Poll: 58% Say "Waterboard" Airline Terrorist


Fifty-eight percent (58%) of U.S. voters say waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques should be used to gain information from the terrorist who attempted to bomb an airliner on Christmas Day.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% oppose the use of such techniques, and another 12% are not sure.

Men and younger voters are more strongly supportive of the aggressive interrogation techniques than women and those who are older. Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party favor their use more than Democrats.

Ok, liberals, you claimed that we needed to elect Obama in order to remove the stain of the evil Chimpy McSmirk BusHitler – including his heinous “waterboarding”, which you on the left actually consider to be torture. What say you to a strong majority of your fellow Americans figuring that we should go right ahead and do it? Are we all evil, too?

Or is there any chance you out there will realize that the whole waterboarding issue was manufactured? You know – liberal leaders needed something to get your juices up about – get you donating, get you willing to back Democrats, that sort of thing – and so worked up a physically harmless but rather effective interrogation technique as if it were something right out of the Nazi/Communist play book. That is what this was, dear liberals – just a technique to get very hardened terrorists to come clean on information we needed. It was used very sparingly and only against the worst of the worst of our enemies.

Do you feel like a bunch of suckers, now?