The Younger Reid

He’s running for governor out here in Nevada:

The son of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has formally entered the Democratic race for Nevada governor, saying the state needs to diversify its economy and stop postponing difficult decisions.

Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid said Wednesday he doesn’t think his father will have a big effect on his campaign to become the state’s top executive. He says Nevadans ask him about issues, not his father.

He says Nevada has become too reliant on the gambling industry and needs a more diverse economy to pull out of the recession.

Which is true, and credit to Rory for seeing that – but with dear, old Dad having been in the Senate all this time, you’d think we’d have a bit of that economic diversity, already. Is Rory going to point out what his Dad failed to do, and how he’ll do it better? Or will the son claim that the father has done everything he can, but we’re still screwed? Either way, it doesn’t work out well for either Reid.

Outside of that, there is something distinctly un-American in all this – its one thing for a son to follow a father in to politics, quite another when father and son are attempting to obtain high office at the same time. If Harry wanted his son to be governor, he should have refused to seek re-election. I think, in the end, that having two Reid’s on the ballot will just help convince the voters of Nevada that we should have no Reids, in office.

UPDATE: Naturally, given he’s a Democrat, his platform conflicts with the State Constitution...when this is pointed out, Reid’s determination is to find a way around that august document…like father, like son…