What Government-run Health Care Gets You

Vastly bloated government budgets:

Provincial spending on health care continues to grow faster than provincial revenues, with six out of 10 provinces projected to be spending half of all available revenue on health care by 2034, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute, one of Canada’s leading economic think-tanks.

Ontario and New Brunswick face the biggest crunch, where health expenditures are on pace to consume half of total provincial revenues by 2014 or earlier.

The study suggests that Prince Edward Island will likely reach the 50 per cent point within 10 years, followed by Nova Scotia in 15 years, Manitoba in about 17 years, and Quebec in 25 years.

“Health spending has increased at an unsustainable rate in the majority of provinces over the past decade,” said Brett Skinner, Fraser Institute Director of Bio-Pharma, Health, and Insurance Policy and lead author of Paying More, Getting Less: 2009 Report.

There is no way around this – it is impossible to control costs when the government is in charge of providing the service and everyone is covered. And its not just the patients who are driving costs. To be sure, when you de-couple use of medical care from cost of medical care (which is really what insurance – including and especially government insurance) you get vastly more usage of the system – but that isn’t all.

There is also the fact that the government employees – the non-medical employees, that is – will demand ever higher pay and benefits and politicians will give in because (a) they don’t want to cross the unions and (b) they don’t want anyone being able to say they weren’t willing to support health care. Additionally, the contractors who provide the materials and supplies for the health care system will be politically connected and will pad their contracts with the connivance of the politicians who, in return for such kickbacks, will get campaign cash. The whole thrust of a government-run health system is ever increasing cost – and that would be ok, if at least we got good health care, but you don’t get that. Why? Because there is no upside to providing good health care – in fact, all it does is cause problems because then you’re spending money which could be spent on unions and contractors on patients, who don’t provide a lot of campaign cash.

Every country with socialized medicine – including France, for those on the left who like to hold France up as a paradigm – is going bankrupt with the cost of it. Its just not workable. So, why doe the left want it?

1. Because leftists don’t think; they are slaves to ideology and leftwing ideology requires support for government-run health care.

2. Because leftist leaders want control of the population and there’s no better way than to be in control of health care; don’t make the government mad or you won’t get the health care you want, and so voters are disinclined to vote for anyone who wants to return to a private system.

Will we get this program? Only if we refuse to fight.