Gov. Paterson (D-NY) "Empowered" by Obama's Failure

And more power to him – after all, it was Obama (0-2 in helping Democrats win elections in 2009) who told Patterson to get out:

The governor is now taking to the air waves to convince New Yorkers he deserves to stay in office.

“What it’s geared to do is talk about his very good record over the last year, the things he’s done for the state, including closing a $35 billion budget,” said veteran political consultant Bill Lynch.

The ads are aimed at improving Paterson’s low poll numbers and sending a message to other Democrats, including President Barack Obama, that he is determined to seek another term in office.

“Once people know the things he’s done for this state they will start to look at him differently,” said Lynch.

Paterson, whose popularity currently hovers in the 20 percent range, was seriously wounded when Obama let it be known he didn’t want Paterson to run because Republicans like Rudy Giuliani consistently beat him in the polls. But Obama’s recent lack of success in backing local candidates, including New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, has empowered Paterson.

The normal way to put this is “rats deserting the sinking ship”, but however else you want to characterize Patterson, “rat” isn’t it. He’s been a loyal, liberal Democrat for decades and Obama cut him off at the knees. Small wonder that Paterson has decided to ignore The One’s advice and do his own thing. Its better, in the end, to go down fighting than to surrender with out a fight. I think we’ll beat Patterson next year – but we’ll have beaten a fighter, not a mere poodle for Obama and the Democrat bosses.