the sort of views Sotomayor has…she might very sincerely believe she’s not racist…but many whites in the South thought that, too.