Faith vs Atheism

This will be a grand debate:

The first ever Festival of Dangerous Ideas will pit Sydney’s archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, against one of the most prominent exponents of modern atheism, British journalist Christopher Hitchens.

A press release from the Sydney Archdiocese announced today that this festival will take place Oct. 3-4 in the Sydney Opera House.

In his address, titled “Without God We Are Nothing,” Cardinal Pell plans to speak about secularism as a “minority sport and a temporary phenomenon” that only survives “by attacking Christianity or living off Christianity’s moral capital.”

Our liberal friends like to think of themselves as the holders of dangerous ideas – but this is because they are mostly very ignorant and don’t realize that their oh, so “advanced” ideas are actually just endlessly warmed-over heresies long put to rest by Christians enlightened by Truth. And so, putting one of the smartest atheists up against Cardinal Pell will make for a fascinating debate – atheism will be as well represented as it can be…and my belief is that once done, it will be shown up as the sad, tattered thing it is…