The End of the "Moderate Republican"?

Probably – because we used to call them “liberal Republicans”, now we call them “moderate Republicans” but mostly what it amounts to is “Republicans we can’t rely upon in a crisis” – anyways, looks like there’s a chance Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) might bolt:

Senator Snowe’s mid-week remarks on her place in a changing GOP might seem tame. Snowe, a moderate Republican and senior senator from Maine, stated that “I haven’t changed as a Republican, I think more that my party has changed.” The comments came in an interview with John Harwood on CNBC. Citing the full quotation might be a useful background for the analysis that follows. Asked why she was a Republican, she answered:

Well, you know, it’s — I’ve always been a Republican for the traditional principles that have been associated with the Republican Party since I, you know, became a Republican when I registered to vote. And that is limited, you know, limited government, individual opportunities, fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense. So I think that those principles have always been a part of the Republican Party heritage, and I believe that I, you know, reflect those views. And I haven’t changed as a Republican, I think more that my party has changed.

The MSM and the left eats this stuff up – here’s the supposed real-deal for the GOP: if only we’d all be more like her, we’d be able to get ahead! Its the endless refrain – if only we GOPers would become more liberal, all would be well. Of course, its all bull – and Snowe makes a liar out of herself in her own statement. If she’s for limited government and fiscal responsibility, then why did she vote for Obama’s Spendulus package? That is the definition of fiscally irresponsible big government.

There has to be room for dissenting voices in the GOP – but there must also be a certain cohesiveness to the party. One certain, crucial issues, a person has to either be with the party, or not in the party at all. Voting for the Spendulus wasn’t just another vote on another spending bill – it was a major, early victory for Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress. What the heck did we get in return for all our efforts to elect and re-elect Snowe? It didn’t help us at the moment we really needed it. And now we’re supposed to help re-elect her, again? Why? So she can cut us off at the knees one more time?

There is talk of finding a primary challenger for Snowe – and I hope we get one. Senator Snowe needs to learn that if she takes our sweat and our money, we expect at least a modicum of party discipline in return. At the bare minimum, no GOPer should be the vote which hands a signal victory to the liberals we all – moderates and conservatives – oppose. She doesn’t have to be a Republican – she’s free to switch to Democrat or Independent…but if she wants to be part of us, then we expect her to return the favor.

No more Specters in our party – no more RINOs. We’re Republicans – we range from rock ribbed conservatives like Sen. Jim DeMint (100% ACU rating) to fairly liberal Republicans like Rudi Giuliani…room at the table for all sorts, but no room for those who would betray us.