NY-23: Teaching the GOP Establishment a Lesson

Via the Conservative Party’s Doug Hoffman for Congress campaign.

Its a three-way race in NY-23 to fill the seat vacated by Obama’s Secretary of the Army. From Real Clear Politics, its Owens (D) at 33%, Scozzafava (R) at 26%, and Hoffman (C) at 23% – with the D and C both rising in the polls, the R dropping and 1 in 6 voters still undecided. Hoffman leads among Independents.

The Conservative Party was created in New York for the specific purpose of holding the GOP’s feet to the fire – nominate center/right candidates, or face a conservative Third Party which will siphon enough votes away to hand the seat to the Democrats. So, what is up with Scozzafava and why is she facing such a strong, Conservative challenger who seems certain, at the least, to deny her a seat in the House? As far as her positions on her website, all pretty good: for an individual right to bear arms, for making the Bush tax cuts permanent, against “cap and trade” – what gives?

She’s favors the fascist “card check” legislation and while talking a game of fiscal responsibility, she has often voted for bloated budgets and tax increases; additionally, she’s pro-choice, which ensures that social conservatives will never get enthused about her. It is just that much straying from center/right which has doomed her. Now, Hoffman may still pull off a win – the outgoing GOP House member won with 65% of the vote in 2008, which means that the current Democrat candidate is pulling no more than usual…all Hoffman has to do is get to 34% or so, and he wins. Given that his poll numbers have risen 7 points recently, this is not out of the question.

The lesson for the GOP is that even in a blue State like New York, the rank-and-file don’t want anyone who even might be a RINO (people have been unable to get Scozzafava to commit to running as a GOPer in 2010, supposing she wins next month). Rather than have a RINO, the folks would rather have a Democrat – heck, a centrist Democrat representing a GOP district might even be susceptible to GOP pressure, ya know? Meanwhile, even if we lose it, we can come right back a the Democrat in 2010, hitting him with Obama’s failures for all their worth. If we GOpers want to win, we have to run candidates who adhere to core GOP principles.

What does this mean? That you simply must pledge to low taxes, low spending, low regulation and State and local control – in other words, you must be a representative of the people, not the powerful. Some GOPers have figured it out – getting Scozzafava to sign the no-new-tax pledge, but it might be too little, too late for her. Its not the people screaming for Obamacare and massive borrowing – it is the elite; the powers-that-be. The GOP is supposed to be against this – and our GOP leadership had better wake up and smell the coffee.