Rumors of lack of GOP support for Scott Brown's Candidacy Greatly Exaggerated

Jules Crittendon (quoting an article from the Boston Herald, and echoed by Ed Morrissey), has reported that Massachusetts GOP Senatorial Candidate Scott Brown has received little support, and may have actually been written off by the RNC.

Having just gotten off a blogger conference call with Mr. Brown, I can categorically state that Brown denies any lack of support for his campaign by the RNC. In fact, in the call Brown stated that his campaign has received “..everything from the RNC that we have asked for.”

It would appear that the story from the Boston Herald was designed not to report on the status of, but rather to outright sabotage the momentum of Brown’s Senate campaign.

Regardless, Brown did state that he looks forward to donations from every corner of the country, since his election would assist not only the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but the entire nation.

Indeed, Brown’s election would break the stranglehold majority that the DNC has on the U.S. Senate, and it would be nearly axiomatic that Obamacare, at least in its current form, would not see the light of day in a final Senate vote.

In fact, it is very likely that the election of Scott Brown to fill the seat of Ted Kennedy may be our last hope in evading what could be a very dark chapter in America’s history.

If you are so inclined, please donate to Brown’s campaign here.

UPDATE: Polipundit says Brown can win