How Will Reid Pass His Bill?

By bribing wavering Democrats with your money. How else?

Counting two independents, Democrats control 60 Senate seats. Three moderate Democrats have been cagey about their intentions, although none of them has announced a plan to defect. Officials disclosed during the day that Reid had included in the bill a political sweetener for one of the three, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, in the form of $100 million to help her state cover health care costs for the poor.

One of the GOP points against the Reid bill is that it shifts costs to the States. Democrats say it won’t. Reid sends $100 million to Louisiana to cover the increased costs. Someone is lying. You get three guesses as to whom it is.

Outside of that dishonesty, this is how our liberals work. They know their plans aren’t popular. They know they won’t work. But the point of the plan is to gain control and they don’t care how they gain the control. As long as liberals end up with the power, how its actually done is trivial – and so bribing a Senator with taxpayer pork in order to secure her vote (and, think about it: she’ll then take that money and use it to bribe Louisianans to vote to re-elect her…so she can do them some more!) is a natural.

We can’t count on blue dogs or moderate Democrats – our only hope is to win so big next year that in order for Obama to govern at all, he’ll have to sign off on a repeal of this liberal-fascist power grab.

UPDATE: $850 billion? Try again – its $2.5 trillion.