Obama's Aunt: Still Illegal, Still on the Taxpayer's Dime


A loophole in a Massachusetts state law has allowed Zeituni Onyango – Barack Obama’s aunt and an illegal immigrant – to live in state-funded public housing in Boston since 2003, even though a federal immigration judge ordered Onyango to leave the country in 2004 after her request for asylum was denied.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) told CNSNews.com that illegal immigrants like Onyango can qualify for the state-funded housing in Massachusetts because, unlike federally funded programs, Massachusetts forbids the BHA from even asking about an applicant’s immigration status.

But that begs the question: why doesn’t ICE arrest and deport her?

Those of you who are long time readers here know that I’m “soft” on illegal immigration. Not as soft as liberals, but certainly much softer than the run-of-the-mill conservative. You know – I want a guest-worker program and favor a path to citizenship for illegals long in country and entirely self-supporting. But I’m also “hard” on law and order – and if someone has been found, by a court, to have broken the law, then that person must suffer whatever the law requires. In this case: deportation. It doesn’t matter that Massachusetts, run by dingbat liberals, doesn’t mind shoveling taxpayer money at illegals while citizens and legal immigrants suffer privation – that is Massachusetts’ problem. But it does matter that the federal government – in charge of keeping illegals out – hasn’t apparently done much to see this lady to the border.

If we are to be a nation under the rule of law, then the laws must be enforced. With a keen sense of justice and always erring on the side of mercy, but always enforced. Someone who breaks a law and is found culpable by the courts must suffer a penalty. Period. End of story. Until we get a handle on this and start enforcing our laws, we’ll have a continual erosion of respect for all laws – and in that direction lies anarchy and destruction.