Democrats Have a New Tactic to Steal Elections

They never give up:

…in New York’s Columbia County, a two-hour drive up the Hudson River from New York City. Local Democrats have encouraged weekend residents to register and vote on the theory that their ballots aren’t needed in New York City, where Democrats already hold an overwhelming registration edge. In a lightly-populated upstate community, however, a few transplant votes can represent the balance of power.

That was certainly the case last month in the town of Taghkanic, which has about 1,500 people. In a closely contested race for local offices, more than 20% of the ballots were cast by absentees, almost all of them by weekend residents who appeared to have delivered narrow victories to local Democrats. In response, Republicans have sued, pointing to evidence that many of the absentees were people whose jobs, drivers licenses and primary residences were in New York City and legally should have voted there. Some may even have voted in both jurisdictions. Approximately 60 absentee ballots are at issue and could sway the result of some races if disqualified.

The case will be heard by a local judge in State Supreme Court in Columbia County tomorrow. Evidence before him will include spreadsheets showing that many of the county’s absentee voters had signed affidavits for property tax exemptions on homes outside of Columbia County or signed second-home riders on mortgages securing their Columbia County property. Those riders explicitly say their primary residences are elsewhere.

As Democrats head in to an increasingly harsh electoral environment, we can expect ever more efforts to cheat. Cheating, remember, is not something that happens from time to time, it is something Democrats do whenever they can. And they are quite good at it. And also quite good at playing the injured party (as in Florida in 2000, or in Ohio in 2004) – naturally, most of the MSM will come down hard on the side of the Democrats.

The good news is that stories like these do show an increasingly desperate Democrat party – a party which knows it betrayed the American people and is about to get punished for it.

Our task is to both remain vigilant for these efforts while, also, working to run up our vote totals to the point where cheating won’t be able to change the outcome.