Why is ICE Buying 200 Million Rounds of Ammunition?


The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order for 200 million rounds of pistol ammunition (.40 caliber, hollow-point) over the next five years for use by its Immigration, Customs and Enforcement division.

Let’s see now, ICE has approximately 15,000 employees. Not all of them are licensed to carry firearms, but just to keep the math simple, we’ll divide the whole shebang into 200 million. That works out to a little over 13,000 rounds per employee over five years, or approximately 2,600 per employee per year.

Now, in case the entire population of Mexico tries to cross the border over the next five years, this would be enough to shoot everybody twice; however, this event seems unlikely, and would represent a pretty harsh response, anyway.

So, what’s it all about, Janet?

Update: Winchester confirms. This news has been out there for a while, incidentally, but I’m just finding out about it.

Given that boarder security is already being slighted by Napolitano’s DHS, it seems odd that we would be getting enough ammo to fight a small war. So, indeed, what’s it all about, Janet?

Some possibilities:

1. Its something being “lost in the estimates” – the money is really for something else highly classified, and this is just the cover.

2. Its just a bit of boneheaded government waste.

3. Its a payoff to someone who donated to Obama.

4. Its to keep it out of our hands.

What do you think?