Obama Flunks the Diplomacy Test

And that is bad news, because his whole foreign policy concept was wrapped around diplomacy:

…when President Obama addressed the General Assembly and Security Council he already knew that Iran was ignoring international standards, and its latest violations endangered international peace and security more than ever before. And yet he deliberately refused to put Iran on the agenda of the Council summit — the same Council that he claimed bore responsibility for responding to such threats.

President Obama knew that if the magnitude of the Iranian threat were revealed yesterday, the emptiness of his resolution would have been embarrassingly obvious and his cover blown. In public, at the highest levels of the U.N, he heralded generalities as significant. In private, he was petitioning lower levels of the U.N. to act on startling specifics of the Iranian threat.

Why did the president not present this same evidence to the Security Council, the body with “the authority and the responsibility to respond”? Why did he not challenge world leaders to deal with the same Iranian threat that he privately was pressing upon U.N. bureaucrats?

There is only one possible answer: President Obama does not have the political will to do what it takes to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Indeed – buy why doesn’t he have the political will?

1. Because liberals refuse to understand that tyrants are wicked people.

2. Because liberals think that diplomacy is a substitute for armed force, rather than each (diplomacy and military power) being indispensable to each other.

3. Because leaders, by and large, would rather not make a decision – make a decision and you might make the wrong one. It takes immense courage for any leader to make a choice…and this courage is rare in leaders (ie, note that in 1940 among all the various British and French leaders, only one had the courage to consistently demand that aggressive action be taken against Germany…Winston Churchill; everyone else was just hoping to get through the crisis with as little trouble as possible).

Naive world view, ignorance and cowardice..that is why Iran is set to build a bomb. More and more, its looking like the world will have to rely on Israel to do our duty, for us.