The UN Must be Dissolved

I mean really; its a horrendous, anti-human organization. Why? Well, because as Mark Steyn points out, when you mix tyrants with democrats, you get a tyrant-dominated body…and then we have to have this:

By declining to distinguish between the foreign minister of Slovenia and the foreign minister of, say, Sudan, you normalize not merely the goofier ad libs of a Qaddafi but far darker pathologies. The day after the president of the United States addressed the U.N. General Assembly, the prime minister of Israel took to the podium, and held up a copy of the minutes of the Wansee Conference at which German officials planned the “Final Solution” to their Jewish problem. This is the pathetic state to which the U.N. has been reduced after six decades: The Jew-hatred of Ahmadinejad and others is so routine that a sane man has to stand up in the global parliament and attempt to demonstrate to lunatics that the Holocaust actually happened.

As long as we are tied to an organization which claims that the tyrants of China are the moral equals of the leaders of the United States, we will not have an international body capable of improving world conditions. All the UN does now is to serve as a fig-leaf for evil – we go through the motions and pretend we’re doing good while we’re actually enabling wicked men to continue in their evil unchecked.

Get U.S. out of the UN!